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    Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.             [Note] It should be remembered that it is not the written text/part/Ayah of سُورة  [Chapter 29] and hence it is never numbered. For convenience of those readers who are already believers, this is traditionally printed since it is commanded in the Qur'aan to read/recite with the Name of Sustainer Lord, The Creator.

Syllabic Letters/ consonants of Arabic language.









































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Alif; [Letter but not consonant and Two syllabic] consonants of Arabic alphabet ( أبجدية عربية‎),  Laa'm and Mee'm. Initial letter Alif [Aleph] has no speech sound and is not conjoined with the succeeding consonants of the word,  while Laam and Meem are conjoined, and both have above them ancillary glyph/prolongation sign/mark which extends/stretches the sound value of the letter to which it is added. It reflects that the Book in hand is in the language that has letters and other marks, representing that its writing system is letter-diacritic combination based, resulting in the combination of sounds that form a syllable, rather than a single sound.

The prolongation mark [Madda] reflects that the following letter is still with which it is joined resulting in pause as consonant لـ ends with still resulting in natural pause in its pronunciation "Laa'm". And so has the consonant the prolongation sign suggesting that it is to be pronounced with stretched sound to make last still letter vivid in sound ending in natural pause "Mee'm-ميم ". Prolongation sign will also appear when the following consonant is "Hamza, ء" which can distinctly and audibly be pronounced only if the preceding letter is pronounced elongate. It may be noted that the prolongation sign is not the equivalent nor it represents hamza followed by alif. [29:01; this is also first Ayah of Chapter 2;3;29;30;31 & 32]

Have the people adjudged/made up their mind that they will be left [and believed] merely because they say/pronounce claiming, "We have accepted/believed" and they will not be subjected to test? [in the manner precious metals are tested to determine their purity] [29:01] [Also see 2:214;3:142]

And certainly We had subjected in the past to "liquefaction test" the people before them, (since laid down principles are not subject to alteration in time and space)

[Read with 29:11]o

 whereby Allah will certainly absolutely expose those who proved their oral word with their acts as true and  He will certainly absolutely expose/prove those who are false/feign in their utterance/claim of having believed [before taking criminal cognizance against them]. [29:03]

Or those people who perform deeds of evil import have adjudged/made up their mind that they will escape/run forward from Us.

[Same pronouncement in 6:136;16:59;29:04;45:21]o

Evil is that which they presumably understand and adjudge. [29:04]

[Same pronouncement in 18:110]

Whoever expects to be held accountable before Allah

[Read with 6:134;10:53;23:93;51:05;77:07]

therefore [they are convinced] it is true that the Last Moment of Determined Duration by Allah will certainly come,

[Same information in same words 2:137;6:13;115;;21:04;29:60; Except Waw 10:65]o

  and He is the eternally All-Hearing, the All-Knowing. [29:05]

And whoever strived/exerted utmost in the cause of Allah [bodily and with wealth] then undoubtedly he strived only for his own self;


since/truly Allah is certainly is Absolute Independent, the Exalted from the Worlds/all that exists. [29:06]

[Same pronouncement in same words in 2:82;4:57,122;7:42;29:07,09,58;35:07;40:58;42:22;47:02]

And those who accepted/believed and did act righteously/moderately as directed,

[Similar pronouncement in 2:271;3:195;5:65;8:29;25:70;39:35;46:16;47:02;48:05;64:09;65:05;66:08]

it is certain that We will delete/overlook/distance away from them their lapses/shortcomings;

[Read with 9:121;16:97;24:38;39:35]o

and of course We will pay them reward most appropriate for what they had been doing. [29:07]

[Same pronouncement in 31:14;46:15]

And We have enjoined/given the verdict/decreed upon the human beings to conduct with their parents with affectionate kindness,

[Same pronouncement in 31:15]

however if they both exerted upon you for that you associate partners with Me for which you do not have any knowledge thereby you must not listen the word of both two of them.

  [Afterwards on the Day of Judgment] You people will be turned towards Me [for accountability]

[Same pronouncement in same words 31:15]o

[Similar pronouncement in 5:105;6:60,6:108;9:94,105;10:23;29:08;31:15;39:07;62:08]

whereupon I will remind/tell you what deliberate and willful acts you people had been doing. [29:08]

[Same pronouncement in same words in 2:82;4:57,122;7:42;29:07,09,58;35:07;40:58;42:22;47:02]

And those who accepted/believed and did act righteously/moderately as directed,


certainly We will definitely join them with the sincere perfectionist Righteous. [29:09]

And amongst (in those days, Jew) people, there are those who say, claiming "We have accepted the belief in Allah";.

[Read with 22:11]

whereupon when he is disturbed/disquieted being on the cause of Allah he declares the unpleasant and irritating/trial by people like the infliction of Allah;

and if the victory/help is reached from your Sustainer Lord they will certainly emphatically proclaim, "It is certain that we were with you people".


[look at them how naively they lodge false claim] Is Allah not fully knowledgeable about that which is in the hearts of people of worlds. [29:10]

[Read with 29:03]

and Allah will certainly absolutely expose those who have truly believed [proved their oral word with their acts as true] and  He will certainly expose/prove absolutely those who are Muna'fi'qeen [false/feign in their utterance/claim of belief before taking criminal cognizance against them]. [29:11]

And those who have publicly refused to accept said for [to] those who have accepted/believed, "You physically follow our path and let us carry/uplift your omissions and shortcomings";

while they are not the carriers from the omissions and shortcomings of them of any sort.


Undoubtedly they people are certainly the liars. [29:12]

But it is certain that they will definitely uplift their burdens, and other burdens along with their own burdens;


and on the Day of Resurrection they will certainly and exactly be questioned about that which they people kept conjecturally fabricating at their own accord. [29:13]