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Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.

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[let the People of Book, be informed] The Virtue-Magnanimous Conduct is not that you people should turnabout your faces/selves for confronting the East and the West,

 and mind it that in fact the Virtue-Magnanimous Conduct is of that person who [from amongst you] consciously and heartily believed in Allah, and the Last Day, and the Angels, and the Book [one peculiar Book, Qur'aan], and the Chosen & Elevated Allegiants of Allah;

and he spent/donated wealth, for the sake of attaining approval and appreciation of Allah, to the near relatives, and the orphans, and the destitute, and the wayfarer, and those who seek help, and to get freedom-remission for the slaves/prisoners;

and he consciously maintained Ass-Sa'laat and paid Az-Zakaa't; and they/such are the people who honour their pledge-committment when they have entered into a pledge;

and they remain coolly perseverant in financial crisis and adversity and in times of poverty/war.

   They are the people who have proved their word/declaration of belief [with their acts] as true; and they are the people who are truly cautious, heedful, and mindful avoiding unrestrained conduct. [2:177]

O those/you who consciously proclaim to have accepted/become believers, listen! The pursuit/tracing the murder to finality/the capital punishment has been decreed/made mandatory for you people/society [to bring the murderer to justice without favour and fear, society/state is made a party making crime of murder as crime against society],

 if the murderer is a self administering [free] man the same free man, and if the murderer is the Bondman [Serf]/Servant/Allegiant  the same Obligated person, and if the murderer is a woman the same woman shall face the punishment.

Thereby if some compromise of forgiveness/pardon is afforded for him by the heir of slain, then the same is to be followed/enforced in accordance with norms/common law set by/known in the society and payment/compensation is to be made to the heir in a proportioned/appropriate manner.

 This is an alleviation/facilitation from your Sustainer Lord and a latitude/mercy. Therefore after this injunction whoever deliberately transgressed [took the law in his own hands] then for this reason a severe/grave punishment is in wait/prepared for him. [2:178]


            And mind it that life is secured for you people/society in the decree/prescribing of capital  punishment [in the crime of murder], O you the men of wisdom who look into matters objectively, so that you people may remain cautious, heedful and mindful avoiding emotionalism [in matter of dignity and sanctity of human life] [2:179]

It has been prescribed/written down/decreed upon you that when natural death approaches anyone of you people it is better for him to make a bequest orally, in case he is leaving behind worldly wealth, in favour of the parents and the near ones in accordance with the well known norms of society.

This is mandatory/incumbent upon the ones who are cautious, heedful and mindful. [2:180]

If anyone changes/modifies the bequest after having heard that, thereby for this replacement the guilt of that shall certainly be upon those who make the change/substitution. It is a fact that Allah is eternally The Listener, The All-Knowledgeable. [2:181]

For reason of one apprehending inclination or evident injustice by a testator, thereby if he struck a correction amongst them, the beneficiaries and affected party, for that reason there will be no blame of any sort upon him [since it is not substitution of the Will]. It is a fact that Allah is oft The Forgiving/Overlooking, The Merciful. [2:182]

O those/you who consciously proclaim to have accepted/become believers, listen! the Fasting has been made obligatory/decreed upon you people like that it was decreed upon those people who found it prior to you,

so that you people may consciously incline yourselves to remain cautious, mindful guarding against unrestrained conduct, in reverence and fear. [2:183]

The Fasting is for fixed/counted number of days [referring to day and night-29 or 30 of the lunar month]. However, for reason should someone amongst you people be suffering from disease or be in a state of journeying then the count for adjourned is upon him for completion during later/other days [of an other month].

And mind it that compensatory feeding a destitute is incumbent upon those who have the strength to bear that- the disease or journey [journeying towards north will rather shorten the Fasting time] for availing of exception.

Therefore whoever made himself accept/adopt a better course, thereat that is much benefiting for him.  And remember that if you people may observe fasting [instead of adjourning it in minor bearable disease or comfortable journey] it would be far better for you people, if you people have understood/comprehended it [the importance and exaltation of the Month of Fasting]. [2:184]

 The Month of Ramadan is the one during which the Qur'aan was compositely sent. It is a guide for the people; and distinct passages/Aaya'at from "Al-Huda'a"-the Guide and Al-Furqau'n-the Distinguisher-Discerner of right and left/truth from falsity/fact from conjecture-scum [Al-Qur'aan] were sent/communicated.

Therefore anyone from amongst you who finds/witnesses this month thereat he should observe it fasting.  And/however should someone amongst you people be suffering from disease or be in a state of journeying then the count for adjourned is upon him for completion during later/other days [of an other month].

Allah intends easiness for you people and He never intends difficulty/awkwardness for you people,

 and its purpose is that you may/should complete the count of fasting and that you may proclaim and praise the Greatness of Allah upon having guided you [by sending the Book] and so that you people may keep expressing gratitude. [2:185]

[Similar information in 11:61;34:50]

And when My servants ask you concerning Me, for reason [of omnipresence] I am indeed nearby;

I listen/respond/attend to the prayer/call of the suppliant when he calls on Me. Therefore they should transform themselves to remain persistently responsive for Me/to My call [Grand Qur'aan-8:24 since respond only those who listen attentively-6:36], and they should heartily have faith/trust in Me so that they could/may walk in the right way [become safe from being deceived with conjectural stories/myths and get life by responding to Qur'aan-8:24]. [2:186]

Sexually inciting preliminary activities aimed/directed towards your wives have been made permissible for you people during the night of the Fasting. They/wives are an apparel for you people and you are apparel for them [during the relationship conceals nakedness from vision of Angels and Jinns/Ieblees, since purpose of apparel is to conceal nudity]

Allah has known that [by self imposed/conceived restriction] you people kept lessening/suppressing the rights of your own selves, therefore He has paid attention upon you [to move you out from self assumed restrictions] and  has removed it away from you.

Therefore, [your holding back because of false/self assumed perception having been clarified] NOW have mutual intercourse with them in the nights of fasting and you people seek [the result of intercourse, not son or daughter but] that which Allah has written for you people;

and you people eat and drink till such point in time the white streak has become distinct/evident for you out of the blackish streak, from the part of the dawn;

hence afterwards observe/complete the fast progressing towards the night [sun set].

  And you people [on visiting home for attending to their needs] should not establish intimate matrimonial contact  [intercourse] with them during the period while you are devoting in reclusion in the Mosques. These are the limits/restrains/ demarcations prescribed by Allah; therefore, do not approach their boundaries [overstep/transgress-2:229].

This is how Allah makes His Aa'ya'at [verbal presentation of information, facts and knowledge] distinct/evident/distinguishing between two things/easy to comprehend for people  so that they may consciously keep themselves cautious, heedful and mindful [of instructions/guidance for all times/situations] and avoid unrestrained conduct. [2:187]

And you should not consume your property and wealth of each other with deception/scum/scam,

 and that with that usurped wealth you may allure the administrators of law and justice on your side so that a party may acquire from the wealth of other people illicitly while you know the actual fact. [2:188]

They ask you, the Messenger, regarding the recurring Crescent Moons. You tell them, "This phenomenon is for people to reckon/determine timings [period/calendar] and dates for Hajj".

And note that it was [merely a conjectural hearsay, and] never a virtue/commendable act that you enter the houses from their back, rather the Virtue/commendable act is of that one who remained cautious, heedful and mindful and avoided unrestrained conduct.

And you come to the homes through their doors/front entrances. And you people consciously incline yourselves to remain mindful and cautious avoiding unrestrained conduct in reverence and fear of Allah so that you people may attain/reap the fruit of perpetual success. [2:189]  


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