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Root: ث خ ن

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur'aan:

a) Total occurrences: 2 

b) No of constructions: 2  Verbs [Form-IV]

  • You people should know that the proposition; the prisoners of war might be the priority until such time he might subdue the enemy, has not been the course for an Elevated and Chosen Allegiant of Allah the Exalted.

  • You people seek visible ephemeral world and Allah the Exalted desires for you the hereafter.

  • Be mindful, Allah the Exalted is Pervasively dominant and the Infinitely Just Supreme Administrator of the created realm, visible and invisible.[8:67]

  • Thereby, when in response you have met face to face in battlefield with those who denied believing,

  • The obvious target for both warring parties are the necks-human bodies-mutual hitting till such point in time, during the currency of fight, that you have succeeded in overpowering respective opponents - have made them exhausted-subdued-drop weapons

  • Thereat you you are hereby directed to firmly buckle up - arrest such subdued enemies as prisoners of war, since the question of releasing them as gesture of obliging favour, or on ransom arises afterwards when the war may surrender-lay down the weapons-enemy has accepted defeat.

  • Although if Allah the Exalted so willed, certainly He the Exalted could have punished them at His Own accord.

  • But the purpose of prescribing confronting imposed war is that He the Exalted might subject to a liquefying test some of you through some others.

  • And those who were killed in the Cause of Allah the Exalted:

  • Certainly are convinced that He the Exalted will never let their deeds go unrecognized -unappreciated. [47:04]



Verb: Perfect; Second Person; plural; masculine; [Form-IV]; [التاء] Subject Pronoun, in nominative state; + Suffixed Object pronoun: Third person; masculine; plural, in accusative state;  مصدر-إثْخَانٌ Verbal noun. (1)47:04=1

 فعل ماضٍ مبنى على السكون لاتصاله بضميرالرفع المتحرك/ضمير متصل في محل رفع فاعل جمع مذكرحاضر/باب افعال

                                                     ضمير متصل مبنى على الضم في محل نصب مفعول به مقدم/ جمع  مذكر غائب  

2 Verb: Imperfect; Third Person; Singular; Masculine; Mood: Subjunctive; [Form-IV];  Subject pronoun hidden;  مصدر-إثْخَانٌ Verbal noun. (1)8:67=1

               فعل مضارع منصوب و علامة نصبه الفتح/الفاعل:ضمير مستتر جوازاً تقديره:هُوَ:واحد مذكرغائب/باب افعال


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