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    Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.          






































































































And those whom they people call apart from Allah they absolutely create nothing and they are themselves created/shaped/sculpted. [16:20]

The sculpted idols are dead matter, the contrast of life/the living.

[Same pronouncement in same words in 27:65]o

And they have no sense/perception as to when they will be revived. [16:21]

[ same information in 2:163;16:22;18:110;21:108;41:06;With in 2:163]

Your the Lord/iela'aha is The Singular One Iela'aha;

For reason/then those who do not believe in the life Hereafter their hearts are reluctant to recognize this fact.


and they are in self-pride of grandeur. [16:22]

[Same pronouncement in 2:77]

There is not an iota of doubt that indeed Allah knows what they people conceal/withhold in chests and what they reveal/say openly. [Also read with 11:05;27:74;28:69;36:76]


Indeed He does not appreciate and approve for nearness the self obsessed of pride of grandeur. [16:23]

And when it is said for these obsessed with greatness elite, "What is that which your Sustainer Lord has sent?"

[Same assertion in same words 6:25;8:31;23:83;27:68; similar 16:24;25:05;46:17;68:15;83:13]o

The said, "Tales of ancients" [16:24]

[leave them misguiding their own people] so that they may uplift their own burdens in total on the Day of Judgment,

and also some from the burdens of those whom they mislead without knowledge.

[Same pronouncement in same words in 6:31]o

Indeed evil are the burdens they bear. [16:25]

 Indeed the people who were before them had taken safeguard measures,

then/for reason [of their persistent defiance and respite period getting over] Allah gave their buildings jolt from the foundations resultantly the roofs fell over them from above them,


and He inflicted them the punishment from where they did not perceive. [16:26]

Afterwards on the Day of Resurrection He will disgrace them,

[Similar questioning in 6:22;16:27;26:92;28:62,74;40:73;41:47]

and He will say [to those who adopted sculpted idols as partners], "where are My partners, those in which you people used to seclude your identities"


Those who were endued with the knowledge [from the sent Book] said, "Indeed today the disgrace and the affliction is upon the persistent rejecters [16:27]

those whom the Angels are segregating/alienating as wrong doers to their selves". [On the Day of Resurrection the Angels who recognize by signs shall arrest/collect all criminals immediately after their revival to life and segregate/separate them forcibly from other people-4:97;7:37;8:50-51;47:27-28]

[on being segregated and arrested as criminals] Thereupon they submitted/pleaded Islam "We were not doing any thing evil"


[Angels responded] "No, Indeed Allah knows what you people had been doing. [16:28]

[Same pronouncement in 39:72;40:76]

Therefore [as a result thereof] you people enter the gates of Hell to dwell therein for ever".

[Same pronouncement in 39:72;40:76]o

 So certainly woeful is the abode of arrogant/suffering from misconception of greatness. [16:29]

[Read in conjunction 2:105]

[as against those obsessed with greatness elite-16:24] And when it was asked from those who feared Allah with reverence, "What is that which your Sustainer Lord has sent?"

They replied, "blessing, tranquility"

[Same information in same words in 39:10]

For those who conducted [and advised others also] moderately, gracefully and generously in this world is the appropriate and proportioned reward 

and the abode of the Hereafter is certainly the far better;


and the abode of those who are mindful and heedful avoiding unrestrained conduct is certainly the excellent. [16:30]

[Same pronouncement in same words in 13:23;35:33]

The Gardens of pleasant abode, they will enter therein;

[Same pronouncement in same words in 39:20]

beneath/side by which streams flow.

[Same information in 25:16;39:34;42:22;50:35]

For them therein is/will be everything they desire.


This is how Allah rewards those who are mindful and heedful avoiding unrestrained conduct, [16:31]

whom the Angels will respectfully/pleasantly separate saying,

[Same information in 39:73]o

"Peace and tranquility is upon you people; you people enter into the Paradise for what you people had been doing" [16:32]