The Day of Resurrection - Revival to Life.


 : The Day of Accountability and Judicial Verdict - Reward and Punishment is described by: The Day of Resurrection - Revival to Life: 

  • Ieb'lees requested,  "Your Majesty grant me respite until the Day they will be Revived/ Resurrected." [7:14]

  • Allah the Exalted said, "Indeed you are given respite [until the Day of an appointed Time]" [7:15]

  • He the Exalted said, "Then you get out of it whereby indeed you are permanently discarded one; [15:34; replica 38:77]

  • And indeed curse and condemnation will hover upon you until the Day of Judgment." [15:35]

  • Ieb'lees requested, "My Sustainer Lord! Thereby, [to prove my point] You do give me respite until the Day they will be Revived - Resurrected." [15:36; replica 38:79]

  • Allah the Exalted said, "your request is indeed acceded, you are reprieved[15:37; replica 38:80]

  • Until the Day of the appointed- determined Time and Date." [15:38; replica 38:81]

 = = The Day of Judgment and Requital = the day they will be revived to life - resurrected = the day of the appointed - determined Time and Date.

The Root of verb and its verbal noun: بَعْثٌ is: ب ع ث. It signifies the removing of that thing which restrains one from free action. The restraining of free action makes things dormant, static, heedless, negligent, unmindful, captivated; deep unconsciousness and in its extreme meanings death, which converts the living into matter that is fond of inertia [unwillingness to move or act, property of matter to hate and resist to change from outside disturbing its rest or continuous moving in one manner]. Removing of the restraint implies and results in the revival, which is the basic concept folded in this Arabic Root. Therefore all the words taking birth from this Root will share this basic concept in whatever manner they are shaped and employed in a sentence. And its words must have a relation with the restraint that restrained the free action.

We can describe its Semantic field: Awakening - Resurrection - Rejuvenation.

The perception of Root is rendered explicit at the place of its very first occurrence:

  • Moreover, recall that point in time when you had said: "O Mūsā! We will not accept your word till such time that we might see Allah the Exalted, manifestly with naked eye".

  • Thereupon, the thunder storm seized you people

  • While you were continuously observing it. [2:55]

  • Afterwards, We revived you people to life after your natural death.

  • It was likely that you people might acknowledge and express praises-thanks. [2:56]

Here the restraint that restrained the free action was death caused by lightening, which they had seen when it seized them. They were conscious what had happened with them. Therefore, it is obvious that in relation to death the meaning of بَعْثٌ are reviving life, raising alive. Reviving after death is giving them life and the purpose reconfirms since gratefulness is expected only from the living ones.

What is the basic difference between life and death? Only restraint of free action or something more! An example has been given about an incidence a man faced while traveling on a donkey where this Root is used second time in the meanings of reviving dead to life:


  • Or have you given a thought about that man who while journeying arrived near a township which was in devastated-depopulated state.

  • He pondered-questioned himself; "What would be the mode and manner when Allah the Exalted will revive-resurrect this township after its death?"

  • Thereby, responding his curiosity, Allah the Exalted caused his death for a period of hundred years and afterwards He the Exalted revived him to life.

  • He asked: "How long a period have you stayed here?".

  • He replied: "I stayed here for a day or may be only a part of it".

  • Allah the Exalted told him: "No, your assessment is not correct; the fact is that you have stayed for a period of hundred solar years.

  • Therefore, to perceive phenomenon of resurrection, you look at your food and drink; it has not yet become worsened.

  • And look towards your donkey only to find it just as crumbled-decayed bones-

  • Be informed that the purpose of all this is to render you a demonstrative Sign for the people to perceive and understand death and resurrection;

  • And keep eye on the bones to see how We raise them as skeleton and afterwards garb them; covered with flesh".

  • Thereby, when the resurrection phenomenon became self evident for him on watching demonstration of revival of decayed bones in living donkey of him, he said;

  • "I  have the absolute knowledge that Allah the Exalted has indeed eternally infinite power-command and control over each and all things". [2:259]

This man did not pass by the ruins of a township in a neglectful manner. He reflected, and posed  to himself a question as to what might be the way Allah the Exalted will raise this after its death. This is called:تفكرdesire to know the mode of a reality. He was made to die to answer his query. After hundred years, he was revived. On resurrection, he was asked to tell the time he had stayed nearby that ruined town. His answer was that it was just a day or some part of it. He did not lie; it was his opinion/perception, since perception of time depends on the recording of events one after the other, the last event immediately before his death was in his mind. On revival of life many would have the same perception. He spoke the guessed idea/perception. But that was not the reality. He was told that he had stayed there for one hundred years; and to comprehend that he was asked to look at his food and drink, which did not show any sign of aging. He was further asked to look at his donkey which were nothing but old bones. According to the perception/knowledge of the man, absence of any aging sign on food and drink would have supported his estimate of time, since he could not recognize the bones of his donkey and could think that during sleep donkey might have had gone somewhere. Now if the same bones in front of his eyes are raised as donkey, and he recognized his donkey it would have become clear to him that he had stayed there for 100 years in dead state. He was asked to keep eye on the bones and see them getting together as skeleton and then flesh appeared on it; and he recognized his donkey which made things distinct to him.

The major difference between matter and life is the perception of time, fourth dimension of the universe. Perception of time is dependent upon activity/movement/change of surroundings and its persistent and constant recording on the memory of human beings. Death stops the time for the dead since the faculty of hearing and seeing are restrained by death. Hearing and seeing keep recording things in the memory which create perception of time. Life has but matter does not have perception of time. By quoting this incidence, information has been given that food and drinks can be saved for hundred years without deterioration/signs of aging.

The purpose was to make this man: a piece of information/knowledge for people to understand the matter and life; and death and life. It may be of interest that in the creation of human being also, it is the bones which are developed first and then flesh is clothed on them.

The cohesion and coherence in Grand Qur'aan is superb. A real-life event when a certain man was revived to life after hundred years of his death is stated to have been mentioned for making it a sign for people to understand the phenomenon of reviving life. It conjuncts to the information when this word is used for the third time:

  • And they had said to people: "Indeed there is no life except our life of this world.

  •  And hence we will certainly never be revived and resurrected to life." [6:29]

They are the people who respond not to the signs because they comprehensibly listen not and behave as if they are already dead.


  •  It is a fact that only such people reasonably-rationally answer-respond who listen comprehensibly.

  • And as for the dead are concerned, Allah the Exalted will revive-resurrect them.

  • Thereafter, by lapse of time they will be forced towards Him the Exalted. [6:36]

Verbal information is saved in the memory only when we consciously and attentively listen and comprehend the message. It enables analysis-perception and safe storage. It happens only if the listener has such intention and desire. Otherwise it is mere "hearing sound-noise" or a momentary storage in the memory of Ears only to get lost in few seconds.

Grand Qur'aan intermittently evocates the painful end of civilizations of the past and imminent threats of awful phenomenon present in the nature around the people and in the life Hereafter. And it elaborates the painful consequences of certain acts that are bound to happen in future.

Fear is a fundamental aspect of survival. All living has to protect themselves from dangerous situations in order to survive. Fear is an ability to recognize or perceive danger resulting in urge to confront it or flee from it or a freeze or paralysis response is possible. The Survival Brain - Stem brain reacts to danger and threats of imminent danger. Brain death occurs when a person no longer has any activity in their brain stem and no potential for consciousness, even though their heart kept beating and oxygen circulating through their blood. 

As stated earlier the Root of: بَعْثٌ  signifies the removing of that thing which restrains one from free action. The sleep renders a man inactive to exercise free will and action. His free will and ability to act is revived on awakening:

  • And He the Exalted is the One who segregates-alienates you people of company of others during sleep in the night;

  • And He the Exalted has complete knowledge about that which you earned by the day.

  • Thereafter, He the Exalted keeps reviving you in it (the day time); this process continues so that the determined duration might reach the appointed moment.

  • Thereafter lapse of determined time, the return/marching of you people, on the Day of Resurrection, will be towards Him the Exalted.

  • Thereafter, He will remind/tell you what deliberate acts you people had been doing." [6:60]

A real-life event is also mentioned about certain young men who were made to experience deep sleep for a very long time and were then revived to consciousness:

  • Did you consider the companions in certain Cave and residents of Raqeem were manifestly astounding in Our existent phenomena?

  • When a group of young boys took refuge towards certain Cave, thereby they prayed, "Our Sustainer Lord! do grant us Mercy from Your Grace;

  • And do facilitate for us in our matter to remain steadfast and firm to our resolve," [18:10]

  • Thereupon, We struck a veil-partition-barrier upon their Ears-listening faculty in the Cave for a number of years. [18:11]

  • Afterwards a number of years, Our Majesty revived them to original position so that We may make evident which of the two parties better comprehended the period of time they stayed. [remained sleeping]. [18:12]

These young and determined Muslims had taken refuge in the Cave. Therein they did not die. They were during all that long period in a state of deep sleep, resembling coma. Thereafter, on revival to their original state, they had the perception of time as of a part of a day, indicating that nothing was in their memory about the intervening period/time, since the perception of time is dependant upon continuous recording of sounds and visuals in the memory.

Here the object of the verb is omitted but the effected thing is indicated, "Upon their Ears"; reflecting thereby that a veil-partition-barrier was made to emerge causing them to become unconscious of the sounds in the surroundings. The Ears are such organ of human body that keep functioning during sleep and keep conveying sounds to the brain, which remain under analysis.

  • And you would have deemed them awake but the fact is they were deep asleep - comatose;

  • And Our Majesty kept turning them on their right and left sides.

  • And their dog was lying in condition stretching his two forelegs at the entrance.

  • If you had looked upon them you would have certainly turned away from them running; and you would have been impressed from them terrifyingly. [18:18]

Comatose persons exhibit complete absence of wakefulness and are unable to consciously feel, speak, hear, or move. In such condition the comatose can develop bed sores also called pressure ulcers and decubitus ulcers are injuries to skin and underlying tissue from prolonged pressure on the skin. It is, therefore, necessary that their sides are kept turning to avoid bed sores. Their perception about time-lapse was no different: 

  • And for this We revived them to their original state so that they may question among themselves.

  • One of the participant of talk asked, "How long have you stayed here?"

  • Some of them replied, "We have stayed for a day or just a part of a day."

  • Others said" [Don't be conjectural] Your Sustainer Lord fully knows how long you have stayed here.

  • Therefore send one of you with this coin of yours towards the city, then let him see which of the meal is purer/nutritious;

  • Whereby let him bring eatable provision from that; and let he be cautious and neither should he let anyone have clue about you. [18:19]

For further study the Ayahs are reproduced hereunder where the phenomenon of resurrection is mentioned:

  • Ieb'lees requested,  "Your Majesty grant me respite up till the Day they will be Revived/ Resurrected" [7:14]

  • Allah the Exalted said, "Indeed you are given respite [until the Day of an appointed Time]" [7:15]

  • Moreover, He the Exalted is the One Who created the Skies and the Earth in a time duration of six days [time reckoned in outside this/your universe].

  • And His Throne, the Seat of Supreme Sovereignty, is located above the Water.

  • The purpose and consideration on the back of this creative activity was that He the Exalted might expose, by subjecting to a test, as to who amongst you people is more appropriate-balanced-beautiful-moderate with regard to conduct, behaviour and actions.

  • And would you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] tell them: "It is a fact that you people will be resurrected after the death":

  • Those who have refused to accept would certainly say: "This proposition is not but evidently illusory perception." [11:07]

  • Realize it, those whom they people call besides Allah the Exalted, they absolutely create nothing

  • While they themselves are created-shaped-sculpted; [16:20]

  • They whom people call godheads are inanimate objects - dead ones, other than vivified - alive.

  • And neither they have consciousness about when they will be reinstated. [16:21]

  • And they the polytheists contested by their strongest oaths by Allah to convince their people:

  • "Allah will not revive him whom He causes to die."

  • No, the fact is opposite; resurrection is a promise obligatory upon Him the Exalted to fulfill.

  • But the fact is that most of the people intend not to understand; [16:38]

  • The purpose is that He the Exalted may render that explicit for them about which they are purposely disagreeing;

  • And that they who have refused to accept may know and be exposed that indeed they were liars. [16:39]


  • Be informed that, subject to Our Majesty has finalized-decided-completed any matter-thing, individual event, thereat;

  • We may merely express verbally for that thing-matter-affair-person, saying; "You become in evident-tangibly existing state".

  • Resultantly that [abstract] thing-matter-affair-person gets physical execution-appearance-tangibly existing state which can be known-cognizable by others. [16:40]

  • Know it, they said, "Is it possible that when we would have become bones and decayed, disintegrated as crumbled particles, we become revived as renewed creation?" [17:49]

  • You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce: "You will certainly be revived even if you would have become stones or iron; [17:50]

  • Or anything which you consider adamantine: extremely hard or unyielding in your thoughts."

  • In response to it they will say, "Who will revert us to original position?"

  • You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce, "He the Exalted Who brought you into being in the first place".

  • In response, they will shake their heads towards you and will say, "When will it accomplish?"

  • You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce, "It might have come nearer; [17:51]

  • Be mindful, the Day He the Exalted will call you, thereat, you people will reflexively respond by His glorifying praise;

  • And you people will guess that you lived in dead state but for a little while." [17:52]

  • This is their penalty because they persistently kept denying Our Aa'ya'at: Verbal passages of book

  • And because they said, "Is it plausible that when we would have become bones and decayed and disintegrated as crumbled particles would we be revived as renewed creation?" [17:98]

  • And it was made known that tranquility and salutations are upon him the day he was born, and the day he will die natural death and the Day his is revived as living one. [19:15]

  • Moreover, tranquility and safety is ensured upon me, the day I was born, and the day I am caused to die natural death, and the Day I am resurrected as living being." [19:33]


  • O you the humanity! Listen; If you people are in irritating confusion about the resurrectionrevival of life:

  • Then why don't you reflect on origin of life; Our Majesty indeed created you people initially from clay;

  • Afterwards, We created you from a segment of single sperm;

  • Afterwards from the joined, implanted/clung clot [zygote-Greek "zogotus" meaning "joined"];

  • Afterwards from chewed like morsel of flesh; which is of two types, one made to be created [the zygote joined with womb's wall] and the other opposite of that which is created [the zygote joined with fallopian tube wall-ectopic pregnancy, not to be created but to scatter]; so that We might make manifest for you [that only that gets created whom We wish to create].

  • And We implant-make those reside in the wombs whom We so will, towards a determined length of time with appointed termination moment.

  • Afterwards the lapse of appointed duration We discharge you as an infant.

  • Afterwards, so that you people might cross over to your strengthen maturity.

  • Thereat, there is someone of strengthen maturity existing amongst you who is alienated [because of natural death, murder or alive who is killed in Allah's cause].

  • However, there is someone existing amongst you who is made to progressively return backwards to the most dependent-feeble of the period of life-nethermost-non verbal infancy;

  • So that henceforth he might not trace/separate/locate/acknowledge something after having attained knowledge.

  • Realize it that you see certain Soil giving look of sterile-cracked-compacted and still; Thereat, when We sent upon her water, she became thrilled and she swelled;  [These are not literary expressions but narration of physical facts-Grand Qur'aan is a statement of absolute fact.]

  • And thereby she produced- sprouted every kind of beautiful species of plants. [22:05]

  • And indeed the [determined terminating] Final Moment is certainly coming.

  • And that regards the Final Moment there is absolutely nothing uncertain and perplexing therein.

  • And that Allah the Exalted will revive to life whoever is in the graves [underneath the Earth]. [22:07]

  • Afterwards, lapse of respective period of life, indeed you people will certainly be naturally dead. [23:15]

  • Afterwards, lapse of appointed duration with determined terminating moment, indeed you people will be revived to life - resurrected on the Day of Judgment. [23:16]

  • Does he promise to you that when you would have died and had become dust and bones you people will indeed be brought out? [23:35]

  • Far fetched, far off is the possibility for that which you people are being promised; [23:36]

  • Indeed there is no life except our life of this world; we die and we live [only once here]

  • And hence we will certainly never be revived and resurrected to life." [23:37]

  • No, the fact is that they have said resembling what earlier peoples [scholars/elite] had said. [23:81]

  • They posed to people, "Is it possible that when we would have died and would have become dust and bones: are we certainly going to be revived/resurrected? [23:82]

  • Indeed We were given this promise, We and our forefathers, earlier also,

  • This: Qur'aan is nothing but compilation of the tales of ancients." [23:83]

  • The evil-ones keep deflecting and conjecturingUntil when the death had made someone of them deceased, he [having been given second life] said, "My Sustainer Lord! Do return me [23:99]

  • Therein which I have since left so that I might perform acts of righteous import." [He said about acts only since before dying he had already declared to have believed]

  • No question of return to worldly life; indeed it is merely a sentence, he is mutterer of it,

  • Know it, a barrier is ahead of them that will remain placed until the Day they will be resurrected. [23:100] [when they will say complaining that they were earlier given two lives and two deaths-40:11]

  • And You the Exalted are earnestly requested not to cause disgrace for me on the Day they are revived to life-resurrected. [26:87]


  • You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce declaratively, "Whoever is in the Skies and the Earth knows not the secreted realities except Allah the Exalted.

  • And they have no sense/perception as to when they will be revived/resurrected. [27:65]

  • Nay, [how would they perceive resurrection] the fact is their knowledge has not led - persuaded them into the Hereafter;

  • Nay, they never pursued to comprehend it, on the contrary they are in skepticism about Hereafter. []

  • Nay the skepticism is their apparent posture, in fact they are deliberately blind hearted about it. [for remaining absorbed in worldly interests and lusts] [27:66]

  • And those who were given the knowledge and the belief said, "It is certain that you had remained in that state for a period; written in the Mother/Principal Book in safe custody of Allah the Exalted, up to the Day of Resurrection,

  • Whereby this is the Day of Resurrection, but you people remained persistent in not recognizing it" [30:56]

  • Neither creation of you people and nor your revival/resurrection [on the Day of Resurrection] is but like one individual person.

  • Indeed Allah is eternally the Hearer [of what is said, at whatever frequency] and is of Vision [everything/act is in His focus]. [31:28]

  • [everyone died and calmness prevailed] Know it, as soon the second sound would have been blown in the Trumpet;

  • Thereat, they will be driven, on emerging from their respective graves, towards their Sustainer Lord. [36:51]

  • They said, "Woe is for us! Who has revived us from our graves: sleeping place?

  • This is that which Ar'Reh'maan had promised and the Messengers had truthfully affirmed it," [36:52]

  • And they said, "this [statement in Qur'aan] is nothing except an evident illusory lie [37:15]

  • Is it possible that when we would have died and would have become dust and bones are we certainly going to be revived/resurrected[37:16]
  • Or our forefathers of remote earlier periods?" [37:17]

  • You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce, "Yes, you all will be resurrected, and you people will act humbly and submissively." [diametrically opposite to present day derisive conduct] [37:18]

  • Thereat that would only be one Big/Mighty Bang;

  • Whereupon they would be revived to life, they watching and waiting; [37:19]

  • And they said, "O! Woe is for us, this is the Day of Judgment." [37:20]

  • [it will be affirmed, yes] "This is the Day of Separation/Compartmentalization;

  • The Day which you people kept contradicting publicly." [37:21]

  • [Angels who recognize by marks and signs will be commanded 55:41] "You collect and gather those who did wrong and their spouses/likes;

  • And those/sculpted idols which they worshipped/proclaimed allegiance [37:22]

  • Apart from Allah the Exalted;

  • Where after you people take them on the road of the Hell-Prison." [37:23]

  •  [they seized them by their forelocks and chained their legs, and are heading them towards Hell by slashes on faces and back] Wait! Stop them stop [on way], certainly they are to be asked [this is not about their crimes-28:78] [37:24]

  • "What is the matter for you people that you are not mutually helping each other?" [37:25]

  • Nay, they are on this/today reflexively submissively surrendering. [37:26]

  • Thereby, had he not been of those who repetitively praise the glory of Allah the Exalted: [37:143]

  • Certainly he would have remained part/in his belly [as fossil] until the Day people will be resurrected/revived. [37:144]

  • Indeed before this they used to be affluent people in comforts/luxury. [56:45]

  • And they used to keep themselves persistently inclined/tied upon the greatest deviation; [56:46]

  • and/about which they used to pose question to people,

  • "Is it [possible] that when we would have died and would have become dust and bones are we certainly going to be revived/resurrected? [56:47]

  • Or our forefathers of remote earlier periods?" [56:48]

  • You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce, "Indeed the earlier ones and the later generations, [56:49]

  • Certainly they all will be gathered at the appointed moment of the known day. [56:50]

  • Afterwards, indeed you, "O you the neglectful Wanderers, the publicly contradicting ones, [56:51]

  • you will certainly be the eaters of the meal made from part of the trees of species Zaquem. [56:52]

  • Thereby, you will be filling the bellies with that. [56:53]

  • Thereupon, you will drink from the scalding water; [56:54]

  • For reason you will drink like the drink of a diseased thirsty camel.".[56:55]

  • This is their hospitality on the Day of Resurrection/Judgment and Requital. [56:56]

  • The Day Allah the Exalted will revive them to life/resurrect, all together

  • Whereby He will inform them about that which they did.

  • Allah the Exalted has elaborately enumerated/enfolded it [in writing in the book] and they have forgotten it.

  • Allah the Exalted is Ever Witness/Observer over each and everything/matter/affair. [58:06]

  • The Day Allah will revive them to life/resurrect, all together

  • Thereat they will swear for Him in the same manner as they swear for you people;

  • and they think they are on some foundation

  • Undoubtedly it is a certain fact that they are the liars. [58:18]

  • It has been thought and publicly opined by those who have refused to accept/believe that they will never be revived to life/resurrected.

  • You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce, "No, that thought is false, I swear by  my Sustainer Lord,

  • It is a certain fact that you people will definitely be revived to life/resurrected, afterwards certainly you people will definitely be informed about that which you people had done.

  • And this has always been an easy matter for Allah the Exalted". [64:07]

  • And it is a fact that there have been men amongst Human species who have been seeking [in their thought and perception] refuge with the men from Jinn species whereat they increased them absorbed and veiled in stupidity. [72:06]

  • And indeed they/men amongst Human hypothetically thought as you people thought that Allah will never revive/resurrect a single one. [72:07]

  • Woe and regret is for those who are dishonest in the exchange of measures; [83:01]

  • They are those who when they decided to take by measure,  it is mandatory upon other people that they consciously and cautiously deliver in full; [83:02]

  • And as against that when they have measured or they have weighted they cause giving less. [83:03]

  • Do they not expect that they are the people who will indeed be revived to life/resurrected?  [83:04]

  • For the Great Day [for accountability]. [83:05]

  • The Day the people will rise for the Sustainer Lord of the Worlds/all that exists. [83:06]