Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.

No of occurrences=57


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Root "س ج د"











































































Ar'Reh'maan: Personal Name of Allah



1. Rules of Arabic language signify it only as Personal Name.

2. Surrender and allegiance is by the Title and/or Personal Name of Master-Lord; not by adjectival names.

    2.1 Subject [عَبْد plural عباد] is identified only by the Title-Allah and Personal Name-Ar'Reh'maan of his Lord.

3. Creator of a thing is identified and referred only by Title-Allah and Personal Name Ar'Reh'maan.

4. Prostration-obeisance is before and for the Person, and not for his traits.

5. One is mentioned by Title and Personal Name who adorns the Throne/Seat of Sovereignty and not by adjectival.

6. A person makes a promise. Promise-maker finds mention by his title or personal name.

7. An agreement, treaty, compact, pact of obligation is with reference to Title or Personal Name.

8. Fear is induced by a perceived threat from a specific stimulus-Being or a named object.

9. Mention of Permission, Authorization, and Proclamation is always by the Title or Name of the authority.

10. People relate a son [very as well adopted] with Personal Name of the one with whom they relate a son


4. Prostration-obeisance is before and for the Person, and not for his traits.


Have you not yet observed that Allah is the one for Whom prostrates.....

[فعل مضارع مرفوع بالضمة] Verb:  Imperfect; third person; singular; masculine; Mood: Indicative; Verbal noun  مصدر-سُجُودٌ . Its Root is "س ج د" and the basic perception infolded therein is that of an act of someone lowering his head before another one. This act signifies and demonstratively portrays/parallel his thought of surrender and submission reflecting acceptance of his comparable humble state and position as against the other. This gives us its initial perception and meanings as obeisance, homage, respectful gesture and behviour for/with someone else. At the very first instance of its use in Qur'aan, we get the perception and meanings of this Root:

Listen attentively; at the point in time when We had said for [to] the Angles, "You people pay obeisance for Adam" [not at Bashr/apparent structural stage but when Adam is created as being];

                 Moreover, it reflects acceptance of his limitations/limitedness as against the self-feel of grandeur and self-sufficiency. Since this is a physical act, therefore, the cause or the feel, which is its stimuli, can either be sincere, affectionate, reverence oriented, or distastefully coercive.

                 The sincere feel and passion paralleled by the physical gesture of body parts bowing reflects willful and affectionate acknowledgement of the love, greatness, grandeur and superiority of the one for or before whom one demonstrates it. The extreme gesture of such feel and passion is prostration, one lowering his face/chin down towards the Earth/floor and placing his forehead on ground. This is the expression of acceptance of absolute humility and surrender of one's will and freedom of choice. This is demonstration of reverence for the one for whom he went into prostration. The natural and logical effect of this demonstration is to get nearer and be focus of the attention of the one for whom he went into prostration. 

              A complete perusal of Grand Qur'aan reveals that Prostration is prescribed only by the Specific Name and  and not with reference to other adjectival/attributive names of beauty and excellence.


Be aware that whoever exists in the Skies and in the Earth, prostrates/desirous of nearness for Allah either in a state of willful and affectionate acceptance with reverence or unwillingly/under coercive circumstances; while their shadows prostrate in the mornings and in the evenings. [13:15] [Prostration Ayah; please prostrate-it gets man nearer to Allah-96:19]

Have they not yet seen [given a thought] towards that which Allah has created from matter/a thing?


Its shadows incline from the right and the left in the state of prostration [as looks a human being in prostration state] for Allah and they are submissive. [16:48]

Be aware that whoever exists in the Skies and whoever exists in the Earth, amongst the species of animal kingdom, they all keep prostrating exclusively for Allah. Moreover, the Angels keep prostrating for Allah. Be cognizant, they, the Angels never feel pride of grandeur. [16:49]

Have you not yet observed that Allah is the one for Whom prostrates [willingly or perforce/consciously or unconsciously] whoever exists is in the Skies and whoever exists on/in the Earth;

and the Sun and the Moon and the Stars; and the mountains, and the trees, and the creatures of animal kingdom;

and many from amongst the human beings prostrate; and many are human beings upon whom the punishment has become incumbent.


And whomever Allah declares degraded thereupon for him there is none from those who bestow dignity and honour. Indeed Allah is Innovative Performer of whatever He intends/desires/decides. [22:18] [please prostrate, it helps getting near to Allah]

And when it was said for [to] them, "you people prostrate for Ar'Reh'maan"


They [sarcastically] replied, "And what is Ar'Reh'maan; should we prostrate for that which you command us" And it increased their aversion. [25:60] [Please prostrate for Ar'Reh'maan, it will make you nearer to Him]

" I found her and her nation that they prostrate for the Sun, instead of Allah;


and  Shaitan has made their deeds/acts alluring for them thereby he stopped them from the Path and resultantly they are not guided [27:24]


since they do not prostrate for Allah".  Allah is the One Who brings to light/prominence that which is hidden in the Skies and the Earth; and He fully knows that which you people hide and that which you people reveal/say openly. [27:25]

And amongst His demonstrative/cognizable/recognition signs is the Night and the Day and the Sun and the Moon;

You people should not prostrate for the Sun and nor for the Moon,

[you the Messenger Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam direct humanity] "but you people do prostrate for Allah, the One Who has created all of them [Suns and Moons], if you people are exclusively subservient to Him". [41:37]

Therefore [in consequence to the information given-53:57] you people prostrate for Allah and you people become allegiants [before it is too late-Please prostrate; prostration will make you nearer to Him-96:19]. [53:62]

The Qur'aan has guided us from this angle too that is but the Personal Name of Allah, the Exalted.

 5. One is mentioned by Title and Personal Name who adorns the Throne/Seat of Sovereignty and not by adjectival. 

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