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Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.      [Note: It should be remembered that it is not the written text/part/Ayah of this  سُورة  [Chapter 8] and hence it is never numbered.  For convenience of those readers who are already believers, this is traditionally printed since it is commanded in the Qur'aan to read/recite with the Name of Sustainer Lord, The Creator.















Verb: Perfect; Third person; singular; feminine; active. Root: و ج ل





















Verb: Imperfect; Third person; plural; masculine; active [Form III] + مفعول به Object Pronoun كَ: Second Person; Singular; Masculine. Root: ج د ل



































































































They people ask You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] about the unsolicited gains.

You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce that the unsolicited material gains are for/at the disposal of Allah and the Messenger [it is state's property].

Therefore you people be mindful, cautious and fearful of Allah and you straighten matters between you people.

And you people affectionately and wholeheartedly accept the word of Allah and His Messenger,

[Same words at end of  2:81,93,248,278;3:49,139,175;5:23,57,112;7:85;9:13;24:17;57:08]o

    if you people are truly the believers. [8:01]

Indeed the Believers are only those whose hearts blenched when Allah is mentioned,

and when His Aa'ya'at [of Grand Qur'aan] are recited to them, word by word, each Ayat/verse gave increase to them in belief.

[Same information in same words in 16:42,99;29:59;42:36]o

And they have trust and hope in their Sustainer Lord. [8:02]

They are those who consciously/regularly maintain/manage/organize/stand for the performance of  Ass-sa'laat, and out of the worldly resources, which We have given them as sustenance, they consciously and heartily spend [only for seeking approval and attention of Allah]. [8:03]

[Same verdict/certification in same words in 8:74]

These defined people are proven and established believers [amongst who proclaim to be believers].

For them are ranks with their Sustainer Lord

[Similar pronouncement in 8:74;22:50]o

and forgiveness and the par excellence sustenance. [8:04]

As your Sustainer Lord brought you out from your house for rightfully ordained purpose and indeed a group of people amongst the declarative believers were certainly averse [to fighting imposed war]. [8:05]


They were wrangling/arguing with you in the truthful cause, after it was manifestly made evident, as if they were being driven towards death and they were watching it happening. [8:06]

And when Allah promised to you people that one of the two groups is for you [to be dominant upon].

And while you people wished that the people other than possessor of  arms/warrior group be for you/your dominance [without war since most disliked war-2:216].

[Similar pronouncement in 10:82]

And Allah intended that He may establish the fact as proven with His words/promises

[Similar information in 6:45;7:72;15:66]o

and He may cut the back/posterity of the those who deliberately and persistently denied to accept; [8:07]

so that He may firmly establish the Fact and He may efface the scum/falsification/conjectural myths;

[Same pronouncement in same words in 10:82]o

notwithstanding how aversive it is felt by the criminals; [8:08]

when you people were seeking help of your Sustainer Lord for which reason He responded for you people, "I will help/reinforce you people with one thousand Angels following earlier ones [five thousand -3:125"

[Similar information in 3:126]

And Allah had disclosed this information for no purpose except rejoicing news and for the purpose that with it your hearts feel calm and quiet/tranquilized,

[Same information in same words in 3:126]

and [as the Messenger has the conviction, you must always remember] help comes from nowhere except from Allah,

[Same information in same words in 2:220;9:71;31:27]o

Indeed Allah is The All Pervasive/Dominant and eternally The Wise/Knower of invisible/ secreted/infolded. [8:10]

When the Rapid Eye Movement sleep overtook you people as tranquility from Him

and He sent down upon you water from the Sky so that with it He may purify [those of you who went impure during Rapid Eye Movement sleep necessitating bathing] and that water may remove away from you the satanic repulsive adhesive;


and so that [having become in state of purity and refreshed] it may cause concentration of your hearts and keep your feet firm; [8:11]

when your Sustainer Lord communicated to the Angels that, "I am with you, therefore, you strengthen those who have accepted/believed.

I will keep casting terror in the hearts of those who have refused to believe.

Therefore you strike them above/upper their necks and from them you strike every chieftain. [8:12]

[Same pronouncement in same words in 59:04]

This [punishment in the Hereafter] is because they consciously and willfully made themselves alienated from Allah and His Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam-and joined party of Shai'taan]

[Read 4:115;47:32;59:04]

and whoever consciously and willfully alienates/cuts himself away from Allah and His Messenger [does not believe in the Book, Grand Qur'aan and maintains a different identity/method of living other than that of believers/Islam]

[Same warning in same words in 2:211;59:04]

 then for this reason/in consequence, indeed Allah is severe in awarding punishment/takes the matter to its logical conclusion. [8:13]

That eventuality, "resultantly you people taste that punishment" and that for persistent deniers is [in wait] the punishment of fire. [8:14]

O you who declare to have accepted! When you people confront in war those who have refused to believe then never retreat turning your backs to them. [8:15]

And whoever on the day of war turns his back from them, except as war strategy or for joining another group,

then/resultantly he indeed made himself liable to criminal cognizance/arrest from Allah

[Same pronouncement in same words in 3:162;similar 5:72]

and his abode is Hell-Prison.

[Exactly same information in same words 2:126;3:162;9:73;22:72;57:15;64:10;66:09;67:06]o

 and it is an evil abode/destination to land in. [8:16]

[reverting to the war episode-8:12] Hence it were not you people who caused their killing but rather Allah killed them.

And You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] did not threw/hurl when apparently you hurled but in fact Allah hurled. [All acts are performed by our hands by coordinated acts of hundreds of thousands of cells in accordance with the built in system devised and designed by Allah. We only decide/take a decision/will and rest is automatically done-we even not conscious how it operated]

and so that He may expose the believers from that/victory with a pleasant trial.

[Same information in same words in 2:181;49:01]o

 Indeed Allah is eternally The Listener, The Knowledgeable. [8:17]

That eventuality, and indeed Allah is the One Who weakens the plan of disbelievers. [8:18]

[Read with 48:01]

[let it be made clear to them] "if you people wish a decision then indeed the decision has since become apparent to you people.

And if you desist then resultantly it will be better for you people,

and if you wish to again turn [to war] we will have to return and never will your troops avert/avail anything to you notwithstanding large numbers


since Allah is indeed with the believers" [8:19]