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Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.


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And remember when We obtained/prescribed the Covenant of the posterity of Iesraa'eel;

 that "You people will not submit in subservience/allegiance to anyone except exclusively to Allah; and will conduct with kindness with your parents and with kindred/family/clan/relationship of affinity, and orphans and those in need/destitute;

 and you must say for the people what is just/fair/truth;

And you people transform yourselves to remain steadfast in performing/organizing assembly/standing for As-sa'laat and you remain determined to give the Az-zakat [raiser/up lifter of personality]".

    Afterwards [a lapse of time], except a few among you, you people made yourselves turned back and knowingly avoided/neglected it. [2:83]

And remember when We obtained/prescribed the Covenant of you people

that "You will continue not to "shed blood"/distance/ill repute them by slander/false accusations of your own people and exile/banish them from your towns".

 Thereafter you solemnly ratified while you people were witness to this ratification of covenant/understanding [Social contract/Constitution for 12 tribes of Bani Iesra'eel. [2:84]

Afterwards the ratification of aforesaid covenant, you are such people who kill/slander-ill repute your people and cause a group amongst you people to exile from their towns/locations

by alleging upon them accusations of guilt and transgression.

And if they are brought to you as captives you voluntarily ransom them while their very exile had been made unlawful upon you.

Is it for reason that you accept some part of the Book and reject/deny some part of the Book?

Therefore the return/reward/punishment for anyone amongst you who does this act of accepting some and refusing some part of the Book shall be nothing except disgrace/ignominy in the life of this world;

and on the Day of Judgment such people shall be taken to the grievous torture/chastisement.

 And beware Allah is never unmindful about that which acts you people are/keep doing. [2:85]

[Reverting back from parenthetic] These are the people who have bartered/preferred the life of this world over the life of the Hereafter.  For this reason the torture/punishment shall not be lightened for them; [People keep talking conjectural myths of getting out of hell while news given by Allah is that  punishment will even not be lightened and there shall not be a moment of reprieve-Read in conjunction-2:162; 3:88; 16:85; 35:36;40:49 to get cautious] [The query in 39:19 leaves no room for anyone getting out of Hell once put in there]

and they all will never ever get help [from anyone who could help]. [2:86]


And most certainly We had given to Musa [alai'his'slaam] the Book,

 and We sent Messengers after him, one after the other in succession.

And We gave to Easa [alai'his'slaam], the son of  Maryam [Siddiqa], evident and distinct demonstrative Signs and strengthened/protected him through Angel Gibraa'iel [RoohulQudd's].

Is it not the fact that each and every time there came a Messenger with that [advice/command] which was not in consonance with/did not please-appease your desires/wishful thinking, you reflexively puffed up with arrogance and pride of grandeur and superiority

   whereby/thereat/for that reason you people had publicly contradicted a group of them, and you people keep ridiculing/insulting/defaming/slandering against another group of them. [2:87]

And they said to Messengers [whom they irritated], "Our hearts are wrapped with covering". No [there is no such physical wrapping on their hearts], the fact of the matter is that Allah has discarded them as condemned and cursed for reason of their refusal to accept; and resultantly/for this reason/perception/utterance little is that which they consciously accept/believe. [2:88]

And when the Book/Qur'aan from Allah came to them [through the Messenger] which is the Testifier/Affirmer/Certifier/Sanctifier for that which was already with them,

while before it they used to pray/aspire for comprehensive victory [on arrival of Nabiuemm'mi and Book] over those who had earlier refused to accept/believe;

thereat when that was brought/came to them which they recognized, they refused to accept him/that.

    As a sequel, the curse and condemnation of Allah is upon those who have deliberately/persistently refused. [2:89]

Petty is the understanding/reason, for which they have traded their own selves, in that they reject what Allah has sent

merely for reason of insolent envy/jealousy that Allah sends from His Grace upon the one He willed from amongst His servants.

 For this reason they have compounded upon themselves the liability to criminal cognizance/arrest by Allah. [The insolent envy/jealousy, shown by the people of Book and prominent elders of idolaters that Allah sent His Grace, the Qur'aan upon Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam reflecting his dignity, honour and unique individuality,  is replica of conduct of Ieblees who could not digest and absorb, because of self assumed perception of greatness, when Allah declared Adam as elevated, honoured and dignified deserving respect from all the created ones, and disobeyed the command questioning the dignified position granted to Adam-17:62, and thus became liable to criminal cognizance and was declared as condemned and discarded. And same is the end of these repeaters of same action of Ieblees]

 And humiliating punishment is in wait/prepared for those who deliberately/persistently refuse to accept. [2:90]

And when it was said for [to] them, "You people incline yourselves to believe/accept that, the revelation of which Allah has caused [Grand Qur'aan through the Messenger]";

they replied, "We keep believing in that which was sent to us". And besides that, they keep refusing to accept that which is sent afterwards [Grand Qur'aan];

and that Grand Qur'aan is the Statement of Fact and Absolute Reality,

 which is the Testifier/Affirmer/Certifier/Sanctifier of that which was with them.

You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] confront them, "Why then you people keep ridiculing/ insulting/slandering against the Chosen/Elevated Servants of Allah, of aforetimes, if truly you people have been believers [in what was sent to you earlier through them]?" [2:91]

And in the past Musa [علیہ السلام] had indeed come to you people with evident/distinct/unprecedented [miraculous] demonstrative Signs.

Yet after a lapse of time, in his absence, after he left [for forty nights] you people had consciously adopted the [hand made/sculpted] calf [as  iela'aha], and/while you were acting as unjust/wrong-doers/distorters of fact. [2:92]

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