You the Exalted have showered blessings

This verbal sentence is the Relative clause (جملة صلة الموصول) for the preceding relative pronoun.  The verb: , with suffixed subject pronoun; referring the addressee Allah the Exalted, is equivalent to: : Allah the Exalted showered blessings upon them.

: This verbal sentence comprises of: Verb: Perfect; Second Person; Masculine; Singular; [Form-IV]; [التاء] Subject Pronoun in nominative state; مصدر اِنْعَامٌ Verbal Noun. It occurs five times in ayahs: (1)01:07(2)27:19(3)28:17(4)33:37(5)46:15=5. It stems from Root: ن ع م

  • This High Road is the Course which was followed by those upon whom You the Exalted have showered blessings.

  • This Course is other than of those upon whom culpability for criminal cognizance/arrest has become incumbent; and nor is of aberrant: those who dissolutely move out of the bounds and restraints. [01:07]

  • Thereon, having heard, he/Sulie'maan [alai'his'slaam] smiled feeling amused by her commanding statement;

  • And he said, "O my Sustainer Lord! Enable me [restraint to feel proud] that I may acknowledge with gratitude Your Favor which You have showered upon me and upon my parents;

  • And that I may conduct with that perfection which You the Exalted appreciatively approve;

  • And do enter me with Your Mercy amongst Your sincere perfectionists". [27:19]

  • He prayed, "O my Sustainer Lord, since You have showered grace upon me, therefore, I will never be supporter for the criminals." [28:17]

  • And when you were saying to him - upon whom Allah had bestowed favour and you had bestowed favour upon him - "You hold upon yourself your wife and be cautious and afraid of Allah the Exalted."

  • And you had the fear in the heart of your heart that fact of suspension of marriage-bond may not become public which Allah was going to make public; and you were apprehensive of people [disliking of an undesirable act by Messenger's adopted son], and in principle Allah is more deserving that you fear Him.

  • Thereat when Zaid [Allah is pleased with him] conclusively fulfilled all after requirements of proclamation of suspension of marriage-bond-exhausting determined waiting duration and final separation from her:

  • We caused the marriage of her with you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] so that henceforth upon having been abolished once for all the firmly held undesirable tradition of considering sons of others as own sons [as directed in 33:04-05]  there remains no harm and embarrassment for the believers in the matter of wives of so called sons when they have separated from some of them after fulfillment of separation requirements/laid down formalities.

  • Be mindful; the decision and commands of Allah the Exalted is bound to get executed and become physically accomplished. [33:37]

  • Mind it; We have enjoined-given the verdict-decreed upon the human beings to conduct with their parents with affectionate kindness.

  • His mother carried him in her womb bearing hardship; and she delivered him bearing hardship.

  • His period of bearing in pregnancy and his breast-feed weaning is collectively for thirty months  [breast feeding is for complete two years-24 moon months-2:233; hence child can be delivered in six months period of pregnancy]

  • Until when he has crossed over to strengthened maturity; [and if not died rather] and later he has crossed over the age of forty years; on these occasions he prayed;

  • "O my Sustainer Lord! Enable me [restraint to feel proud] that I might acknowledge with gratitude the Favor of You the Exalted, that which You have showered upon me and had showered upon my parents;

  • Moreover, enable me that I might conduct with that perfection which You the Exalted appreciatively approve.

  • My Sustainer Lord! You make righteous for me in my progeny.

  • I have sincerely turned towards You the Exalted; and factually I have adopted life pattern of those who follow the Prescribed Code and Physical Procedure-Islam" [46:15]


Progressive number of grammatical units: = 10,325 + 5 = 10,330


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