The Day of Accountability and Judicial Verdict - Reward and Punishment


This phrase introduces one of the most important and discussed at length concepts of the Divine Discourse. It is the concept of eschatology. This is an important frame of reference for the classification of human beings. The general word for describing the concept of eschatology in Arabic is:the life in the Hereafter contrasted with: the life of the lowest world.

This phrase occurs in association with another possessive phrase and in association with prepositional phrase:

: (1) 1:04=1

  : (1)15:35(2)38:78=2

Prefixed with preposition this phrase occurs three times in (1)70:26(2)74:46(3)83:11=3

 In  nominative state  for four times in (1)37:20(2)51:12(3)82:17(4)82:18=4.

 In accusative case occurs three times in (1)26:82(2)56:56(3)82:15=3; reproduced in the end.

: It is also described by these phrases:

 ; 2:08

; 2:85


; 42:07




; 30:56

; 37:21

The Day of Accountability

; 40:15

the Day which is ever approaching nearer and nearer [to terminus moment of deadline] 40:18;  






The most conspicuous and striking difference between the word-choice in the opening Chapter and other 113 Chapters is that in the first Chapter the sentences of declarative and prayer structures do not begin with command verb: "you say, pronounce", while it is inevitably included whenever a declarative statement is made in the later chapters by anyone. Whenever a person makes a statement, it is referred as his expression () but when it is preceded by command verb: this clarifies that the content- in the statement is not of his origin but he is quoting-saying-writing the words in compliance to the command of Allah the Exalted.  All the five sentences of First chapter seem our utterances. It is understood that: a unique statement, proposition, emergence of an affair-matter-incident-information for the first time always precedes the: a relay for the auditory and visual faculty of a recipient. Praise is for Allah the Exalted Who compiled those words for our narration in the language of our guide lord Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam, the great amongst all that is created, and communicated also through him. 

The word in the phrase: is definite by construct specifying "the Day" meaning that it is very well known to us. The possessive noun: is definite by prefixed definite article: . We the believers recite these phrases quite frequently, but majority of us has seldom given a thought as to why we are using definite article when this word is neither mentioned earlier nor are we experiencing the day just now before our eyes?

The definite article is:

1. الْعَهْدِيَّةُ: Definite article is referential. It means reference, previous knowledge, acquaintance; it refers to a thing already known to the speaker - author and the listener -reader. The source of knowledge could be either:

(a) الْعَهْدُ الْحُضُورِىُّ : The thing is right in front of you, presence. Thereby, the speaker and listener know it.

(b) الْعَهْدُ الذِّكْرِيُّ: The object or the person has been mentioned before either by the speaker or the listener. It is knowledge gained  by its having been mentioned earlier.

(c) الْعَهْدُ الذِّهْنِيُّ : In this the common knowledge is based on context.

Thus it is evident that the definite article here is of type: الْعَهْدُ الذِّهْنِيُّ the knowledge based on context; having studied the text of Grand Qur'aan. It means that our belief about the Day of Judgment is not merely hereditary, but is based on well thought conviction.

The phrase:   finds mention next time in the episode of very early history of human being while he was still in extra terrestrial domain - space:

  • He the Exalted said, "Then you get out of it whereby indeed you are permanently discarded one; [15:34; replica 38:77]

  • And indeed curse and condemnation will hover upon you to the Day of Judgment." [15:35]

  • And indeed My curse and condemnation will hover upon you to the Day of Judgment." [38:78]

  • Ieb'lees requested, "My Sustainer Lord! Thereby, [to prove my point] You do give me respite up till the Day they will be Revived - Resurrected." [15:36; replica 38:79]

  • Allah the Exalted said, "your request is indeed acceded, you are reprieved; [15:37; replica 38:80]

  • Unto the Day of the appointed- determined Time and Date." [15:38; replica 38:81]

We have thus this equation:    = = The Day of Judgment and Requital = the day they will be revived to life - resurrected = the day of the appointed - determined Time and Date.

The verbal sentence: can be put as possessive phrase:   The Day of Resurrection - Revival to Life. The Root of verb and verbal noun is: ب ع ث. It signifies the removing of that thing which restrains one from free action. The restraining of free action makes things dormant, static, heedless, negligent, unmindful, captivated; deep unconsciousness and in its extreme meanings death, which converts the living into matter that is fond of inertia [unwillingness to move or act, property of matter to hate and resist to change from outside disturbing its rest or continuous moving in one manner]. Removing of the restraint implies and results in the revival, which is the basic concept folded in this Arabic Root. Therefore all the words taking birth from this Root will share this basic concept in whatever manner they are shaped and employed in a sentence. And its words must have a relation with the restraint that restrained the free action.

We will, Allah the Exalted so willing, study the phrase as a separate grammatical unit:

On resurrection, the people will recognize and describe it as the the Day of Accountability and Judicial Verdict:

  • Thereat that would only be one Big/Mighty Bang;

  • Whereupon they would be revived to life; they watching and waiting; [37:19]

  • And they said, "O! Woe is for us, this is the Day of Judgment." [37:20]

  • [it will be affirmed, yes] "This is the Day of Separation/Compartmentalization;

  • The Day which you people kept contradicting publicly." [37:21]


Immediately on resurrection, people by their own perception have named the day as day of judgment. A man can make a statement only when he is already aware of it and it is saved in his memory. It means they were aware of the day in their worldly life but kept contradicting it. And:  is declared: : The Day of Judgment and Requital = the day Day of  Separation/ Compartmentalization of the people, into three groups; two will be escorted to Paradise; and third group dragged to Hell-Prison.

The possessive noun of the Day: is the verbal noun stemming from Root:  ف ص ل . The basic perception infolded in the Root is that of a barrier or a demarcation in between two things or concepts that causes the indication of the end of the limit of one thing and the beginning of the limits of another thing. It thus reflects the act of setting apart, separating, distancing and distinguishing two things in a manner that each  is manifested as distinct and exclusive from the other; thus leaving absolutely no possibility of illusion in seeing and perceiving the point, information, fact, data, concept, and knowledge stated verbally. It alienates and isolates the individual unit from the whole-group-species to manifest its individuality and uniqueness enabling its storage and saving in and conveniently recalling from the memory.

We will, Allah the Exalted so willing, study the phrase as a separate grammatical unit:

And further information about this Day is that the people will be gathered for their segregation into groups:

  •  "This is the Day of Separation/Compartmentalization;

  • We have gathered you people and the earlier/former ones. [77:38]

  • Indeed the news about the past civilizations have certainly an indication-lesson for him who feared the punishment in the Hereafter.

  • That is the day, its feature is that people will be gathered together;

  • And that is the Day, its feature is that presence of everyone is ensured. [11:103]

  • Beware, We are postponing it but for the terminating moment of a determined duration. [11:104]

  • And likewise We have verbally communicated [Parlance-Book] to you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] Qur'aan: a compilation in Arabic: perspicuous, eloquent, distinctive and precisely expressive language; the language of the sons of soil of Arabian peninsula.

  • The intended objective of it is that you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam, with it] might admonish and awaken the inhabitants of the Mother of cities [Mecca-the Sanctified City]; and all those who inhabit around it. [the whole world]

  • Moreover, you might cause cautiousness-awareness-alarmed of  the Day of the Gathering. The Day about which there is absolutely no confusion/uncertainty.

  • On that Day, a group will be escorted into the Paradise, and a group will be dragged into the Scorching Hell-Prison. [42:07]

Thus the: the Day of  Separation/Compartmentalization is:    the Day of  the Gathering which is termed as the Day of exposition of mutual deceits:


  • The Day He will collect you people for the Day of the Gathering,

  • That is the Day of the exposition of mutual deceits.

  • And whoever consciously inclines to believe in Allah the Exalted and conducts righteously;

  • He will delete/remove/hide from him his misdoings.

  • And He will enter him into gardens with streams of water flowing beneath/side by. They shall reside therein perpetually,

  • This [approval and appreciation of Allah] is the greatest/grand achievement/success. [64:09]

  • Know about those who deliberately refused to accept and publicly contradicted Our Aa'ya'at: Verbal passages of revealed book: Grand Qur'aan:

  • They are the people who will be the residents-companions of the Hell-Prison.

  • They will be the permanent residents therein.

  • Beware; it is an evil abode/destination to land in.  [64:10]

We will, Allah the Exalted so willing, study the phrase as a separate grammatical unit:  


 Such people who believe not in the verbal passages of Divine Discourse have this jesting irrational attitude in their worldly life:

  • They ask people, "When is to come the Day of the Accountability/Judgment?" [51:12]

  • That is the Day they will be subjected to experience liquefaction process upon fire. [51:13]

The Spokesperson of Allah the Exalted has pointedly clarified that there are no pointers - indicators - signs that could provide a clue to assess or predict the date and era of the day of resurrection. It is emphasized:

  • And what is the indicator that could have led you to the perception when is the Day of Judgment? [82:17]

  • Afterwards, even later in time what is that which could give you the perception when is the Day of Judgment? [82:18]

  • Just be mindful of this Day when a person will have no possession-authority of any sort for another person.

  • Mind it that the Command and Judgment - Dispensation of Justice is the exclusive domain for Allah the Exalted the Day when people are resurrected. [82:19]

We have noticed in the scenes of the Day of Resurrection that people were aware of the Day of Judgment. Let us further listen to their confessional statement about it:

  • And we kept contradicting the perception of accountability on the Day of Resurrection

  • Till the time the natural death had reached us." [74:46-47]

Today people are warned:

  • Woe and regret will be on that Day for those who publicly contradict it;  [83:10]

  • Those who publicly deny and contradict the Day of Judgment. [83:11]

  • And no one publicly contradicts it except each one of those who are persistently inclined to remain absorbed in sinful conduct; [83:12]

  • When Our Aa'yaat: verbal passages of the Book were recited to him, he said, "Tales of the ancients." [83:13]

  • Nay, on the contrary the fact iswhat they were earning has caused a coating of rust upon their hearts. [83:14]


And about those who will be the resident of Paradise, it is told:

  • And those who accept and hold to the truth of the Day of Accountability; [70:26]


  • And He is the One from Whom I desire and expect that He will forgive for me my omissions on the Day of Judgment". [26:82]

  • Afterwards, indeed you, "O you the neglectful Wanderers, the publicly contradicting ones, [56:51]

  • you will certainly be the eaters of the meal made from part of the trees of species Zaquem. [56:52]

  • Thereby, you will be filling the bellies with that. [56:53]

  • Thereupon, you will drink from the scalding water; [56:54]

  • For reason you will drink like the drink of a diseased thirsty camel.".[56:55]

  • This is their hospitality on the Day of Resurrection - Judgment and Requital. [56:56]

  • And undoubtedly those who are prominently wicked are certainly in the Hell-Prison. [82:14]

  • They will "radiate heat/scorch her" on the Day of Judgment; [82:15]