Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.

No of occurrences=57


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Ar'Reh'maan: Personal Name of Allah


1. Rules of Arabic language signify it only as Personal Name.

2. Surrender and allegiance is by the Title and/or Personal Name of Master-Lord; not by adjectival names.

    2.1 Subject [عَبْد plural عباد] is identified only by the Title-Allah and Personal Name-Ar'Reh'maan of his Lord.

3. Creator of a thing is identified and referred only by Title-Allah and Personal Name Ar'Reh'maan.

4. Prostration-obeisance is before and for the Person, and not for his traits.

5. One is mentioned by Title and Personal Name who adorns the Throne/Seat of Sovereignty and not by adjectival.

6. A person makes a promise. Promise-maker finds mention by his title or personal name.

7. An agreement, treaty, compact, pact of obligation is with reference to Title or Personal Name.

8. Fear is induced by a perceived threat from a specific stimulus-Being or a named object.

9. Mention of Permission, Authorization, and Proclamation is always by the Title or Name of the authority.

10. People relate a son [very as well adopted] with Personal Name of the one with whom they relate a son.


9. Mention of Permission, Authorization, and Proclamation is always by the Title or Name of the authority.


The grant of permission, authorization and a notification, proclamation is by a person in authority. The permission, authorization, notification and proclamation find mention in writing only by reference to the title or personal name of the concerned authority. In Grand Qur'aan for permission, authorization, approval, announcement, declaration, proclamation the words are from Root " أ ذ ن" like , .

With the explicit permission/consent/authorization of Allah, the Exalted.

except after that Allah may grant permission for the one whom He willed and whom He may approve

they will consciously restrain themselves from speaking except the one for whom Ar'Reh'maan granted the permission [Refer 78:38]

We will find, in this regard, mention of Allah and the Personal Name throughout the Qur'aan.

[O the Messenger Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] You pronounce that whoever has been an antagonist for Gib'rei'la for the reason that/since indeed he is the one who has gradually revealed that/Grand Qur'aan upon your heart, by the prior explicit Will of Allah;  [Refer 2:97]

And/but merely by attaining this knowledge they could certainly not become injurer for anyone except if Allah's prior consent/permission was also there. [Refer 2:102]

For reason, Allah guided those who, in disputed matters, accepted from the revealed fact with Allah's endorsement. [Refer 2:213]

And Allah [through His Aa'yaat} calls towards Paradise and for seeking the forgiveness, with His permission. [Refer 2:221]

Consequently, by Allah's grace, they routed the unbelievers, and Da'ued gave eliminating defeat to Jaloot;  [Refer 2:251]

Who is the one competent/legally qualified who could recommend/plead [for anyone] before Him except by His prior permission [first acquainting such chosen persons with the facts on record]? [Refer 2:255]

[Read 5:110]

that I cast/sculpt bird-like for/before you people from clay, then for reason of Allah's will on my blowing therein, it becomes living bird,  [Refer 3:49]

[Read with 5:110]

 and with Allah's will I heal those suffering from blindness and vitiligo and restore to life the naturally/clinically dead. [Refer 3:49]

And remember [at the time of natural death of your beloved lord and guide] that no person can die a natural death except with Allah's prior permission, on the appointed moment recorded in writing. [Refer 3:145]

And Allah did indeed fulfill His promise to you when you were overpowering and crushing them with Allah's approval [Refer 3:152]

And what you people suffered on the day the two armies had met, that was for reason of [your grave strategic omission] prior permission of Allah,  [Refer 3:166]

And We did not send a single Messenger except that indeed his word be accepted with the permission of Allah, [Refer 4:64]

and He moves them out of the depths of darkness into the visible light [with the Book/Grand Qur'aan since sent] with His permission/approval. [Refer 5:16]

[See 3:49]

and when you cast/sculpted from clay bird-like structure with My permission then you blew in it then for reason of My permission it became living bird,

[Read 3:49]

 and you with My permission/will healed those suffering from blindness and vitiligo and when you restored to life the naturally/clinically dead with My permission/will; [Refer 5:16]

And the piece of land which is [] dilated/free from straitness brings out its produce by the Will of its Sustainer Lord; [Refer 7:58]

And when your Sustainer Lord proclaimed that indeed He will, till the Day of Resurrection/Standing, keep reviving/sending upon them those who will afflict upon them severe punishment. [Refer 7:167]

and if there are such one hundred men in you they [should fight and] will overpower/dominate upon two thousand men with Allah's approval. [Refer 8:66]

And an open loud announcement, for general information from Allah and His Messenger [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam, should also be made], to the gathering of people on the Day of the Great Hajj [in these words] [Refer 9:03]

There is none from intercessor except after His explicit permission. [Refer 10:03]

You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] question them, "Have Allah granted permission for you people to make such declarations  [Refer 10:59]

And it is not possible for a person that he may proclaim belief except with the explicit permission of Allah [since He transmits the data from brain to chest to enable someone utter words]. [Refer 10:100]

The day that terminating point in time arrives no person will speak except with His prior permission, [Refer 11:105]

And it is certainly not for the Messenger that he may bring an unprecedented demonstrative sign except with the explicit permission of Allah.  [Refer 13:38]

 so that you may take out the people/the humanity from the layers of darkness into the visible light [that guarantees and sustains life] with the permission and approval of their Sustainer Lord [Refer 14:01]

And when your Sustainer Lord had proclaimed, [for Bani Iesraa'eel] "No doubt, if you people remained thankfully obliged, certainly I will, be assured, increase you,  [Refer14:07]

and it is not for us that we come to you evidently manifest/demonstrative authority/sign except with the explicit permission of Allah;  [Refer 14:11]

with the permission of their Sustainer Lord. [Refer 14:23]

it yields its fruit each and every time with the permission of its Sustainer Lord. [Refer 14:25]


The Day the intercession [recommendation/pleading] shall not benefit; except i.e. intercession will be accepted of the one for whom Ar'Reh'maan granted the permission and He has approved for him am oral statement. [Refer 20:109]

And He holds the Sky from falling on the Earth; [it cannot fall] except with His permission. [Refer22:65]

Inside the houses, Allah has commanded that therein His Name be elevated and mentioned, [Refer 24:36]


and as One who invites people towards Allah with His prior permission; and We have sent you [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] as a Figure of Unique Prominence reflecting entirely the Noor/Visible Light illuminating the whole Universe. [33:46] [Any Figure that totally reflects the Noor/Visible Light, scientifically speaking, cannot have its shadow]

And there were amongst the Jinn species who worked before him with the permission of his Sustainer Lord;[Refer 34:12]

[Same pronouncement in 20:109]

And nor the intercession [recommendation/pleading] shall be of any benefit before Him except for the one for whom He had given prior permission.  [Refer 34:23]

and amongst them is one who takes foremost lead in good deeds with the permission of Allah. [Refer 35:32]

And it has never been for a Messenger that he may bring a demonstrative unprecedented sign except with the prior permission of Allah. [Refer 40:78]

Or for them are the associates/partners who have ordained an ordinance for them from the Code of Conduct and Physical Procedure for which Allah has not granted the permission? [Refer 42:21]

or He may send a Messenger physically whereupon he/sent Messenger may verbally/orally communicate, with His/Allah prior permission, that [His Verbal Message-Parlance-Book] which He/Allah wished to communicate.  [Refer 42:51]

except after that Allah may grant permission for the one whom He willed and whom He may approve [Refer 53:26]

though he can never harm them even the least except with the prior tacit approval of Allah. [Refer 58:10]

"The irregularly behaving/spreading/developing trees which you had cut down out of the [inferior quality produce] date-palms or had left others standing on their roots it was for reason of being with the tacit leave of Allah, [the purpose to achieve was] [Refer 59:05]

[Read with 57:22]

No untoward incidence happened [in the Earth and to you] except with the prior approval of Allah. [Refer 64:11]

they will consciously restrain themselves from speaking except the one for whom Ar'Reh'maan granted the permission [Refer 78:38]

[Read with 44:04]

during that night, by the Will/permission of Allah, Angels and Gib'raa'eil cause themselves to come down intermittently [to the Sky of Earth for disclosure for implementation/execution], with command/ decision/decree on each and every matter/affair; [Refer 97:04]

The Qur'aan is a guide and admonisher. It has guided us through a different semantic field and context that is but the Personal Name of Allah, the Exalted.  الحمد لله


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