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Grand Qur’ān: The Infinitely Reliable Book: Guarantor and Sustainer of truly living Life in this world and the Hereafter.

Allah the Exalted has rendered it facilitator for reading and comprehending. It is self explanatory. Listen it, self-learn and quite conveniently understand it. Thereupon, act accordingly what it commands and suggests, and refrain from what it prohibits.        

This is a free source for the learners/beginners, scholars and researchers. We are trying providing the resource - tools-kit that are prerequisite for comprehending its semantic information and message and for delving deeper levels of understanding.

Reading is but for comprehending the semantic information and knowledge infolded in the text. Comprehension is but real-time translation of the text while reading.

The skill of Real-time translation enables the reader directly listening the voice of its author and of the elevated Messenger who relayed it verbally and in writing.

Learning to translate and comprehend the text is merely a skill. Every believer can and should acquire it. What we need is only the desire to develop personal contact with the Author of Qur’ān, Allah the Exalted. and its Publisher the elevated universal Messenger Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam.

Scope and features of our on-going project - studying and understanding Qur’ān scientifically, i.e. exclusively following academic rules of critical-objective study.

The Divine Discourse is superbly constructed which is best suited to cognitive faculty of its audience. Therefore, for study purposes, it is segmented as under to granular level:

1. Frames - Knowledge and concepts in the sequence they are introduced; they are linked as background knowledge for the interpretation of sentences and situations mentioned later; the process is termed: تَدَبُّرٌ  Critical and logical thinking: an enquiry based process and pursuit: linking background information given before to determine cohesion and coherence.

  • [why do they behave as such] Is it because of their habit that they do not cross-examine the Qur’ān critically pursuing coherently its miscellany: Unitary Verbal Passages?  [Refer 4:82]

2. Sentences: Independent and dependent put together; their type by structure and meanings determined which helps comprehension at deeper level;

3. Discourse segmentation into major types like Narrative, Informative-Physical sciences and Living Creatures; that are the arguments and evidence to prove and substantiate main theme of Grand Qur’ān, and Injunctive-advisory segment for aright conduct of human beings—the essence of Qur’ān.

3. Sentences segmented into grammatical units (phrases and independent words like codon in protein encoding genes);

4. Dictionary of Grammatical units is further broken to word level for morphology and syntactic analysis.

5. Each noun and verb is linked to Root Dictionary for determining its semantic domain and irreducible features. 

6. Each frame of Ayahs/Verses has sub-frames relating to various concepts. Each concept in a frame is being constructed into an encyclopaedic article by combining all the references on a unique subject.

The work (ongoing) is divided in following categories:

1. Translation of Ayah by Ayah by grouping them as frames. Morphological and syntactic analysis; focussed concepts are discussed.

2, Qur’ān explained by itself. Qur’ān is presented as concrete evidence and argument for proving the second part of its thesis statement that the best of creations Muhammad; the most praised and honoured in the judgment of Allah the Exalted, is the Universal Messenger - Spokesperson of the Supreme Sovereign of the Universes.

3. Encyclopaedia of Qur’ān - Ontology - the study of what there is.

4. Qur’ān WordNet. It includes Root Dictionary; Dictionary of Grammatical Units; Dictionary of individual words: Particles; Nouns and verbs.

5. Qur’ān Grammar. It is the easiest of grammars. It need not rote memorization.

Why we must learn reading and understanding Qur’ān? Because it is Guarantor and Sustainer of truly living Life

Let us say responding "You the Exalted Sustainer Lord of the Universes, and you the Elevated Messenger Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam of Him the Exalted; We have listened the Grand Qur’ān and have affectionately and wholeheartedly accepted it". Moreover, let us engrave this information in our memories:

Please remember that no translation of the Qur’ān will ever be exhaustive and final. The day you acquire the skill, I am sure you will render a far better and precise translation than my and my wife's effort.

Compiled by: Mazhar Anwaar Nurani and Mrs. Surraiya Nurani.

Please contribute by critically reviewing our effort and do suggest corrections and improvements.

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