Human Being - the Blue eyed of created realm


Man is the cause behind the creation of physical realm.

In English Frame Index the Creation, Create physical artwork, Create representation, Intentionally create is defined: "The Creator creates a new entity, the Created entity, possibly out of Components"; "A Creator creates an artifact that is typically an iconic Representation of an actual or imagined entity or event. The Representation may also be evocative of an idea while not based on resemblance"; A Creator produces a physical object which is to serve as a Representation of an actual or imagined entity or event, the Represented".

In Arabic the semantic frame Creation is embedded in Root: خ ل ق. Ibn Faris [died-1005] in his famous lexicon: مقاييس اللغة stated about this Root:

الخاء واللام والقاف أصلان: أحدهما تقدير الشيء، والآخر مَلاسَة الشيء

That it signifies the act of determining the measures and proportionality of a thing to other things, and then smoothening of the object.

Its general perception and meanings as creation are well known. The basic perception is that of the idea and intention of giving existence to the intended object. Thus the thing is created and exists firstly in Abstract Realm before it takes existence in the Physical Realm.  

The words that stem from this Root are result oriented. The irreducible semantic features of this Root are:

(1) A living Who is the creator of the object;

(2) The will - decision taken by the living to create;

(3) The purpose the Creator has in mind to create the object;

(4) For what or for whom it is meant;

(5) Idea - blue print - determination of measures and proportionality of the thing to other things that creates interrelationships before the object takes existence;

(6) The span of time it will continue to exist or live.

(7) Assigning a name to the object for its cognition.

The first occurrence of the word "creation" is about Man's creation, reflecting the honour he has in the physical realm, though he was made to emerge in physical form when all arrangements commensurate to his status and security were set in place:

  • O you the Mankind, listen attentively;

  • You people demonstrate subservience and allegiance to your Sustainer Lord. Your Sustainer Lord is He Who has created you people and had created those who existed in times before you

  • So that you people might protect - safeguard yourselves.  [2:21]


The first question of Metaphysics or first philosophy is existence and first cause. So the study of metaphysics has but to start from Man's own existence.

The proposition or we may call it a claim in the Ayah is that Man's cause of existence is that he is created by His Sustainer Lord.

We are aware Philosophy came first and became the basis for science. The main difference is in the way they work and treat knowledge. Science is concerned with natural phenomena, while philosophy attempts to understand the nature of man, existence and the relationship that exists between the two concepts.

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy which Aristotle called as "first philosophy". It deals with the nature of existence, the being and the world and it is a subject that deals with "first causes and the principles of things".

Grand Qur’ān firstly reminds us of our existence. We need to know about our existence, because what else exists know quite well about us, our stature and position in the physical realm. They have their own levels of perception and understanding.

The moment a philosopher observes the relation of his existence with the existence of universe, he can deduce nothing but the fact that his being is the first cause of the existence of the universe he lives in. A philosopher cannot fail to observe that he is not the reason for the survival of the universe, but it is the universe which is sustaining him and causing his survival though he is not her creator. So his own being is the first cause of the existence of the universe. Therefore, the first point of reflection for a truthful philosopher is to find the reason  why the universe is at her service. This will lead him to find the first cause of his own existence. This will instantly lead him to the conclusion that he can not be one who causes the survival of the first cause of his own existence. Thinking otherwise will be a fallacy. The first cause must be living and surviving by His own self. He the Exalted is his Sustainer Lord Who is rightfully demanding that Humanity must show Him allegiance and servitude.

The second category of people who influence the minds of the majority are the scientists. We know the main difference between the philosopher and scientist is in the way they work and treat knowledge. Science begins with empirical data. It then moves into past and predicts future.

Scientists have yet no conclusive idea of Man's origin. Grand Qur’ān explains the Origin of Man and: its extension quite elaborately.

Human being is the principal cause for the creation of Physical Realm:

  • He the Exalted is the One Who has created for you people, all together- entirely, whatever is present on-in the Earth. [Refer 2:29]

  • Moreover, He the Exalted is the One Who created the Skies and the Earth in a time duration of six days [time reckoned in outside this/your universe].

  • And His Throne, the Seat of Supreme Sovereignty, is ever located above the Water.

  • The purpose and consideration of this creative activity was that He the Exalted might expose, by subjecting to a test, as to who amongst you people is more appropriate-balanced-beautiful-moderate with regard to conduct, behaviour and actions.  [11:07]

  • It is a fact that Our Majesty has declared what is on the Earth as appealing feature for her.

  • The purpose and consideration for rendering it attractive is that Our Majesty might expose them by subjecting to a test as to who amongst them is more appropriate-balanced-beautiful-moderate with regard to conduct, behaviour and actions. [18:07]

  • The Omnipresent, the Perpetual, the Absolute is the One Who created the matter and the life

  • The purpose and consideration of this creative activity was that He the Exalted might expose by subjecting to a test as to who amongst you people is more appropriate-balanced-beautiful-moderate with regard to conduct, behaviour and actions.

  • And He the Exalted is the All Pervasive Dominant, the Oft-Forgiving. [67:02]


Whatever exists in the Skies and the Earth are subjected to a set discipline to serve the interests of Man. The set-discipline - sciences enable the rational people to reflect.

  • And He the Exalted has subjected-subjugated all which is located in the Skies and in the Earth, solely for you people, to a set discipline-relativity; harmoniously-collectively, a blessing of Him.

  • Indeed evidently tangible pointers-signs are embedded in this disciplined universe for such people who logically and objectively reflect-analyze to arrive at the purpose of creation. [45:13]




And what is the ultimate objective, purpose of creating Human being? 

  • Know it; I did not create the species of Jinn and Human being except for the purpose that they might submit, by will and affection, to subservience and allegiance exclusively to Me.  [51:56]

Subservience and allegiance to anyone other than one's creator costs compromising one's self-respect. But everything that is created is always subservient to the will and desire of its creator since the creator puts in it the built-in guidance for its each and every cell/component part to function for the achievement of the purpose for which it was created.

Human beings are given the freedom of choice, will and decision for the purpose that they behave rationally and submit by will affectionately and willingly to their Creator since they know that they were created, like everything around them, by the Creator. Therefore, like every thing around them they should also owe their allegiance and subservience to their Creator which will not cost them sacrifice of self respect and ego. When they submit to anyone else other than their Creator they in fact humiliate and degrade themselves.

The first directive to humanity and the purpose of their creation is the first element of the thesis statement of Qur´ān:

  • Realize it about miscellany of iela'aha: deities-godheads that are uncritically admired, adorned and worshipped: none of them is alive; none of them organizes, administers or sustains others except Allah the Exalted the Alone Sustainer Lord


Man's Origin - Aa'dam