Allah the Exalted has proclaimed:

  • We have not neglected mentioning a relevant thing in the Book-Grand Qur’ān. [Refer 6:38]

Today we know that the Seven Layers of the Atmosphere are very relevant to us and also serve as a protective shield. Therefore, it could not be neglected mentioning as proclaimed.

  • Know the fact that Our Majesty had created seven tracks in the atmosphere above you:

  • Since We were never unmindful regarding all aspects: safety and requirements of the Creation. [23:17]

: Possessive Phrase; Object of Verb. It denotes and refers to seven feminine objects. : It is made from Root: "ط ر ق". The primary signification is beating a thing to flatten, layer, loosen or to separate it. Beating the ground so as to render it even, or easy to be traversed and trodden. It yields a slab - a path - a layer. The information relevant to creation of seven layers in the atmosphere is that Allah the Exalted was never unmindful-negligent regarding all aspects of the Creation. It signifies mindfulness for safety and requirements of the Creation-human beings. Therefore, "seven layers in space-atmosphere" will refer only those Layers which possess and mirror this objective in relation to human beings and structurally meet all the requirements associated with the word: that is they have the basic characteristics, qualities, manifestation as infolded in its parent Root. Words verbally mirror physical realities.

Information about the creation of seven layers-slabs-tracks in the atmosphere is further updated in these words:

  • Moreover, Our Majesty have built vertically seven tracks in the space-atmosphere above you. These are strong and protective  [78:12]

  • [for the reason] Since We had rendered the Sun as candescent-diffusing, fiercely burning-violently hot. [78:13]


: It is a Noun which refers seven feminine objects and is the first part of Possessive Phrase with elided second noun. The elision is compensated as is evident by tanwīn. It has an extra Noon at the end-tanwīn (تنوين) symbol  ـً  is most commonly written in combination with (Alif), ـًا . Grammarians call it: تنوين العوض . It is defined as "هُوَ مَا يَكُونُ عِوَضًا عَنِ المُضافِ إِلَيهِ": meaning it is that which is a replacement for "muDâf ilaihi"-المُضافِ إِلَيهِ second noun of Possessive Phrase.

Thus: denotes the same Phrase: . And: is the adjectival description of those seven layers, Adjective Resembling participle: Indefinite; broken plural; feminine accusative.

: "seven layers in the space-atmosphere" should not be confused and equated with: "seven Skies-"heavens". The Word: has no relevance or similarity with the word: the Skies. To overlap these two phrases to signify one and the same thing  in translations amounts to negating the vastness of vocabulary-concepts of Arabic Language and that what Qur’ān calls about its Unitary Verbal Passages as: “فصلت”, everything segregated, demarcated and made distinct from each other.

: It is further adjectively qualified by: . It is الصفة المشبهة Adjective resembling participle or termed as Verbal Adjective. It is a noun derived from an intransitive verb in order to signify the one who establishes an action with the meaning of permanence. When the governed word is accusative, then there is a pronoun in the modified-noun.

In the vicinity of:   , the given information is about the characteristic nature assigned to the Sun. It is: Hyperbolic/Intensive Active participle denoting something as diffusing, fiercely burning-violently hot.


These two phrases, Possessive Phrase + Adjectival will correspond only to such stratification in seven layers that has the following characteristics mirrored by it:

1. Each Layer is distincthas its own mass-thickness-definite boundary as is human perception about any Road-Path-Track structured for travel-movement.

2. Each Layer serves as path for travel-movement of objects. Depending upon the peculiarities of a track. traveling objects can move independently, or might collide also.

3. Each Layer must serve the purpose of protection or meeting requirements of human beings.

4. Each Layer must be pressed, compressed, or squeezed having characteristic of vehemence, severity, strictness, or strength, force, or energy, as is built in the Root "ش د د".

5. Its role and characteristics must retain permanence.

6. It has relation of a barrier between the Man and the dangerous violence of the Sun.

It is for the atmospheric Scientists and Organization like NASA who might determine Seven Layers in the atmosphere that correspond to the description verbally mirrored by the above words. They will certainly, sooner or later, see these seven layers categorically defined since it is promised by Allah the Exalted:

  • Our Majesty will henceforth keep visually
    exposing Our tangible realities prevalent in the Universe-horizons and
    in their own bodies to the eyes of those who do not accept the Qur’ān.

  • The purpose of this visual manifestation is that it might become self manifest for them that Qur’ān is Infallible Doctrine-Discourse of Reality-Profitability and substance of permanence.  [Refer 41:53]



Grand Qur’ān informed that Allah the Exalted will keep bringing to human visual access the knowledge about universe and human body, whereby the fact that Grand Qur’ān is a Statement of Proven Fact/absolute reality might become self manifest to the people who keep denying it. Why a first time observation of hitherto unseen thing manifests that the Qur’ān is a statement of proven fact? This is possible only if the same thing finds mention of it in the Qur’aan. Verbal specification and visual observation are two aspects of identification of a tangible fact of real existence, as denoted by Arabic word: . The visual observation of an earlier unseen fact by humans will manifest a book written earlier in time as the Book of Facts which mirrors it through verbal presentation. This will establish that the Book really contains verbal statements of physical/scientific facts and is not conjectural, hypothetical and presumptive in its contents.


 "ش د د"  [Lane Lexicon]

He made it, or rendered it, hard; used in relation to substances and attributes: he made, or rendered, it, or him, firm, compact, or sound; and strong, powerful, or forcible;

And شَدَّهُ also signifies He pressed, compressed, or squeezed, it: and he pulled, or strained, it.

also signifies He made it, or rendered it, namely, a beating, and anything, hard to be borne, heavy, vehement, violent, intense, severe, strict, rigorous, or excessive; he intensified it, or aggravated it