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        Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.    


Verb: Perfect; First person; singular; active + Attached Pronoun: Second Person; Plural; masculine. Root: خ ل ق











































"The most lethal weapon"









































And indeed We have created you the living people [from one person], afterwards We shaped you people;

[Similar information in 2:34;17:61;18:50;20:116]

afterwards the preening/shaping, We had said for [to] the Angels "You show obeisance for Adam" [when he takes final shape after preening of his mould and gets created-15:29;38:72]

[Same information in same words in 2:34;17:61;18:50;20:116; similar 15:30;38:73]

thereupon in compliance thereof they showed obeisance, but Ieblees [in response to the command given to him separately demurred];

he was not amongst those who humbled. [7:11]

[Similar questioning in 15:32;38:75]

Allah said, "What hampered you that you should not humble/show obeisance when for it I had commanded you, Iblees?"

[Verse 38:76 comprises of this statement]

He replied ,"I am better than him. You created me from fire and You created him from clay" [7:12]

He said, "Then get down from it for the reason that it is not appropriate for you to be proud therein. Therefore you get out, indeed you are amongst the abased, the contemptible" [7:13]

Iblees requested,  "You give me respite up till the Day they will be Revived/Resurrected" [7:14]

Allah said, "Indeed you are from the ones given respite [until the Day of an appointed Time" [7:15]

Iblees boasted, "For the reason that because of him/human being, You have condemned and ruined me, certainly I will sit in ambush for them on the Path of You that keeps leading safely and straight to the destination of peace and tranquility" [7:16]

Afterwards indeed I will come emphatically to them [bring conjectural fascinating myths] from their front [contemporaries] and from their behind/past [period/generations] and from their right side and left side


and You will not find most of them as grateful/acknowledgers [of Your bestowing upon them the greatness]. [7:17] [let us be not like majority and say الحمد لله]

Allah commanded, "You get out from here as a disgraced and expelled one.

[Similar pronouncement in 17:63; 38:85]o

[It is My promise] Certainly/take note whoever from amongst them physically follows you/your footsteps indeed I will fill the Hell with you people [you and your followers] all collected together". [7:18]

[Similar permission in 2:35]

And [We said] "O Adam, stay you and your wife as guest in the Garden, and you both eat from wherever you wish and like,

[Exactly same direction in same words in 2:35]o


 however you both don't go near this female tree/taste its fruit, otherwise you would become from those who interrupt/use things without right/permission" [7:19]

Purposely, Shai'taan [Iblees] subtly relayed, for both of them, fascinating inspiration, so that he may cause to become visible, for both of them, that of their bodies which was in hidden condition for each other. [how he relayed the fascinating thought?] he said to them, " The Sustainer Lord of both of you has not forbidden both of you from this female [fruit bearing] tree except for the reason that  you both might not become governors/rulers/sovereigns or that you two might become as immortals/people of permanence" [7:20]

And he swore to both of them saying, "Indeed/believe me I am for both of you certainly a sincere advisor." [7:21]

Thereat/resultantly/this is how by deceit making himself nearer to them he made both of them victim/fall/inclined to act to achieve his purpose.

[Similar information in 20:121]

Thereat/because of delusion when both tasted the fruit of that female tree, their bodies became naked for each other.

[Same information in same words in 20:121]

[Suffering this trauma they instantly came out of the fascinating trance] And they both hastened to cover/hide themselves with the leaves of the garden [to return to original state/condition of covered bodies with dress-Let us pay respects to the first couple-our original father and mother for their personal reaction for chastity and dignity and having taken at their own the first step of returning to the point from where erred.]

And the Sustainer Lord of both two called both two of them, "Did I not restrain both two of you from this particular tree


and had given warning to both you two that indeed Shaitan is for you both openly declaring enemy? [7:22]

They both two humbly stated, "Our Sustainer Lord; we have wronged ourselves and if You do not forgive and excuse us and You bestow not mercy upon us indeed we will be amongst the losers" [7:23]

He said, "You go down,

[Same information in same words in 2:36;20:123]

 (even there) some of you will be enemy for some others;

[Same information in same words in 2:36]o

 and for you people the dwelling-place and your means of livelihood is in the Earth up to an appointed time". [7:24]  [Read in conjunction 2:36-38;20:123]

He [further] told, "In the Earth you people will live and in it you people will die and from it you people will be taken/brought out [revived to life]" [7:25] [Read with 30:25]