Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.

In Grand Qur'aan other Roots with first two letters  ح د

1) ح د ب

2) ح د ث

3) ح د ق


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Root: ح د د

Words from this Root in the Grand Qur'aan:

a) Total occurrences: 25 

b) No of constructions: 13

Nouns: 10 Recurrence: 21 Verbs: 3; Recurrence: 4 [Form-III]

Ibn Faris [died 1005] stated:

(مقاييس اللغة)

الحاء والدال أصلان: الأوّل المنع، والثاني طَرَف الشيء.فالحدّ: الحاجز بَيْنَ الشَّيئين

That its primary signification is to restrict and restrain, secondly edge or corner of a thing, thereby it denotes fence - barricade between things.

(لسان العرب)
الحَدُّ: الفصل بين الشيئين لئلا يختلط أَحدهما بالآخر أَو لئلا يتعدى أَحدهما على الآخر، وجمعه حُدود

والحديد: هذا الجوهر المعروف لأَنه منيع،

It is segregation, detachment, compartmentalization - categorization of things so that one does not intermingle with another or one trespasses the other.

And it signifies well known core iron since it is strong and invulnerable.

Lane's Lexicon: He, or it, prevented, hindered, impeded, withheld, restrained, debarred, inhibited, forbade, prohibited, or interdicted:, this is the primary signification: and he repelled, turned away, or averted,  evil [or the like], and also a person from a thing, good or evil.

Semantic Domain: Metal - Iron

Related Roots:

Root: ف ض ض : Silver

Root: ذ ھ ب : Gold

Root: ق ط ر :  Copper

Root: م ھ ل : molten brass

Root: ن ح س : Brass


One of the unique information about iron given in Qur'aan is about the fossil of human body that it could become iron:

  • Know it, they said, "Is it possible that when we would have become bones and decayed, disintegrated as crumbled particles, we become revived as renewed creation?" [17:49]

  • You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce: "You people become stones or iron; [17:50]

  • Or whatever creation of sort you consider adamantine: extremely hard or unyielding in your thoughts." [Refer 17:51]

People were expressing their doubt and inquisitiveness that once they would have become bones and decayed into dust would they be revived as anew creation. They were replied "You people become stones or iron, or whatever creation of sort you consider adamantine in your thoughts." This expression was the most emphatic to make them realize that resurrection is inevitable.

The ayah disclosed the information that human corpse can become stone or iron and anything that human being consider as extremely hard or unyielding.

Another unique information disclosed about iron is:

  • And Our Majesty have descended the Iron in one go. Sturdy force-energy and profitableness for the people is inherent within it; [refer 57:25]

The verbal sentence: comprises of Form-IV perfect verb with suffixed Subject pronoun First Person Sovereign singular. The verb signifies that the act of dropping downwards was accomplished in one go. The object of verb denoting the dropped item is mentioned by definite noun: the Iron. It thus reveals that the entire quantity of the iron was descended to the Earth in one go. Thus the origin of the Iron is extra terrestrial, not of our universe.

Third unique information about iron is the period when Man used it as fabric by softening:

  • And certainly We had granted Da'ued [alai'his'slaam] Bounty from Our Grace,

  • [Subjugation was commanded] "O mountains, you echo the praises along with him, and you the birds"

  • And Our Majesty made known for him the softening of Iron; [34:10]

  • Informing him: "You make fully flexible armor coats; and measure proportionately in links of armor;

  • And you people conduct as perfectionists.

  • Certainly I am watching that which you people are doing." [34:11]




 Noun: Definite; singular; masculine; genitive.  (1)18:96=1

                                                                                                                 اسم: معرفہ باللام-مجرور-واحد مذكر

2 Noun: Definite; singular; masculine; genitive (1)34:10(2)57:25=2

                                                                                                                اسم: معرفہ باللام-منصوب-واحد مذكر

3 Adjective resembling participle on  فَعِيْلٌ  measure: Indefinite; broken plural; feminine; genitive. (1)33:19=1                                                    الصفة المشبهة:-مجرور-جمع مكسرمؤنث  
4 Noun: Indefinite; broken plural; feminine; nominative. (1)2:187(2)2:229(3) 2:230(4)4:13(5)58:04(6)65:01=6                                                                         اسم:مرفوع-جمع مكسرمؤنث  

Noun: Indefinite; broken plural; feminine; accusative. (1)2:229(2)2:229(3)2:229 (4)2:230(5)9:97(6)65:01=6                                                                              اسم:منصوب-جمع مكسرمؤنث

6 Possessive Phrase: Noun: Definite; broken plural; feminine; accusative + Possessive pronoun: Third person; masculine; singular; in genitive state. (1)4:14=1

                   الإِضَافَةُ- اسم:منصوب-جمع مكسرمؤنث/مضافضمير متصل-واحد مذكرغائب في محل جر-مضاف إليه

7 Noun  Indefinite; singular; masculine; genitive (1)22:21=1     اسم:-مجرور-واحد مذكر  
8 Adjective resembling participle on  فَعِيْلٌ  measure: Indefinite; singular; masculine; nominative. (1)50:22=1                                                     الصفة المشبهة:-مرفوع-واحد مذكر  
9 Noun  Indefinite; singular; masculine; accusative. (1)17:50=اسم:-منصوب-واحد مذكر  
10 Prepositional Phrase: Inseparable preposition  + Noun: definite; broken plural; feminine;  genitive. (1)9:112=1      جار و مجرور= لِ حرف جر + اسم : مجرور- جمع مكسرمؤنث  

Verbs Form-III


Verb [transitive]: Perfect; third person; singular; masculine; [Form-III]; Subject pronoun hidden; مصدر-مُحَادَّةٌ Verbal noun. (1)58:22=1

                                       فعل ماضٍ مبني على الفتح/الفاعل:ضمير مستتر جوازاً تقديره:هُوَ-واحد مذكرغائب/باب مفاعلة

2 Verb: Imperfect; Third Person; Singular; Masculine; Mood: Jussive by condition noun; [Form-III]; Subject pronoun hidden; مصدر-مُحَادَّةٌ Verbal noun.; Vowel sign  [ـِ] added for اجتماع الساكنين of cluster of two vowel-less consonants (1)9:63=1

فعل مضارع مجزوم لأنه فعل الشرط و علامة جزمه السكون /الفاعل:ضمير مستتر جوازاً تقديره:هُوَ-واحد مذكرغائب/باب مفاعلة

3 Verb: Imperfect; Third person; plural; masculine; Mood: Indicative evident by نَ; [Form-III[; [و] Subject Pronoun, nominative state; مصدر-مُحَادَّةٌ Verbal noun  (1)58:05(2)58:20=2

                                 فعل مضارع مرفوع بثبوت النون/و-ضمير متصل في محل رفع فاعل-جمع مذكرغائب/باب مفاعلة


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