Beginning is with Allah's personal name Ar'Reh'maan Who is The Fountain of Infinite Mercy.



Root: ع ص ر























































 Fluffy, filled with liquid feminine active participles-Vertically Heaped-Mountains like.

 Cumulonimbus Clouds

In Grand Qur'aan

The description of these peculiar Clouds in not only picturesque but also like verbally relaying the video clips about them.

Moreover, We caused the descent of heavy rain/water of a convective/flash flooding nature from a part of the location-downdraft area of the Fluffy, filled with liquid Clouds [Cumulonimbus], [78:14] so that We might cause the growth/exit/sprouting/germination of plant family/crops of  grains [Family: grasses-monocotyledon] and foliage/plants of all sorts, [78:15] and moreover dense forests/gardens with this flash-flooding water/rain. [78:16]

This Ayah/Unitary Verbal passage of Grand Qur'aan begins with [wāw], the Appositive/Conjunction particle, linking the discourse. is Verb: Perfect; First Person; Plural/Sovereign Singular; Masculine; [Form IV]; Suffixed Subject pronoun, in nominative state, referring to Allah, the Exalted; مصدر-اِنْزَالٌ Verbal noun. The perception and meanings infolded in this Verbal Noun is the act of causing the descent of something all at once, if it is a compact/solid/compounded/bound unit, or as a mass-transfer in one span of running time. This verb/verbal noun is not used to refer to descent of something in piecemeal,  in different and various intervals of time. It refers only to causing flash-descent of something from high-up downwards.

This is an Adjectival Phrase. is the Direct Object of preceding Verb. Water was caused flash-descent, descent in one go in continuous singular time duration without intervening interval-mass-transfer in one go. is the adjectival portrayal of that water. It is hyperbolic participle. This is a noun that indicates excess in the meaning of the verbal noun; it denotes the one that enacts the base meaning exaggeratedly/excessively/intensively. The hyperbolic participle is that noun derived from a Verbal Noun  which is used to indicate upon the one who has/is/will enact the meaning expressed by the root letters to a very high degree or to a very large extent. This hyperbolic participle used as adjective for water shows for our vision that water, which was caused flash-descent, is heavy, intensive, voluminous, flooding type rain.

The source of flash-descent of heavy, intensive, voluminous, flooding type water is indicated . This is a Prepositional Phrase. The Preposition means descent from a part of the location-downdraft area from  . This is Feminine sound plural Active Participle derived from Form-IV  مصدر-إِعْصَارٌ Verbal Noun, parent Root "ع ص ر". The Root signifies "press, squeeze, compress grapes or other fluffy things until transuded/exuded."  The Active Participles are formed from the Present Tense Active Voice Verb according to specific rules. The Present Tense, in turn is derived from the Past Tense which is derived from the Verbal Noun [مصدر]. The verb of this Active Participle is transitive. Therefore, it signifies the ones who make themselves fluffy, juicy, full of moistures, liquid content.

Before we proceed to study the purpose of this flash-flooding rain, do we have any option but to admit that the aforesaid description of flash-flooding rain from is precisely and accurately transcribed and classified, by the World Meteorological Organization, as "Cumulonimbus" based on Latin Cumulus means "heap" or "pile" and nimbus "rain".

-Constituent of Cumulonimbus

Some conveniently understandable Facts about Cumulonimbus, already seen unambiguously mentioned in the Ayah:

1. Cumulonimbus originates from Latin: Cumulus "Heap" and nimbus "rain".

2. Downdraft area of the cloud. The downdraft area is usually near the left front of the storm near the leading edge and is the heaviest rain area. This would be the north side of an east moving storm.

3. They can produce heavy rain of a convective nature and flash flooding

4. Despite the heavy rainfall these clouds produce, the precipitation normally just lasts for around 20 minutes.

5. Most storm cells die after about 20 minutes, when the precipitation causes more downdraft than updraft, causing the energy to dissipate. [The Root signifies "press, squeeze, compress grapes or other fluffy things until transuded/exuded."]

The purpose of this flash-flooding rain is  . The verb has Prefixed Particle of Purpose. The Verb is: Imperfect; First Person; Plural/ Sovereign Singular; Masculine; Mood: Subjunctive; Subject pronoun hidden; [Form-IV]; مصدر-اِخْرَاجٌ Verbal Noun, meaning; "so that We might cause the growth/exit/sprouting/germination with this flash-flooding water/rain". The objects of the Verb are plant family/crops of  grains [Family: grasses-monocotyledon], and foliage/plants of all sorts, and dense gardens/forests.

We know that the temporary abundant availability of water is utilized by foliage with rapid germination and short growth cycle. No negative attribution, in the Grand Qur'aan, is linked with this phenomenon of heavy rains that might cause flash flood. Its hazards are only when people take the flash-flood too lightly since what makes it most dangerous is its sudden nature and fast moving water.

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