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Root: ب ن ن

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur'aan:

a) Total occurrences: 2 

b) No of constructions: 2

Semantic Domain: Human bodyRoot: ج س د

Sub category: Fingerprint, tip of finger

Fingertips, now referred as fingerprints of a person are shaped before the birth and remain the same for his lifetime. Thereby, fingerprints are accepted as reliable proof of identity. It was also used in the days before the revelation of Grand Qur'aan as reference for men, tribe of identity of distinction and exaltation.

  • Know the fact of that day; Your Sustainer Lord was communicating to the Angels: "I am indeed watching the battlefield along with you, therefore, help strengthen those who have heartily accepted-believed.

  • I will keep casting terror in the hearts of those who have refused to believe:

  • Therefore, for terrorizing you frequent the place above the necks;

  • And frequent each one who holds position of chieftain amongst them". [8:12]

  • Is it that the man generally considers-adjudges that Our Majesty would not gather his bones? [75:03]

  • Nay, what to say of gathering bones-fossils We are capable of  restoring patterns on his finger-tips [at the time of resurrecting him]. [75:04]




Noun: Indefinite; plural; masculine; genitive. (1)8:12=1                 اسم: مجرور-جمع مذكر


 Possessive Phrase: Noun: Definite; plural; masculine; genitive + Possessive pronoun: Third person; singular; masculine; in genitive state. (1)75:04=1

                   الإِضَافَةُ-اسم :اسم: منصوب-جمع مذكر/مضافضمير متصل-واحد مذكرغائب  في محل جر-مضاف إليه


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