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     Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy      


Allah, the Absolute's Created Realm expands with entry of First Human Person in unprecedented exalted ceremony




































































           Know the history of that point in time when your Sustainer Lord said for [to] the Angels, "Know the fact that I am about to create a Being in a state of "skinned corporeal compact structure" with the wet clay". [38:71]


  • Consequent to composing-coagulating and subject to I having caused it-the Masculine Structure stretched and proportioned-fashioned;

  • And when I would have blown within him the Essence-Verbal Command about My decision-finalized affair [kun-take existence as living];

  • Thereat, he having taken existence in pursuance of My command, you all are directed to settle in the state-frame of mind showing obeisance for him- [Aa'dam alahissalam]"  [38:72]


[Mirror/Replica 15:30;similar information in  2:34;7:11;17:61;18:50;20:116]

Thereupon in compliance thereof the Angels, all of them, collectively did obeisance; [38:73]

[Same information in 2:34]

but Ieblees [in response to the command given to him separately] demurred, he made himself obsessed/puffed with pride of grandeur and superiority;

 [Same information in same words in  2:34]

 and so became amongst those who refuse the command. [38:74]

Allah asked, "O Iblees, what is that which hindered/prevented you that you should show obeisance

for the one whom I created with My Hands?

[Read with 23:46]o

Is it for reason that you now thought yourself great or/as if  have you been from amongst the arrogates/ haughty?" [38:75]

[Same statement in same words in 7:12]o

He replied, "I am better than him. You created me from fire and You have created him from clay" [38:76]

[Replica/Mirror 15:34]

He said, "Then you get out of it thereby indeed you are permanently discarded one, [38:77]

[Same pronouncement in 15:35]

and indeed My curse and condemnation is upon you to the Day of Judgment" [15:35]

[Replica/Mirror 15:36; similar request in  7:14]

Iblees requested,  "My Sustainer Lord! then/for reason [to prove my point] You give me respite up till the Day they will be Revived/Resurrected" [38:79]

[Replica/Mirror 15:37; similar pronouncement in 7:15]

Allah said, "your request is indeed acceded, you are from the ones given respite [38:80]


until the Day of an appointed/determined Time and Date" [38:81]

[Same assertion in 15:39]

Iblees said, "Since You have given respite I swear by Your Dominance and Honor, I will most certainly [by false hopes, desires and conjectural assertions] distract and thereby ruin them all collectively

[Replica/Mirror 15:40]

except servants/allegiants of You the Exalted who are in exclusively chosen state from amongst them, and who become  passively sincere" [38:83]

Allah said, "Then it is established and proven fact [you cannot distract the sincere allegiants] and I am mentioning another established fact

[Similar pronouncement in 7:18;17:63]

[It is My promise] certainly/take note I will fill the Hell with you and whoever from amongst them physically followed you/your footsteps, all collected together". [38:85]

[Same pronouncement in same words 25:57; similar 6:90;12:104;34:47;42:23;52:40;68:46]

You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] tell them, "I do not demand/ask you any remuneration for telling you this guidance;


and neither I make myself from amongst those who force things upon others against their will; [38:86]

[Same pronouncement by Messenger in 6:90; in same words in 12:104]o

 indeed it [Grand Qur'aan] is but a Reminder/Admonition for the worlds/humanity. [38:87]

and you people will conclusively know its news after a time" [38:88]

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