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         Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.    [ Note: It should be remembered that it is not the written text/part/Ayah of this  سُورة  [Chapter 5] and hence it is never numbered.  For convenience of those readers who are already believers, this is traditionally printed since it is commanded in the Qur'aan to read/recite with the Name of Sustainer Lord, The Creator.






































































































































O, those/you who consciously proclaim to have accepted/become believers, listen

[Also read 6:152; 16:91;17:34]

You people should fulfill/discharge your promises/ commitments/ undertakings/responsibility/ obligations/debts/agreements

[Similar information in 22:28,30;34]

For you people such herbivorous mammals have been made permissible/lawful who are .[Its Root is "ب  ه  م". Basic perception infolded in it is of something dubious, confused or vague or indefinite speech or language; a rock or great mass of stone, solid not hollow. With reference to herbivorous mammals it would then mean stout bodied with vague/indefinite speech/voice. These are those mammals who make the half-nasal, half-throaty noise. A pig whose family is not meant for human beings and has specifically and distinctly declared as unlawful also has a voice called Grunt: half-nasal, half-throaty noise that a pig makes. The Grand Qur'aan, while giving the Classification of Animals, has defined and given distinction of as herbivorous mammals-10:24;20:53-54; 32:27;79:31,33;80:31-32- It has conspicuously been explained that are those who eat the produce of earth of various kind, the herbivorous mammals. The herbivores range from insects (such as aphids) to large mammals (such as elephants), but the term is most often applied to ungulates, or hoofed mammals. Notwithstanding that there are numerous animals who survive on plants, the produce of earth as their food/diet but the term , herbivores is even today applied only to those milk-giving Mammals who are even-toed ungulates and in present day classification they are categorized as Artiodactyls. The ground reality is that there are nine families of such mammals but Allah informed that for you people, the humans are sent eight families-39:06, the ninth family is that of Pig, not for us. are further classified as for for eating and using for carriage of loads 6:142;16:05,07,08;36:72;40:79. For eating are those who produce abundant milk for humans in excess of off-spring need-16:66;23:21;36:73]  

[Same exception in 22:30]

except those which are stated/read/told to you [declared non permissible for eating]

which are other than those of game when you are on pilgrimage.

Indeed Allah commands/decrees as law whatever He wills. [5:01]

O, those/you who consciously proclaim to have accepted/become believers, listen

 You people do not liquefy/untie/disrespect the symbolic emblems of Allah

nor the sanctity of the sacred month

nor the offerings nor the garlanded sacrificial animals

nor those who visit the House of Sanctity seeking Grace and appreciation from their Sustainer Lord.

And when you are free from the pilgrimage restraints/bindings then you hunt for game.

[Read with 5:08]

And nor let the ill feeling overpower you that you people may over step against a people for the reason that they stopped you to visit the Sacred Mosque. [اللہ اکبر-اللہ اکبر]

And cooperate and facilitate in matters of righteousness/commodiousness/helping and accommodating people and in acts of enlightenment for becoming cautious, heedful and avoid unrestrained conduct.

But you people do not participate/collaborate in dilapidating acts/sinful activities and digressions/injustices/excesses.

[Same pronouncement in same words in 59:07]

and you people consciously incline yourselves to remain mindful, cautious avoiding unrestrained conduct in reverence and and fear of Allah.

[Same pronouncement in same words in 59:07]

Indeed Allah is severe in awarding punishment/takes the matter to its logical conclusion.

[Similar prohibition in 2:173;6:145:16:115]

It has indeed been forbidden for you people the dead mammal [who has died a natural death], and the [flowing liquid] blood, and the meat of swine/pig flesh,

[Exactly same words in 16:115,similar injunction 6:145; with placed earlier 2:173]

and the mammal which has been slaughtered in the name/pronouncing someone other than Allah and associating with Allah someone else also. [There is yet another possibility; a mammal could be slaughtered without taking name of anyone including Allah on it; say slaughtered by an atheist. Such mammal is also prohibited since it takes the man away from association with Allah-6:121]

and the strangled, and the one succumbed to injuries, and the one died by falling and the one gored to death, and that mangled by animal of prey save that you timely slaughtered it

and the mammal slaughtered upon [stationary] idols. And it is forbidden for you that you people apportion matters/seek judgments with featherless arrows [instead of using intellect/thought process]

[Explained/defined in 6:145 through Messenger]

This is for you people equivalent to getting out of the bounds/restraints imposed by Allah. [It is equivalent to denounce allegiance to Allah]


Therefore you people should not care for them, and instead be careful/mindful of Me.




[Read in conjunction with 2:173;6:145;16:115]

 For desperate reason of quiver/shudder because of extreme hunger one will not be held guilty of sin for eating any of the forbidden things provided he had no urge and liking for that, and he does not transgress the limit of relieving the state of quiver/shudder from hunger,

[Same information in same words 2:226;3:89;16:115;24:05;58:12;64:14]

since Allah is indeed Oft-forgiving/overlooking, the Merciful.  [5:03]

They ask you, the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] what was/has been made permissible for them?

[Read 2:57,168,172;4:160]

You tell them, "For you people the nutrient, nourishing things "tayyi'baate" were/have been made permissible/lawful;

and what the hunting animals catch in the manner you have taught and trained them in accordance with the knowledge bestowed by Allah to you, 

therefore you eat what they have held for you and pronounce/call the name of Allah upon the hunted mammal for slaughter.

[Replica 5:07,08,11;8:69;49:01,12;59:18]

 and you people consciously incline yourselves to remain mindful, cautious avoiding unrestrained conduct in reverence and and fear of Allah.

[Same information exactly in same words in 3:199;14:51;40:17;similar  2:202;3:19;13:41;24:39]

  Allah is indeed swift in accounting/measuring/judging/evaluating/reckoning. [5:04]

[As has been told to you through the Messenger] Today for you all people the nutrient, nourishing things "tayyi'baate" have been made permissible/lawful;

and the [tayyub] prandial of those whom Book was given earlier also are permissible for you people, the believers, and your prandial is permissible for them.

Moreover, the women enjoying protection of their families, from amongst the believing ones become permissible for you [for Nikah]

and also the women enjoying protection of their families, from amongst the people whom Book was given in times before it was given to you;


And whoever refuses to accept [these restraints/injunction]/apostatizes then indeed his act has gone fruitless/wasted/weightless,

[Same information in same words in 3:85]

and that person shall be amongst the losers in the Hereafter. [5:05]

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