the Day of  Separation/Compartmentalization


: The Day of Accountability and Judicial Verdict - Reward and Punishment is characterized as: the Day of  Separation/Compartmentalization:

The possessive noun of the Day: is the verbal noun stemming from Root:  ف ص ل . The basic perception infolded in the Root is that of a barrier or a demarcation in between two things or concepts that causes the indication of the end of the limit of one thing and the beginning of the limits of another thing. It thus reflects the act of setting apart, separating, distancing and distinguishing two things in a manner that each  is manifested as distinct and exclusive from the other; thus leaving absolutely no possibility of illusion in seeing and perceiving the point, information, fact, data, concept, and knowledge stated verbally. It alienates and isolates the individual unit from the whole-group-species to manifest its individuality and uniqueness enabling its storage and saving in and conveniently recalling from the memory.

It denotes to place things in a demarcated and walled boundary. On resurrection, people will be segregated as groups and later placed to reside either in the Paradise or in the Hell-Prison.

That is the day when criminals will be separated off the gathering and when ordinary people will be bifurcated into three categories:


The events are scheduled for the Day of Resurrection upon second blow in the Trumpet: