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    Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.           [Note: It should be remembered that it is not the written text/part/Ayah of this  سُورة  [Chapter 16] and hence it is never numbered.  For convenience of those readers who are already believers, this is traditionally printed since it is commanded in the Qur'aan to read/recite with the Name of Sustainer Lord, The Creator.












[النافية] Negation Particle; here النافية للجنس negation of genus-all sorts; absolute negation.

















































































































The أَمْرُ [Grand Quran announcing sounding of true big bang any moment] of Allah has since been given/reached, therefore, you people should not seek hastening that [day of reckoning/account].

[Same pronouncement in same words in 10:18;30:40;39:67]o

Glory is for Him/His pleasure is the focus of all effort; and He is Exalted above all what they conjecturally group/associate with Him. [16:01]

He sends Angels with Gabriel to deliver from His Book to the person He wills from His servants


with the command that "you warn/remind people that indeed there is no iela'aha [the Sovereign] except Me, therefore you people be heedful exclusively to Me"[16:02]

[Similar pronouncement 6:73;14:19;15:85;16:03;29:44;39:05]

He originated/created the Skies and the Earth for a determined purpose/as an evident fact [and for appointed duration].

[Same pronouncement in  7:190;10:18;16:01;23:92;27:63;28:68;30:40;39:67]o

He is Exalted above all what they conjecturally group/associate with Him. [16:03]

 He created the man from part of a sperm,

[Same information in same words 36:77]o

then for reason he is obsessively compulsive/excessively argumentative. [16:04]

And the herbivorous Mammals, He created them.


For you people in them is warmth [fur], and other advantages and from amongst them some you eat.  [16:05]

And for you people in their possession is a feel of distinction when you bring them in and when take them out. [16:06]

And they carry your weights towards locations which you could not take that there except with trouble to selves.


Indeed the Sustainer Lord of you people is certainly kind and merciful. [16:07]

And He created horses, and mules and donkeys, so that you people can use them for ride/carriage and  for show/attraction.


 And He creates others whom you people do not know. [16:08]

[Read with 6:55]

And for Allah is to determine the Path, and from it is one who neighbors away.

[Similar pronouncement in 6:149; Read with 6:35;10:99]o

And had He so willed indeed He would have guided you all collectively [on the determined path, but that was not the scheme/purpose of creation]. [16:09]

[same information in same words in 6:99]

He is the One Who sent water from the Sky,

for you people from it is drink


and from that are forest in which you people visit seeking advantages. [16:10]

He with it produces/sprouts for you people the cultivated grain-crops [family: grasses],

 and olives and date-palms and grapes

and all types of fruits.

[Same pronouncement in same words in 16:69; with plural noun in 13:03;30:21;39:42;45:13]o

Indeed in these [Plant kingdom] are evident/the visible/tangible/demonstrative signs/information for people to recognize/reflect/differentiate and analyze objectively without overlapping with emotions/ conjectures/whims/preconceived notions to arrive at purpose of creation. [16:11]

And He has subjected [subjugated to a set discipline] the Night and the Day and the Sun and the Moon to submissiveness.

[Same information in 7:54]

And the Stars are objects subjected to submissiveness by His Command.

[Exactly same ending in 13:04;30:24 and with singular noun 16:67]o

Indeed in this subjugation to a set discipline are the visible/tangible signs/information for people to recognize/reflect/interpret/ponder. [16:12]

And what He has created and expanded for you people in the Earth, their colours are made varying.


Indeed in this colour variation  is certainly a demonstrative visible sign so that the people may save/remember/recall [variation and variety is the base for saving in memory]. [16:13]

And He is the One Who subjected to submissiveness the water reservoir

[Same information in 35:12]

so that you people may from that eat fresh meat.

[Same information in 35:12]

and that you may take out from that pearls/ornaments, you people wear them.

[Similar information in 35:12;45:12]

And you see/find the ships piercing/sailing within it and so that you people undertake efforts in search for His Bounty;

[Same expectation in same words 2:185;16:14;28:73;30:46;35:12;45:12]o
 and so that you people keep expressing gratitude.

[Same information in same words in 31:10]

And He placed in the Land anchored/stabilizing mountains that she/Earth may not shake with you people;

and water flows;

and paths/passages for travel

[Exact same words 43:10]o

 so that you people are guided to destination. [16:15]

And the distinct [in land and Sky] marks;

[Read with 6:97]o

and with the one star they get the direction/destination/guidance. [16:16]

Is He then Who creates like he who does not create?

[Same query in same words in 10:03;11:24,30;23:85;37:155;45:23]o

[why you deviate] Is it for reason that you people consciously decide not to reflect? [16:17]

[Same pronouncement in 14:34]

and if you people wish/attempt to count the favours/things of benefit granted/created by Allah you people will not encompass them.


Indeed Allah is certainly oft-Forgiving and the Merciful. [16:18]

[Same pronouncement in 64:04; similar in 27:25]

And Allah knows what you people conceal/withhold in your chests and what you reveal/say openly. [16:19]