Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.




















Root: ج ل ب

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur'aan:

a) Total occurrences: 1  

  • And you stumble and fascinatingly unsettle him whom you found receptive in neglectful state amongst them with your voice-vociferation; [conjectural false hopes void of reality/words]

  • And you assault them with your "cavalry" and your "infantry" and be an associate with them in wealth and progeny and promise them."

  • Be cautioned, Shai'taan does not promise them except deceptively. [17:64]


1 Verb: Imperative; Second person; singular; masculine; [Form-IV]; Subject pronoun hidden; مصدر-اِجْلاَبٌ Verbal noun. (1)17:64=1

                                                                      فعل أمر/الفاعل ضمير مستتر فيه-أَنتَ-واحد مذكرمخاطب/باب افعالَ


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