Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.

No of occurrences=57


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Ar'Reh'maan: Personal Name of Allah


1. Rules of Arabic language signify it only as Personal Name.

2. Surrender and allegiance is by the Title and/or Personal Name of Master-Lord; not by adjectival names.

    2.1 Subject [عَبْد plural عباد] is identified only by the Title-Allah and Personal Name-Ar'Reh'maan of his Lord.

3. Creator of a thing is identified and referred only by Title-Allah and Personal Name Ar'Reh'maan.

4. Prostration-obeisance is before and for the Person, and not for his traits.

5. One is mentioned by Title and Personal Name who adorns the Throne/Seat of Sovereignty and not by adjectival.

6. A person makes a promise. Promise-maker finds mention by his title or personal name.

7. An agreement, treaty, compact, pact of obligation is with reference to Title or Personal Name.

8. Fear is induced by a perceived threat from a specific stimulus-Being or a named object.

9. Mention of Permission, Authorization, and Proclamation is always by the Title or Name of the authority.

10. People relate a son [very as well adopted] with Personal Name of the one with whom they relate a son


7. An agreement, contract, covenant, pact is with reference to party's Title or Personal Name.

            A contract, bond, covenant, in legal parlance, creates an obligation binding upon the parties thereto. The essentials of a contract are the parties who have legal capacity to make a contract reflecting mutual assent. In general, contract may be oral or written. It is thus evident that the contracting parties shall find mention by respective Title or Personal Name. Its very nature prohibits that the reference of the parties shall not be by adjective/attributive names. In Arabic, the equivalent word is .

             The attributive names of Allah, the Exalted never find mention with reference to semantic field of this word denoting something enjoined, solemn pledge, contract, obligation, binding commitment, covenant. Its mention is in relation only to Proper Noun and the Name  .


They [ ] are those who, in time and space, keep breaking/distorting/absolving/disowning the Covenant of Allah after it had become firmly established and binding; [Refer 2:27]

and you people incline your selves to fulfill/discharge your promise/commitment with Me, so that in return I should fulfill My word given to you people [since it was conditional/subject to first your discharging of obligation] [Refer 2:40]

You question them "Have you people succeeded in taking/obtaining a promise from Allah in this regard? If that is the case then there is reason to believe since [We know] Allah will never do against His promise;  [Refer 2:80]

He/Allah answered: "But My Promise will not extend to the evil-doers [of your progeny]" [Refer 2:124]

[Read with 2:174]

Indeed those people who earn their livelihood/make it a profession/business with the promise of Allah [that they will distinctly explain His Aa'ya'at to people but they conceal with their conjectural stories/myths] and their own oaths, [Refer 3:77]

[With untrue and conjectural myths they ridicule and mock] Those who said: "Indeed Allah has taken our promise not to believe in the Messenger till such time he brings to us an offering which the fire may devour.'' [3:183]

[Also read 5:01;16:91;17:34]

and you people fulfill/discharge your promise/commitment made with Allah. [6:152]

[Read with 8:58]

It is a public proclamation, from Allah and His Messenger [Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] for communication to those from Worshipers of hand sculpted statues [polytheists] with whom you people, the believers had made mutual pact, to denounce the pact [for violation/betrayal by them]. [9:01]

And amongst them/deceptive false claimants of belief are also those who had promised with Allah that "if He gives them out of His Bounty indeed we will give gift contributions and certainly we will be amongst the perfectionists". [9:75]

They are the ones those who fulfill their promise with Allah and they do not break/distort/disown the Covenant [i.e. "We have heard and we have wholeheartedly accepted"];  [13:20]

[Except same in 2:27]

And those who break/distort/disown Allah's covenant after it had become binding; [13:25]

And you people fulfill/discharge your Promise/Covenant with Allah when you committed/undertook it ["We have listened and we have wholeheartedly accepted it-Grand Qur'aan"]; and you people should not break/distort/disown the oaths after its confirmation.  [16:91]

[Read with 2:41;5:44]

and you people [learned men/scholars/religious elite] should not indulge in business with Allah's Covenant [revealed verses; with conjectural stories suited to the desires of people] for a trifling price/gain. [16:95]

[why he is so sure] Has he peeped into the unseen or has he taken a promise from Ar'Reh'maan? [19:78]

None possess the authority for intercession except the one who has obtained a promise from Ar'Reh'maan. [19:87]

[Read with 8:15]

And certainly they were bound to Allah [command in 8:15] before this that they will not turn their backs [when they are to meet in hostility with non believers]

[Same pronouncement in 17:34]o

And the covenant/bond of Allah has always been subject to be questioned. [33:15]

From amongst the believers are men who exhibited/exposed/proved truthful to that which they had promised to Allah. [33:23]

had I not enjoined upon you people, O you the posterity of Adam, that you must not be allegiant to the Shai'taan; [36:60]

and whoever discharged that which Allah had covenanted upon him [48:10]

The Qur'aan is a guide and admonisher. It has guided us through a different semantic field and context that is but the Personal Name of Allah, the Exalted.  الحمد لله

 8. Fear is induced by a perceived threat from a specific stimulus-Being or a named object.             

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