How Vital is the Wind in the scheme of things of created Realm? It might be realized by the fact that Five out of 114 Enclaves-Surat of Qur'aan are named after the Winds of various kinds.

1. Surat 37

2. Surat 51

3. Surat 77

4. Surat 79

5. Surat 100
















































































"The word 'derecho' was coined by Dr. Gustavus Hinrichs, a physics professor at the University of Iowa, in a paper published in the American Meteorological Journal in 1888."

Although a derecho can produce destruction similar to that of tornadoes, the damage typically is directed in one direction along a relatively straight swath. As a result, the term 'straight-line wind damage' sometimes is used to describe derecho damage. By definition, if the wind damage swath extends more than 240 miles ... and includes wind gusts of at least 58 mph ... or greater along most of its length, then the event may be classified as a derecho. "

Facts about DERECHOS







































** Straightline Wind
























Sub Classification of Winds in Grand Qur'aan


1-Creaking Cold Wind

2-The Storm of the known history-Super Derecho.


Winds are an element vital for human beings. denoting "the Winds", derived from Root "ر و ح". Its basic perception and usage in different semantic fields can be translated quite closely by English word "vitality" signifying abundant physical energy, the ability of something to live and grow, or to continue existence; and in philosophy to vital principle-the non material force that distinguishes the non living from the living.

We have earlier read the role played by Winds in relation to Clouds as detailed in Qur'aan. We will now study singular Wind , before reading other particularized winds described by Metaphors.

Winds are forerunner of glad news of expected Mercy; but there are Winds who play a dangerous as well fatal role. We will find the most dangerous Wind witnessed in human history.

  • [their wealth and progeny will be of no avail] The similarity-illustration of that which the Non-Believers spend in this worldly life is like a wind.

  • Creaking and cold effect is laden within that wind.

  • She descended upon cultivation of a people who did injustice to themselves.

  • Thereby, she totally destroyed the cultivation.

  • The fact is that Allah the Exalted did no injustice to them but in fact they kept doing injustice to their selves. [3:117]

Wind here is adjectively described by   an inverted Nominal Sentence . Noun/verbal Noun signifies creaking and chill factor in a thing. is a Prepositional Phrase relating to the elided Verb. Preposition denotes rest in a place, or during a time, and motion into a place. This signification is then transferred to the relation subsisting between any two things, the one of which is regarded as the place in which the other is, or happens, or into which it goes or is put. Its feminine object pronoun refers back to , a wind. Its effect on the cultivation was its total destruction.

The Storm of the known history-Super Derecho.

A'ad were a civilization puffed with pride of grandeur and superiority, and they boasted, "who-no one is stronger than us in power and might". They were people of worldly knowledge and technologically advanced nation. They met annihilation after facing humiliation merely by wind-a "Derecho".

  • Thereby, on their asking, We sent upon them creaking furious Wind in troubling hot days. [that blew for seven nights and eight days]

  • The object was that We might cause them taste corporal infliction with feel of belittlement and remorse in the worldly life [not early death by wind chill effect].

  • And it is a certain fact that the Corporal punishment in the Hereafter is much more of belittlement and remorse.

  • And they all will not be helped by anyone who could help. [41:16]

They had asked for it [7:70 and 46:22]. What was their observation, weather forecast when they observed this Corporal Inflicter [masculine object-] miles and miles away from their habitat?

  • Consequently when they had seen-observed, that-Corporal Inflicter which they had asked to be brought in, as horizontally expanding mass in appearance, moving straight confronting face to face their valleys.

  • They pronounced, "This is an expanding cloud, it-he will be pourer of rain for us".

  • They were contradicted, "No! it is not like that; in fact it is that which you people reflexively sought to be hastened. A wind. A severe infliction is laden within it" [46:24]

  • She will continue forcefully entering and destroying each and all things by the Command of her Sustainer Lord". [Ref 46:25]

The succinctness and superb choice of words in Qur'aan render it a Verbal Documentary-as if we are watching a video of past events. This verbal depiction is making us watch unprecedented "Derecho" of known human history. They observed it as , masculine active Participle,  circumstance clause for object pronoun of preceding Verb, denoting a mass-object that is wide spreading. Its adjective description is by -two possessive phrases. is masculine active participle, denoting one who was straight heading confronting face to face their Valleys.

A "Derecho" [Spanish word for "straight"] is a widespread [-Active participle-wide spreading], long-lived, straight-line windstorm [ Active Participle-one who moves straight confronting face to face another object].

Having seen a distant wide spreading mass heading towards their valleys, they took it as a wide spreading cloud and said, "It is a wide spreading cloud". And, being in grip of disturbing hot days, wishfully declared it as "it is one who will shower rain upon us".

They were warned by the Elevated Messenger [Hud alai'his'slaam] of Allah the Exalted  that their observation and forecast was absolutely incorrect, and informed that it was actually the Corporal Inflicter which they sought to be hastened. They were told that Wind, laden with severe corporal Inflicter, which will forcefully enter destroying everything. The Elevated Messenger along with the Believers were rescued before it reached the Valleys of A'ad [ref 7:72]. Thereafter, that civilization was made an example for later civilizations to take lesson.

  • And there is a lesson in the episode of A'ad civilization when We had sent upon them the devastating Wind-void of blessing and productivity. [51:41]

  • Circumstantially she was sparing not at all a thing upon which came in its way except that it made that thing like disintegrated ruins. [51:42]

  • It is a fact that We sent upon them furiously creaking wind in a troubling hot day, self stretching persistently; [54:19]

  • She was plucking and displacing people of A'ad as if they were stems of palm-trees plucked and displaced from root depth. [54:20]

Verb: Imperfect; Third person; singular; feminine; Mood: Indicative; Subject pronoun hidden; مصدر-نَزْعٌ Verbal noun  The basic perception infolded in Verbal Noun and its Root is to draw, pull, pluck, remove, tear or strip off something from the abode or bottom and separate and displace it away from its earlier location-place-attachment. Its object were the People of A'ad.

Peculiarities of a Derecho include that it is "long-lived". Though it is evident in preceding information that Super Derecho that overtook people of A'ad was long-lived, how long it lived is specifically mentioned and the resultant devastation.

  • And as for A'ad civilization is concerned; they were consequentially annihilated with a creaking furious wind, exorbitantly immoderate.

  • It-Expanding cloud [] imposed her-Wind upon them for seven nights and eight days consecutively for the purpose of annihilating them entirely. [69:06]

  • Thereby, you would have seen the Nation of A'ad thrown on ground like as if they were stems of palm-trees tumbledown.  [69:07]

  • Resultantly, do you see any one as remaining trace of them? [69:08]

After having seen the unprecedented Derecho in recorded historical account in Grand Qur'aan through picturesquely portraying verbal passages, please study about this phenomenon, and have a glimpse of a much minor Derecho in this photograph:

Gust front "shelf cloud" (or "arcus") on the leading edge of a derecho-producing convective system. The photo was taken on the evening of July 10, 2008 in Hampshire, Illinois as the storm neared the Chicago metropolitan area. The derecho had formed around noon in southern Minnesota. (Courtesy of Brittney Misialek) [credit **]

The peculiarity of the Wind that annihilated A'ad was "She was plucking and displacing people of A'ad"

Verb: Imperfect; Third person; singular; feminine; Mood: Indicative; Subject pronoun hidden; مصدر-نَزْعٌ Verbal noun  The basic perception infolded in Verbal Noun and its Root is to draw, pull, pluck, remove, tear or strip off something from the abode or bottom and separate and displace it away from its earlier location-place-attachment. Its object were the People of A'ad. The feminine doer of this Verb in plural is "those feminine who pluck and displace". How they act, and perform is picturesquely portrayed in sub-Part 79 of Qur'aan in these words:

  • And swearing is by those [feminine active participles]-winds who fiercely uproot-pluck-pull and displace things, in the manner of reaching and plucking from its extreme depth, [79:01]

  • And these-[feminine active participles]-winds are movers from place to place, in the manner of excited and getting in motion by breaking away from the bonds-ties, [79:02]

  • And these-[feminine active participles]-winds are rushers, in the manner of swimming forward with force-effort; [79:03]

  • Thereat, they-[feminine active participles] winds are racers in the manner of racing to take lead. [79:04]

  • Whereat, reaching to the appointed destination, they-feminine active participles-winds are the executors of command [of uprooting-plucking away-annihilation]. [79:05]

After having seen the unprecedented "Derecho" in Verbal Passages of Qur'aan, would someone still think that Qur'aan is trapped in the settings of 7th century Mecca and Madina, or in that which some people think "religious rituals"? Would you not agree with me that it is a Living Book in timeline? Watch the straight-line wind and listen what they are reciting to you:

  • And swearing is by those who line up straight, in the manner of long line; [37:01]

  • thereupon, on approaching they are the restrainers with loud roaring sound-calls; [37:02]

  • thereby they act as the Reciter, in the manner of repeating message-reminding; [37:03]

is the Active participle:: Definite; feminine; plural; genitive. This signifies those feminine who line up straight in a row. is a Verbal Noun of the Active Participles; it is accusative Cognate Adverb, which signifies the manner, multitude and extension in which the action takes place. Today, we know that straight-line Wind-Derecho is at least 240 miles long**. Thereat, when they approach some people, they become -plural feminine Active Participle, which denotes those who restrain-forbid with a cry or rough speech. After having done this, they become Conjunction particleفَ  Cause and effect indicative + Active participle:: Definite; feminine; plural; genitive. This is from Root "ت ل و " which signifies to recite in regular flow-pattern. Active Participle denotes those feminine who recite. Cognate Adverb a Verbal Noun signifies repeating-narrating the message, reminding others. What they repetitively remind people:

  • "the fact is that the Iela'aha of you people is certainly the One and Alone". [37:04]


Warning for Superpower-especially for the hawks of USA

A'ad were a nation puffed with self pride of grandeur and superiority in the world of those days. They boasted of their power in an unqualified manner as if there was none in the Universe stronger and mightier than them.

  • And as for A'ad are concerned,  they for reason made their selves obsessed-puffed with pride of grandeur and superiority in the World, without justifiable cause and reason.

  • And they boasted, "who is stronger than us in power and might?".

  • Why could they not see-given a thought before uttering it that Allah the Exalted, Who had created them, is far more powerful than them in strength and might.

  • Moreover, they deliberately refuted publicly acknowledging Our Verbal communications sent through the Messengers. [41:15]

This boast made them face the unprecedented aforementioned humiliation.



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