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Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.

2:142 Detailed Analysis

[These directions, East and West are Qib'laa'tae of  Nisara and Jews; in Madina Munawwara East and West has nothing to do with Kaa'aba and Aaq'saa/Bait Muq'aduss, since they are respectively in North and South of Mad'ina]





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2:145 Detailed Analysis

[in------ means "each and every" if it is followed by a singular indefinite noun. If the singular noun is definite,  would mean "all/whole". If it is used after a noun, then it should carry its corresponding pronoun suffix and its function becomes emphatic. Here it, thus, includes calling back of the dead as alive say Easa alai'his'slaam, yet Jews and Christians will never adopt Ka'aba. Though disappointing but this is the authentic news given by Allah.]


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[one can exit from Ka'aba, around which is Sacred Mosque, in 360 directions]

 [is used only in address to the Messenger, it happens after one has entered and is stationed at a place. Before having control over Ka'aba and Sacred Mosque, this advice emphatically confirmed to the Messenger the promise of giving him the guardianship of his Qib'laa'tan 2:144]


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The known fools/Muna'afiqeen [Muna'afiqeen have been declared in 2:13] from amongst the people [frame of reference, at the time of revelation the first were from amongst Jews-see 2:14] will enquire/keep conversing amongst themselves; "What is that which has caused them turn away from their Qib'laa'tae, the one [East or West] upon which they henceforth remained adhered?"

You the Messenger Muhammad [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce [for information of new comers in Islam from the people of Book]; "The East and the West are the domain for Allah

Recurrence: (1)2:142(2)2:213(3)10:25(4)24:46=4

  He guides whom He wills/who wish to be guided upon the Way/Path that keeps heading safely and straight to the destination of peace and tranquility". [2:142]

And understand that this is how [by declaring Kaa'aba as the qib'laa'taa for everyone, reviving its original position of having been raised for entire humanity] We have made [taken out for humanity 3:110] you people a justly balanced moderate community [always on the middle line, no extremities]

 for the purpose that you people may attain the position of witnesses over the people of society, and the Messenger [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam, embodiment of mercy] may be the witness over you.

And [let Me tell you the Messenger] We have not appointed/declared that Qib'laa'taa for everyone, upon which you ever were,  except only to expose/differentiate/known to people, the one who [from the new comers in Islam from people of Book] consciously and heartily keeps following the Messenger, from the one who purposely at his own will turns away upon his heels/declaration of acceptance.

And know that this declaration of Messenger's Qib'laa'taa as the Qib'laa'taa was indeed heavy/momentous for people [of Book who quite for long kept East and West as their respective Qib'laa'taa] except for those whom Allah had guided. And know that never would Allah intend to make your belief of no effect.

[Recurrence: (1)2:143(2)22:65=2]

  It is a fact that Allah is to all people most surely full of kindness, the Most Merciful. [2:143]

We are indeed continuously seeing, [O you the Messenger] the frequent turning of your face into the Sky. [We know your feelings] For this reason We swear/assure you that certainly We will give you the guardianship of the Qib'laa'tan; that will make you persistently pleased. Therefore [relax, since you know Our promise gets executed and] cause your face to confront/face to face the Sacred Mosque so long when you are out/away from it.


 And, wherever you people [who have believed] have been, for reason you cause your faces to confront/face to face towards that Mosque, when you are out/away from it.

And it is fact that those people whom  Book was given earlier indeed know very well that this [promise of giving guardianship in the Grand Qur'aan] is a matter of fact from their Sustainer Lord. And beware, Allah is never unmindful about that which acts they people are/keep doing. [2:144]

[what to say of one evidence/sign of acquiring control of Ka'aba] And be sure that supposedly if you, Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam, had brought, to those people who were earlier given the Book, each and every individual evidential sign/unprecedented occurrence, even then they would not have followed in action your Qib'laa'taa [Ka'aba];

And you will never be the follower of their Qib'laa'taa [to make them pleased with you, refer 2:120 and because it is stupidity to deviate from the prescribed procedure of Iebra'heim alai'his'slaam 2:130]. And neither they, the two segments of People of Book, will ever be practical followers of Qib'laa'taa of each other [East and West; since both have own objective-desire of separate identity 2:148];

   [therefore you reiterate as told earlier in 2:120 to each one] "and be mindful that, if supposedly you inclined yourself to act/pursue upon their conjectures/desires/wishes, after that One [Qur'aan] which has brought to you facts of the concrete knowledge, then in that case/at that point in time, you will certainly be considered from amongst the distorters". [2:145]


Those whom We had earlier given the Book, they recognize him [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] in the manner as they conveniently recognize their sons [for reason of having found written and described in black and white about him in Tor'aat and the In'jeel-7:157].

  And it is a fact that a group/elite-clergy belonging to them/the people of Book certainly and persistently conceals/withholds from narrating the fact, and they do it deliberately since they know/understand it. [2:146]

This Statement of Established/indisputable Proven Fact [Grand Qur'aan] is from your Sustainer Lord. [People of the Book do recognize and know it to have been sent by your Sustainer Lord] Therefore you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] should not henceforth be amongst the worrywarts [for such people of Book]. [2:147]

[since]/And notice that a point of interest/goal/objective is the hallmark for each and every one/group. He is the one who focuses/diverts his affiliation towards that. Therefore [leave them engaged in their diversions] you people consciously incline yourselves to hasten strive in doing the best things.

  Notwithstanding, wherever you people may have located yourselves, Allah will bring you all collectively [to accountability-justice].  Indeed Allah has absolute command and control over each and every thing. [2:148]

And [O you the Messenger; on acquiring control of Ka'aba] from whatever direction you left the Sacred Mosque, thereafter for reason of being outside//distant from it, cause your face to confront/face to face the Sacred Mosque   And this [Grand Qur'aan, news of giving you the control of Ka'aba] is undoubtedly the certain truth/fact from your Sustainer Lord.

[Recurrence: (1)2:74(2)2:85(3)2:140(4)2:149(5)3:99=5]

  And you people be mindful that Allah is never unmindful of that which acts you keep performing.  [2:149]

And [O you the Messenger; on acquiring control of Ka'aba] from whatever direction you left the Sacred Mosque, thereafter for reason of being outside//distant from it, cause your face to confront/face to face the Sacred Mosque;


and you the believers also whatever direction you leave the place, thereafter for reason of being outside/away, you turn yourselves face to face the Sacred Mosque;

so that argument/counter reason/accusation may not lie for the people [of Book who sanctify direction of East and West] against you people, [regarding considering turning of face towards particular direction as virtue like them, believers confront all 360 directions] except from amongst them those who slander/irrationally conduct with distortions.

    Therefore, if they slander/irrationally conduct/argue on this issue, thereat you people should not care for them, and instead be careful/mindful of Me. And so that I may conclude My Favour/Grace upon you people, and whereby on completion of My Favour you people may consciously and heartily guide yourselves [by getting complete Grand Qur'aan and completely knowing the practical method, conduct, procedure, way of life leading to destination] [2:150]

[conclude My Favour/Grace/boon] Like that obliging beneficence that We have since sent/appointed-declared among you as the Messenger who was perpetually and persistently a believer-Muslim from amongst you. He keeps reciting, word by word/syllable by syllable for you people, Our Aa'ya'at/verbal statements conveying information, facts,

 and thus uplifts/sanctifies/elevates you [by removing shackles of all conjectural myths/belief] and educates/instructs/teaches you people [all Aa'ya'at comprising] the Book and [thus revealing the knowledge about invisible] wisdom/the invisible information/data [contained in Aa'ya'at].

 And he tells you the knowledge/information/data which hitherto you did not have [for lack of Book]. [2:151]

Therefore you people remember and keep mentioning Me, I will take care of you people. And express thanks/gratitude for My favours. And be mindful that you people should not deny/hide My favours/grace. [2:152]

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