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      Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.          [Note] It should be remembered that it is not the written text/part/Ayah of سُورة  [Chapter 45] and hence it is never numbered. For convenience of those readers who are already believers, this is traditionally printed since it is commanded in the Qur'aan to read/recite with the Name of Sustainer Lord, The Creator.













































































































































 [Replica/Mirror 40:01;41:01;42:01;43:01;44:01;46:01]

Ha Meem; Two consonants of Arabic alphabet ( أبجدية عربية‎),  mutually conjoined; Mee'm has ancillary glyph/prolongation sign/mark which extends/stretches the sound value of the letter to which it is added. [45:01]

[Replica/Mirror 39:01;45:02;46:02]

The gradual revelation of the Book [Grand Qur'aan] is from Allah, the All-Pervasive/Dominant and eternally The Wise/Knower of invisible/secreted/infolded. [45:02]

Indeed in the Skies and the Earth are visible/tangible/demonstrative/recognition signs for the believers. [45:03]

And in the creation of you people

and in the fact that animals are scattered

are visible/tangible/demonstrative/recognition signs for the people to have conviction.  [45:04]

[Same pronouncement in same words 2:164;3:190;10:06]

And in the alteration/revolving of the Night and the Day,

and that Allah has descended from the Sky which is amongst sustenance/food

thereby He rejuvenated with it the Earth after its demise/drying up;

[Same words in 2:164]

and in the circling of winds;

   are the visible/tangible signs/information for people to recognize/reflect. [45:05]

These are the Aa'ya'at [verbal presentation of information, facts and knowledge in the Book] of Allah which We recite distinctly word by word to you, the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam], containing statement of proven fact/with determined purpose of conveying it to the humanity for whom it is meant.

[Read with 7:185;18:06;39:23]

Then/for reason [of  everything made distinctly evident in the Book] in which indicative statement  [Hadith describing something tangible] in time and space, after the Hadith [ Grand Qur'aan] of Allah

and the Aa'ya'at [verbal presentation of information, facts and knowledge in the Book] of Him, they will incline themselves to believe? [45:06]

[Read with 26:222]

Woe is for each and every perfidiously lying sinner. [45:07]

[Read with 31:07]

He listens the Aa'ya'at [verbal presentation of information, facts and knowledge] of Allah which are recited/narrated to him, word by word, afterwards he consciously keeps himself adamant retaining posture of self obsessed of pride and grandeur as if he had not heard those.

[Same pronouncement in same words in 31:07]

Thereat you give him "glad tidings" of painful punishment. [45:08]

[Read with 21:02;26:05]

And when he came to know something anew from Our Aa'ya'at [verbal presentation of information, facts and knowledge] he deliberately made himself to take it jestingly.

[Same pronouncement in same words in 31:06]

They are the people for whom is the humiliating punishment. [45:09]

And in front [awaiting] of them is Hell-Prison,

 and neither will be of avail, that which they have earned, for averting anything harmful from them

and nor those will be of any avail whom they have consciously adopted as comrades and protectors other than Allah.

[This information in these words is in 2:07;3:176;16:106;24:23]

And for them is a grave torment [in wait]. [45:10]

This/Grand Qur'aan is Guidance/Guide [in time and space]

and those who deliberately and persistently refused to accept the Aa'ya'at [verbal presentation of information, facts, knowledge and injunctions in the Qur'aan] of the Sustainer Lord of them,

[Same pronouncement in same words in 34:05]

 for them is painful punishment from persistently irritating/abominable trouble. [45:11]

[Similar information in 14:32;17:66;22:65;30:46;31:31]

Allah is the One Who has subjected [subjugated to a set discipline/relativity with air 30:46] the sea for you people so that the ship may sail/move in the water reservoir by the commanded affair of Him.

[Same pronouncement in same words in 17:66;30:46;35:12]

and so that you people may seek from His bounty.

[Same expectation in same words 2:185;16:14;28:73;30:46;35:12]

 and so that you people may keep expressing gratitude. [45:12]

And He has subjected [subjugated to a set discipline/relativity] for you people that whatever is in the Skies and whatever is in the Earth, collectively from Him.

[Same pronouncement in same words in 13:03;30:21;39:42;45:13;with singular in 16:11,69]

Indeed in these are evident/visible/tangible/demonstrative signs/information for people to recognize/ reflect/differentiate and analyze objectively without overlapping with emotions/conjectures/ whims/preconceived notions to arrive at purpose of creation. [45:13]

You, the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce for those who have believed that they may pardon and ignore for those who do not hope for the Days of Allah

so that He may requite people for that which they deliberately and consciously did and performed. [45:14]

[Same pronouncement in same words in 41:46; read with 30:44]

And whoever conducted perfectly, resultantly such people are certainly acting [smoothening and softening] for their selves;

[Same pronouncement in same words in 41:46]

and who conducted evil then the resultant effect is upon its own self,

[Same pronouncement in same words in 32:11]

Afterwards [on your turn] you people will be returned towards your Sustainer Lord [for accountability and requital]. [45:15]

And most certainly We had given to Bani Iesraa'eel [the Messengers who had]

[Same pronouncement in same words in 3:79;6:89]

the Book and the Command and Elevated Unique Stature.

[Same pronouncement in same words in 10:93;17:70]

And We had provided them life-sustaining provision from pleasant nourishing things.

And We had given them distinction and uniqueness/individuality upon others [Pharaoh's nation] [45:16]

And We gave them the distancing/distinguishing/distinct Aay'aat from The Command [The Book].

[Similar information in 10:93;42:14]

For reason they did not differ except after having reached them that which brought them the knowledge because of grouping/classes/vested interests amongst them.

[Same pronouncement in same words in 10:93]

[ignore them] Indeed your Sustainer Lord will adjudge/conclude between them, on the Day of Resurrection/Revival, in what they keep differing/opposing. [45:17] [Similar information in 2:113;10:93; 16:124;39:03,46;45:17]

[Read with 42:13]

Afterwards We appointed you, the Messenger [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] upon the Fountain of perpetual flow/Source/Ordinance from the Command, therefore physically follow that in letter and spirit,

and do not consider worthwhile following conjectures and wishes of those who do not have the knowledge [of the Book]. [45:18]

Indeed they can never alleviate from you any thing inflicted by Allah

And indeed some of the distorters and mischief mongers are comrades and allies of some others.

[Similar pronouncement in 2:257;3:68;7:196]

And indeed Allah is the Guide, Helper, Protector, Sustainer, Benefactor and Companion of those who are mindful and heedful avoiding unrestrained conduct in reverence and fear. [45:19]

  • This Qur'aan is a Verbal Documentary for the humanity.

  • Moreover this is Guide and Mercy-Blessing for the people who have conviction-firm belief. [45:20]

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