Grand Qur'aan: : The Permanent Manual for aright conduct in Earthly Life


The Man was seen off from the Paradise for his sojourn in the Earth with the promise that the Guidance will keep coming for shaping and training their life to come back to the Paradise; not as guest but having earned and "purchased" it as a permanent abode.

Allah the Exalted informed the man; at the time of his departure to the Earth for sojourning therein for an appointed duration, in simple, straightforward, and vividly understandable words the Eternal Rule for success, salvation and return to Original Abode-Paradise. The Eternal Constitution promulgated was: "Practically follow in letter and spirit "My Guidance" in such manner that nothing else influences in between". Whoever by his own will and affection subjected to this Constitution, he was ensured the success and reward.

The mode of guidance was disclosed; and the consequence of negative response was also announced that it will render a person criminal guilty of treason:

The promise of communicating guidance was fulfilled in time and space:


The time kept progressing to the final moment when the Earth and its habitants were about to be like a Global village. Therefore, it was the point in time when the entire humanity was given the Final Book, applicable and incumbent upon all irrespective of their locative geography, colour, language, lineage. This Book is to stay permanently; unlike the earlier Revealed Books given individually to the Past People, distinguished and recognized by geography and lineage.


 [Recurrence: (1)6:92(2)6:155=2]

This Unitary Verbal Passage begins with [wāw], the Recommencing/Conjunction particle. It is a  discourse coordinator that signals the speaker's identification of an upcoming unit which is coordinate in structure to prior unit; the information about the past history of contact of Allah the Exalted with human beings of different time and space by sending the Messengers and revelation of the Verbal communications-the Revealed Book amongst different nations. 

Demonstrative Pronoun: Singular; masculine, definite, in nominative state. This is the Subject of Nominal sentence. It refers to Grand Qur'aan.

This is the Predicate of nominal sentence. : It is an indefinite noun which, in isolation, denotes the perception of some book. This is specified and made definite by adjectival description : a complete verbal sentence comprising verb, subject and object. The definite singular masculine object pronoun refers back to which thereby corresponds to the number and gender of the Nominal Subject. It signifies: "We have caused the descent of this Book", "We have sent this Book-Grand Qur'aan from an upper location downwards".

: This is other adjectival description of this Book, Grand Qur'aan. It contrasts it with all the Verbal Communication-the Revealed Book sent in time and space prior to it that is mentioned in the discourse. This is Passive Participle of Form-III. The Passive Participle used as an adjective acts as a descriptive term. As a predicate-adjective it may serve as a verb substitute to indicate an on-going, simultaneous, or imminent action or state, having a meaning close to the verb in imperfect tense.

It should be remembered that except Grand Qur'aan none of the earlier revealed books were declared as i.e. made to stay permanently and perpetually. Those earlier books are confirmed and sanctified by the Qur'aan as to that which were revealed therein.

: This Passive Participle emanates from the Root "ب ر ك".  Learned Ibn Faris [died 1005] stated that the basic perception infolded in it is that of ثَباتُ الشىءِ  i.e. the state of perpetuity, permanence, continuity. Other Lexicons also narrate that this Root enfolds the basic perception of anything that became firm, steady, steadfast or fixed; remained, continued or stayed in a place, constantly or perseveringly. It reflects permanence and stability that results in keeping expanding, developing and becoming more and more prominent, obvious and popularly known.

The permanence and perpetuated characteristic of Grand Qur'aan is reiterated for the last time by adding information about the Person to whom this was revealed. This rather puts the authenticating seal upon the reported fact of peculiarity of permanence and perpetuated state of the Book for the entire time-line.


By the addition of the Person who is the recipient of the Book: Operative Manual-Procedural Code of Conduct, its universality has also been emphasized since Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam is declared and pronounced as the Last and the Unique Universal Messenger of Allah the Exalted for entire time-line and Global Village.

The fact that the elevated Messenger Muhammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam and the Grand Qur'aan are persistently and perpetually the Revivalist/Awakener/Admonisher for the Humanity in time-line and Global Village has further been stressed and categorically prescribed in these simple terms:

Mohammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam pronounced; "And this Qur'aan has verbally been communicated to me so that I may by it admonish and awaken you: my contemporaries - people in my presence and all those people whomever this Qur'aan is transmitted in time and space."

This is the address of Mohammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam that he is the Warner/Awakener for every person whom this Qur'aan did reach. Qur'aan is to stay permanently and perpetually till the Last Day and thus he, Mohammad Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam is permanently and perpetually The Warner/Awakener. The Grand Qur'aan is for deliverance to Humanity in time-line and space:

People, who are purposely abstaining adhering to the Grand Qur'aan and thereby are not attentively listening it today, will regret:

If we are not deaf and blind we must have heard the painful regrets of these people; and visualized the extremely sad expressions on their faces while reading these superbly imaging verbal passages. And if we have seen and listened what has happened on the Day of Judgment with these people and the cause confessed, let us become good listeners and apply intellect to differentiate between the words and facts narrated by the Qur'aan and the conjectural stories and myths which are the talk of the town.  The only criterion for evaluation and judgment and success in the examination/trial is solely the Book, Aa'ya'at of Allah: the Qur'aan. We have still the time; let us become wise to escape joining their company whom we have just heard.

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