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Root: ح ب ك

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur'aan:

a) Total occurrences: 1

Learned Ibn Faris [died 1005] mentioned:

(مقاييس اللغة)

الحاء والباء والكاف أصل منقاسٌ مطّرِد؛ وهو إحكام الشَّيء في امتدادٍ واطِّراد.

That it signifies steady, equable, uniform chiseling - carving, and it denotes stability in extent, elongation and regularity.

Lane's Lexicon: He striped, or wove with stripes, Track. lines, trails, the place of placing the waistline

  • Moreover by the Sky; her peculiar feature is that she is the possessor of the curved interlaced tracks - paths: [51:07]

Flocks of birds often behave in the Sky that reveals intriguing patterns. Birds follow similarly curved paths while flying and soaring.


Noun: Definite; broken plural; feminine; genitive. (1)51:07=1

                                                                                                         اسم:معرفہ باللام- مجرور-جمع مكسر-مؤنث


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