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   Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.

[Recurrence: (1)2:40(2)2:47(3)2:122=3]

O you the posterity of Iesraa'eel! Recall the special favour which I had bestowed upon you people,

and you people incline your selves to fulfill/discharge your promise/commitment with Me, so that in return I should fulfill My word given to you people [since it was conditional/subject to first your discharging of obligation] and for Me exclusively, therefore/for reason, you people be fearful/mindful of Me.  [2:40]

[and are from Root "و ف ی". Perhaps this Root and words made from it are amongst the most debated and disputed ones. But the interesting fact is that the Grand Qur'aan has made the perception infolded in this Root abundantly evident and manifest at the very first place it has used it. عَهْدٍ is a promise/commitment/undertaking/responsibility/obligation uplifted by a person himself, it is a burden upon one till such time he puts it down/absolves himself by discharging his commitment/ promise undertaking/debt. Fulfilling the promise is segregating/separating/detaching the lifted burden from one's self. In Grand Qur'aan the words made from this Root are used 66 times. It is neither synonym nor synonymous to Root "م و ت" meaning "dead, death, matter void of life-the antonym of life". The result/out come of natural death and getting slain in the cause of Allah is that a person is segregated/separated apart from the company of other people since he is removed and placed into the grave, but both are not similar to each other; one is dead while the other is NOT dead, he is living as told by Allah [2:154;3:169] Who knows each and every thing  while we do not know many many things. The basic and most apparent perception and meanings infolded in the Root "و ف ی" is separation/segregation/alienation/to apart from the company, in whatever context it is used at all these 66 places-For discharge of promise/agreement/commitment/absolving of it 2:177;3:76; 5:01;6:152;7:37; 8:50;9:111;10:46;13:20;17:34;48:10;53:37]

[Similar invitation in 4:47]

And you people accept that (Grand Qur'aan) which I have since communicated, who/which certifies/sanctifies that which is with you people [from Tor'aat] and do not be the first one [amongst people of Book] to disregard that [Qur'aan];

and do not indulge in business with My Aaya'at {revealed verses; with conjectural stories suited to the desires of people} for a trifling price/gain. And be mindful/afraid of Me exclusively. [2:41]

And you people should not clothe/diffuse the Proven Truth [My Aaya'at, any Statement of Fact] with the falsehood/conjectural stories/scum; And you people should not withhold/conceal [from telling the common people] the Established Truth/Fact knowingly while/whereas you people know that. [2:42]

And you people transform yourselves to remain steadfast in performing/organizing assembly/standing for As-sa'laat and you yourselves determined to give the Az-zakat [raiser/up lifter of personality]; and you people bow down along with the company of those who bow down. [2:43]

Do you [the people of clergy/men of understanding] direct the common people to act with and restrict to good deeds and you keep forgetting it for yourselves though/while you are the people who read the Book?  Is it for the reason that you people do not reflect? [to notice this evident contradiction in your behaviour/conduct]? [2:44]

And you people consciously seek to uplift and become stable personality by remain steadfast and determined with coolly perseverance and by performing Ass-sa'laat; and it is a fact that it/As-Sa'laat is certainly burdensome upon people except upon those who are the humble-minded  [2:45]

who understand that they are those who will confront their Sustainer Lord since they will be taken towards Him for accountability. [2:46]

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