037-سُوۡرَةُ الصّٟٓفّٟت

(Explanation Urdu / English)

وَٱلصَّٟٓفَّٟتِ صَفَّا .37:01١

فَٱلزَّٟجِرَٟتِ زَجْرٙا .37:02٢

فَٱلتَّٟلِيَٟتِ ذِكْرٙا .37:03٣

إِنَّ إِلَـٰهَكُـمْ لَوَٟحِدٚ .37:04٤

رَّبُّ ٱلسَّمَٟوَٟتِ وَٱلۡأَرْضِ وَمَا بَيْـنَـهُـمَا

وَرَبُّ ٱلْمَشَٟرِقِ .37:05٥

• And swearing is by those who line up straight, in the manner of long line; [37:01]
• Thereupon, on approaching they are the restrainers with loud roaring sound-calls; [37:02]
• Thereby they act as the Reciter, in the manner of repeating message-reminding; [37:03]
• "The fact is that the Iela'aha of you people is certainly the One and Alone— [37:04]
• The Sustainer Lord of the Skies and the Earth and whatever is in between two of them—
• And the Sustainer Lord of all the East/each point of Sunrise." [37:05]

إِنَّا زَيَّنَّا ٱلسَّمَآءَ ٱلدُّنْيَا بِزِينَةٛ ٱلْـكَـوَاكِبِ .37:06٦

وَحِفْظٙا مِّن كُلِّ شَيْطَٟنٛ مَّارِدٛ .37:07٧

لَّا يَسَّمَّعُونَ إِلَـىٰ ٱلْمَلَإِ ٱلۡأَعْلَىٰ

وَيُقْذَفُونَ مِن كُلِّ جَانِبٛ .37:08٨


وَلَـهُـمْ عَذابٚ وَاصِبٌ .37:09٩

• It is a fact that Our Majesty have adorned the Sky of the Lowly World-Earth with the attraction-beauty of the Planets. [37:06]
• And Our Majesty have made her/the Sky of the Earth secure from every Cursed and condemned shai'taan/satan; [37:07]
• They cannot make themselves to fully listen the talk of Assembly of Exalted Chiefs;
• And they are hurled/swarmed/darted from each and every side; [37:08]
• In the manner/for driving/expelling/banishing/pushing them away with violence [not to kill but to make them run away];
• Know it, a perpetual torment is prepared - in wait for them. [37:09]

إِلَّا مَنْ خَطِفَ ٱلْخَطْفَةَ

فَأَتْبَعَهُۥ شِهَابٚ ثَاقِبٚ .37:10١٠

• Except regard to safety the one who clandestinely picked a cut piece of the talk
• Thereupon it was caused to follow him a piercing, shone and intensely glistened fire ball [Comet-read with 67:05] [37:10]

فَٱسْتَفْتِـهِـمْ أَهُـمْ أَشَدُّ خَلْقٙا أَم مَّنْ خَلَقْنَآۚ

إِنَّا خَلَقْنَٟهُـم مِّن طِيـنٛ لَّازِبِۭ .37:11١١

• Thereat [having conveyed these facts], you ask them to resolve it for themselves—
• "Whether they are stronger in creation or others whom We have created."
• [for comparison they should remember] Indeed We have created them corporeally from the tenacious clay-that acts as adhesive. [37:11]

بَلْ عَجِبْتَ وَيَسْخَرُونَ .37:12١٢

وَإِذَا ذُكِّرُوا۟ لَا يَذْكُرُونَ .37:13١٣

وَإِذَا رَأَوْا۟ ءَايَةٙ يَسْتَسْخِرُونَ .37:14١٤

• Nay, in fact you were surprised while they were derisive/taking them mockingly. [37:12]
• And when they are orally reminded/facts are narrated to them they do not save those in memory/resultantly do not take heed. [37:13]
• And when they people saw an Ayay in writing [of Qur'aan written on paper] they amongst themselves amuse mockingly, [37:14]

وَقَالُوٓا۟ إِن هَـٰذَآ إِلَّا سِحْرٚ مُّبِيـنٌ .37:15١٥

أَءِذَا مِتْنَا وَكُنَّا تُرَابٙا وَعِظَٟمٙا أَءِنَّا لَمَبْعُوثُونَ .37:16١٦

أَوَ ءَابَآؤُنَا ٱلۡأَوَّلُونَ .37:17١٧

• And they said, "this [statement in Qur'aan] is nothing except an evident illusory lie— [37:15]
• Is it possible that when we would have died and would have become dust and bones are we certainly going to be revived/resurrected—[37:16]
• Or our forefathers of remote earlier periods?" [37:17]

قُلْ نَعَمْ وَأَنتُـمْ دَٟخِرُونَ .37:18١٨

• You the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] pronounce, "Yes, you all will be resurrected, and you people will act humbly and submissively." [diametrically opposite to present day derisive conduct] [37:18]

فَإِنَّمَا هِىَ زَجْرَةٚ وَٟحِدَةٚ

فَإِذَا هُـمْ يَنظُرُونَ .37:19١٩

وَقَالُوا۟ يٟوَيْلَنَا هَـٰذَا يَوْمُ ٱلدِّينِ .37:20٢٠

• Thereat that would only be one Big/Mighty Bang;
• Whereupon they would be revived to life, they watching and waiting; [37:19]
• And they said, "O! Woe is for us, this is the Day of Judgment." [37:20]

هَـٰذَا يَوْمُ ٱلْفَصْلِ

ٱلَّذِى كُنتُـم بِهِۦ تُكَذِّبُونَ .37:21٢١

• [it will be affirmed, yes] "This is the Day of Separation/Compartmentalization;
• The Day which you people kept contradicting publicly." [37:21]

ٱحْشُـرُوا۟ ٱلَّذِينَ ظَلَمُوا۟ وَأَزْوَٟجَهُـمْ

وَمَا كَانُوا۟۟ يَعْبُدُونَ .37:22٢٢

مِن دُونِ ٱللَّهِ

فَٱهْدُوهُـمْ إِلَـىٰ صِرَٟطِ ٱلْجَحِـيـمِ .37:23٢٣

• [Angels who recognize by marks and signs will be commanded 55:41] "You collect and gather those who did wrong and their spouses/likes;
• And those/sculpted idols which they worshipped/proclaimed allegiance— [37:22]
• Apart from Allah the Exalted;
• Where after you people take them on the road of the Hell-Prison." [37:23]

وَقِفُوهُـمْۖ إِنَّـهُـم مَّسْئُولُونَ .37:24٢٤

مَا لَـكُـمْ لَا تَنَاصَرُونَ .37:25٢٥

•  [they seized them by their forelocks and chained their legs, and are heading them towards Hell by slashes on faces and back] Wait! Stop them stop [on way], certainly they are to be asked— [this is not about their crimes-28:78] [37:24]
• "What is the matter for you people that you are not mutually helping each other?" [37:25]

بَلْ هُـمُ ٱلْيَوْمَ مُسْتَسْلِمُونَ .37:26٢٦

• Nay, they are on this/today reflexively submissively surrendering. [37:26]

وَأَقْبَلَ بَعْضُهُـمْ عَلَـىٰ بَعْضٛ يَتَسَآءَلُونَ .37:27٢٧

قَالُوٓا۟ إِنَّكُـمْ كُنتُـمْ تَأْتُونَنَا عَنِ ٱلْيَـمِيـنِ .37:28٢٨

• And some of them turned confronting others face to face questioning each other's conduct; [37:27]
• They said, "Indeed you, it were you who used to come to us with authoritative possession" [37:28]

قَالُوا۟ بَلْ لَّمْ تَكُونُوا۟ مُؤْمِنِيـنَ .37:29٢٩

وَمَا كَانَ لَنَا عَلَيْكُـم مِّن سُلْطَٟنِۭۖ

بَلْ كُنتُـمْ قَوْمٙا طَٟغِيـنَ .37:30٣٠

• They replied, "No, the fact of the matter is that you were never believer; [37:29]
• And for us there was nothing from authority upon you people—
• Nay, rather actually you were a people who over brim in transgression. [37:30]

فَحَقَّ عَلَيْنَا قَوْلُ رَبِّنَآۖ

إِنَّا لَذَآئِقُونَ .37:31٣١

فَأَغْوَيْنَٟكُـمْ إِنَّا كُنَّا غَٟوِينَ .37:32٣٢

• Resultantly the Word of Our Sustainer Lord has become incumbent upon us;
• It is certain that we are definitely going to be the sufferers, [37:31]
• For reason we divagated you people as indeed we kept our selves divagating". [37:32]

فَإِنَّـهُـمْ يَوْمَئِذٛ فِى ٱلْعَذَابِ مُشْتَـرِكُونَ .37:33٣٣

إِنَّا كَذَٟلِكَ نَفْعَلُ بِٱلْمُجْرِمِيـنَ .37:34٣٤

• Therefore/in consequence indeed they on this Day are equal share holders in the affliction. [37:33]
• Indeed this is how Our Majesty deal with the criminals. [37:34]

إِنَّـهُـمْ كَانُوٓا۟ إِذَا قِيلَ لَـهُـمْ

لَآ إِلَـٰهَ إِلَّا ٱللَّهُ

يَسْتَكْبِـرُونَ .37:35٣٥

• Indeed they were the people who when it was said to them—
• Realize it about miscellany of iela'aha: deities that are uncritically admired, adorned and worshipped; none of them is alive; none of them organizes, administers or sustains others except Allah the Exalted the Alone Sustainer Lord—
• They used to make themselves demonstrate arrogance of grandeur, [37:35]

وَيَقُولُونَ أَئِنَّا لَتَارِكُوٓا۟ ءَالِـهَتِنَا لِشَاعِـرٛ مَّجْنُونِۭ .37:36٣٦

بَلْ جَآءَ بِٱلْحَقِّ

وَصَدَّقَ ٱلْمُـرْسَلِيـنَ .37:37٣٧

• And they used to say among themselves: "Should we must become deserters of our various iela'aha: gods, deities for a delusional poet?" [37:36]
• No, they falsely slander; he is neither possessed nor a poet, the fact is that he has come with a Miscellany of Proven-Absolute Facts: Grand Qur'aan.
• And he-Muhammad [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] has since verbally affirmed-authenticated all those who were sent as Messengers to various nations in timeline. [37:37]

إِنَّكُـمْ لَذَآئِقُو ٱلْعَذَابِٱلۡأَلِيـمِ .37:38٣٨

وَمَا تُجْزَوْنَ إِلَّا مَا كُنْتُـمْ تَعْمَلُونَ .37:39٣٩

• [reverting from parenthetic to the Day of Judgment] "Indeed you people are going to certainly taste the painful punishment. [37:38]
• And you people are not being recompensed except for that what deliberate and willful acts you people used to perform". [37:39] [Read with 10:52;27:90;36:54;37:39;45:28;52:16;66:07]

إِلَّا عِبَادَ ٱللَّهِ ٱلْمُخْلَصِيـنَ .37:40٤٠

أُوْلَئِكَ لَـهُـمْ رِزْقٚ مَّعْلُومٚ .37:41٤١

فَوَٟكِهُۥ وَهُـم مُّكْـرَمُونَ .37:42٤٢

فِى جَنَّٟتِ ٱلنَّعِيـمِ .37:43٤٣

عَلَـىٰ سُرُرٛ مُّتَقَٟبِلِيـنَ .37:44٤٤

• Except the sincere servants/allegiants of Allah the Exalted; [37:40]
• They are the people, for them is sustenance known, well recognized in their perception; [37:41]
• Fruits; and they are honoured and dignified; [47:42]
• In the lush green Gardens/Paradise of Delight side by which flow streams; [37:43]
• Sitting upon thrones facing each other; [37:44]

يُطَافُ عَلَيْـهِـم بِكَأْسٛ مِّن مَّعِيـنِۭ .37:45٤٥

بَيْضَآءَ لَذَّةٛ لِّلشَّٟرِبِيـنَ .37:46٤٦

لَا فِيـهَا غَوْلٚ وَلَا هُـمْ عَنْـهَا يُنزَفُونَ .37:47٤٧

• They will be enjoying a round of chalice with drink from the flagon; [37:45]
• White, delicious and enjoyable for the drinkers. [37:46]
• Hangover-headache effect is not in it. Nor they will get stupefied with it. [37:47]
  [Superb/old age drink-giving excitement and joy but no negative effect like hang over/headache-loosing senses]

وَعِندَهُـمْ قَاصِرَٟتُ ٱلطَّرْفِ عِيـنٌ .37:48٤٨

كَأَنَّـهُنَّ بَيْضٚ مَّكْنُونٚ .37:49٤٩

• And by their sides are their wives who restrict gaze of their eyes; [37:48]
• Like as if they were pearls protected in shells. [37:49]

فَأَقْبَلَ بَعْضُهُـمْ عَلَـىٰ بَعْضٛ يَتَسَآءَلُونَ .37:50٥٠

قَالَ قَآئِلٚ مِّنْـهُـمْ إِ نِّى كَانَ لِى قَرِينٚ .37:51٥١

يَقُولُ أَءِنَّكَ لَمِنَ ٱلْمُصَدِّقِيـنَ .37:52٥٢

أَءِذَا مِتْنَا وَكُنَّا تُرَابٙا وَعِظَٟمٙا أَءِنَّا لَمَدِينُونَ .37:53٥٣

• Thereat some of them turned confronting others face to face talking to each other. [37:50]
• One of the participants of conversation said, "I used to have a companion, [37:51]
• Who used to say, "Are you indeed from those who affirm it truthful, [37:52]
• "Is it that when we would have become dust and bones then will we certainly be brought to justice?" [37:53]

قَالَ هَلْ أَنتُـم مُّطَّلِعُونَ .37:54٥٤

فَٱطَّلَعَ فَرَءَاهُ فِى سَوَآءِ ٱلْجَحِـيـمِ .37:55٥٥

قَالَ تَٱللَّهِ إِن كِدتَّ لَتُـرْدِينِ .37:56٥٦

وَلَوْلَا نِعْمَةُ رَبِّى لَـكُنتُ مِنَ ٱلْمُحْضَرِينَ .37:57٥٧

• He said, "Would you people like to watch and find? [37:54]
• [on positive response arrangements were made, say video conference] Thereat he watched, whereupon he saw him in the midst of Hell-Prison; [37:55]
• He said, "I swear by Allah that you had almost caused/decided my ruin; [37:56]
• And had there been not the Grace of my Sustainer Lord I would certainly have been from amongst the brought up ones. [37:57]

أَفَمَا نَـحْنُ بِمَيِّتِيـنَ .37:58٥٨

إِلَّا مَوْتَتَنَا ٱلۡأُولَـىٰ

وَمَا نَـحْنُ بِمُعَذَّبِيـنَ .37:59٥٩

• Is it not true that we will certainly not die; [37:58]
• Except our one first death [People destined for Paradise have only one death, while people died in normal circumstances, destined for Hell, said they earlier faced death twice, second life was for Grave punishment-40:11]
• And we will certainly not be punished. [37:59]

إِنَّ هَـٰذَا لَـهُوَ ٱلْفَوْزُ ٱلْعَظِيـمُ .37:60٦٠

لِمِثْلِ هَـٰذَا فَلْيَعْمَلِ ٱلْعَٟمِلُونَ .37:61٦١

• Indeed this is certainly that which is the greatest/grand achievement/success". [37:60]
• For like of this, therefore having known the outcome, the living performers of acts should conduct. [37:61]

أَذَٟلِكَ خَيْـرٚ نُّزُلٙا أَمْ شَجَرَةُ ٱلزَّقُّومِ .37:62٦٢

إِنَّا جَعَلْنَٟهَا فِتْنَةٙ لِّلظَّٟلِمِيـنَ .37:63٦٣

إِنَّـهَا شَجَرَةٚ تَخْرُجُ فِىٓ أَصْلِ ٱلْجَحِـيـمِ .37:64٦٤

طَلْعُهَا كَأَنَّهُۥ رُءُوسُ ٱلشَّيَٟطِيـنِ .37:65٦٥

فَإِنَّـهُـمْ لَءَا كِلُونَ مِنْـهَا فَمَالِئُونَ مِنْـهَا ٱلْبُطُونَ .37:66٦٦

• Is this hospitality [before settling in Paradise] better or the hospitality with Tree of Az-Zaquem? [37:62]
• It is a fact that We have made that Tree as irritation-liquefying trouble for the Unjust Evil Mongers. [37:63]
• It is a fact that it: Az-Zaquem is a female tree. It emerges in the bottom of Hell-Prison. [37:64]
• The fruit bearing Spathe of her [feminine tree] exemplifies alike if it were the heads/hoods of Cobras.. [37:65]
• Thereat, they will certainly be the eaters of the meal made from part of the trees of species Zaquem. Thereby, they will be filling the bellies with that. [37:66]

ثُـمَّ إِنَّ لَـهُـمْ عَلَيْـهَا لَشَوْبٙا مِنْ حَـمِيـمٛ .37:67٦٧

ثُـمَّ إِنَّ مَرْجِعَهُـمْ لَإِلَى ٱلْجَحِـيـمِ .37:68٦٨

• Thereafter for them upon meal is certainly a mixed drink of hot water [difficult to drink even by sip] [37:67]
• Thereafter, this "hospitality" indeed their place of final return is to the Hell-Prison. [37:68]

إِنَّـهُـمْ أَلْفَوْا۟ ءَابَآءَهُـمْ ضَآلِّيـنَ .37:69٦٩

فَهُـمْ عَلَـىٰ ءَاثَـٟرِهِـمْ يُـهْرَعُونَ .37:70٧٠

وَلَقَدْ ضَلَّ قَبْلَـهُـمْ أَكْثَرُ ٱلۡأَوَّلِيـنَ .37:71٧١

وَلَقَدْ أَرْسَلْنَا فِيـهِـم مُّنذِرِينَ .37:72٧٢

فَٱنظُرْ كَيْفَ كَانَ عَٟقِبَةُ ٱلْمُنذَرِينَ .37:73٧٣

• It is certain that they have found their forefathers astray; [37:69]
• Whereupon they on their left over effects and legends are passionately attached. [37:70]
• And it is a fact that most of earlier people before them went stray in their manifest destructive end of neglectfulness, [37:71]
• And certainly We had sent within them the Admonishers/Awakeners/Revivalists. [37:72]
• Therefore, [to take a lesson, you the Messenger tell everyone to travel in land and] "you see how was the conclusion/end result of those who were duly admonished and awakened?". [37:73]

إِلَّا عِبَادَ ٱللَّهِ ٱلْمُخْلَصِيـنَ .37:74٧٤

• Except the sincere servants/allegiants of Allah the Exalted [37:74]

وَلَقَدْ نَادَىـٰنَا نُوحٚ فَلَنِعْمَ ٱلْمُجِيبُونَ .37:75٧٥

وَنَجَّيْنَٟهُ وَأَهْلَهۥ ُمِنَ ٱلْـكَـرْبِ ٱلْعَظِيـمِ .37:76٧٦

وَجَعَلْنَا ذُرِّيَّتَهُۥ هُـمُ ٱلْبَاقِيـنَ .37:77٧٧

وَتَرَكْنَا عَلَيْهِ فِى ٱلۡءَاخِـرِينَ .37:78٧٨

سَلَٟمٌ عَلَـىٰ نُوحٛ فِى ٱلْعَٟلَمِيـنَ .37:79٧٩

إِنَّا كَذَٟلِكَ نَجْزِى ٱلْمُحْسِنِيـنَ .37:80٨٠

إِنَّهُۥ مِنْ عِبَادِنَا ٱلْمُؤْمِنِيـنَ .37:81٨١

ثُـمَّ أَغْـرَقْنَا ٱلۡءَاخَرِينَ .37:82٨٢

• And of course Noah [alai'his'slaam] had called Us since We are undoubtedly the best of the Responders;[37:75]
• And We rescued him and his household from great distress. [37:76]
• And We made his posterity [to rule land]; they are the survivors. [37:77]
• And We left for him [his memories] in the later generations. [37:78]
• Salutation is upon Noah [alai'his'slaam] in the Worlds. [37:79]
• Indeed in this way We reward those who conduct moderately, gracefully and generously. [37:80]
• It is certain that he was from Our the truly believing servants. [37:81]
• Afterwards, We drowned the other remaining ones. [37:82]

وَإِنَّ مِن شِيعَتِهِۦ لَإِبْرَٟهِيـمَ .37:83٨٣

إِذْ جَآءَ رَبَّهُۥ بِقَلْبٛ سَلِيـمٛ .37:84٨٤

• And indeed from his [Noah alai'his'slaam] party/his type of people was certainly Iebra'heim [alai'his'slaam],[37:83]
• When he came to Allah with a submissive heart. [37:84]

إِذْ قَالَ لِأَبِيهِ وَقَوْمِهِۦ مَاذَا تَعْبُدُونَ .37:85٨٥

أَئِفْكٙا ءَالِـهَةٙ دُونَ ٱللَّهِ تُرِيدُونَ .37:86٨٦

فَمَا ظَنُّكُـم بِرَبِّ ٱلْعَٟلَمِيـنَ .37:87٨٧

• When he [Iebra'heim علیہ السلام] said to his father and his nation, "What is that which you people worship?"[37:85]
• "Is it that other than Allah you people seek yourself various false iela'aha? [37:86]
• Being so then what is the opinion of you people about the Sustainer Lord of the Worlds?" [37:87]

فَنَظَرَ نَظْرَةٙ فِى ٱلنُّجُومِ .37:88٨٨

فَقَالَ إِ نِّى سَقِيـمٚ .37:89٨٩

فَتَوَلَّوْا۟ عَنْـهُ مُدْبِرِينَ .37:90٩٠

• [they kept quite] Thereat/for reason he saw, glancing in the Stars, [the occasion is darkened night] [37:88]
• Thereupon he said, "I am fed up" [37:89]
• Listening harsh remark resultantly they went away from him turning their backs to him. [37:90]

فَرَاغَ إِلَـىٰ ءَالِـهَتِـهِـمْ فَقَالَ أَ لَا تَأْكُلُونَ .37:91٩١

مَا لَـكُـمْ لَا تَنطِقُونَ .37:92٩٢

فَرَاغَ عَلَيْـهِـمْ ضَـرْبَۢا بِٱلْيَـمِيـنِ .37:93٩٣

• Thereafter, he went towards the temple of their various iela'aha [to execute his plan he had hinted to them-21:57].
• Reaching thereat he said to statues, "Do you not eat; [37:91]
• What is the matter with you that you do not speak". [37:92]
• Thereat he came nearer over them, striking-pushing them down with the right hand. [37:93]

فَأَقْبَلُوٓا۟ إِلَيْهِ يَزِفُّونَ .37:94٩٤

قَالَ أَتَعْبُدُونَ مَا تَنْحِتُونَ .37:95٩٥

وَٱللَّهُ خَلَقَكُـمْ وَمَا تَعْمَلُونَ .37:96٩٦

• Therefore, [having been asked by the clergymen to bring him-21:59-61] they turned toward him face to face, they were in haste. [37:94]
• He asked them [on way to their temple], "Do you people worship/exhibit allegiance to what you people sculpt? [37:95]
• And/while Allah has created you people and that on which you people do creative work [sculpting]". [37:96]

قَالُوا۟ ٱبْنُوا۟ لَهُۥ بُنْيَٟنٙا فَأَلْقُوهُ فِى ٱلْجَحِـيـمِ .37:97٩٧

فَأَرَادُوا۟ بِهِۦ كَيْدٙا فَجَعَلْنَٟهُـمُ ٱلۡأَسْفَلِيـنَ .37:98٩٨

وَقَالَ إِ نِّى ذَاهِبٌ إِلَـىٰ رَبِّى سَيَـهْدِىنِ .37:99٩٩

• [after what unexpected happened to the surprise of clergymen-21:62-68] They/clergymen said, "Make for him a furnace thereafter you throw him in the blazing fire" [37:97]
• Thereat they intended with it a plan, whereby [by saving Iebra'heim] We made them the degraded ones. [since many people became believer] [37:98]
• And [while informing them of his departure 19:48] he said, "I am going—migrating in the cause of Allah the Exalted, soon He will keep guiding me." [37:99]

رَبِّ هَبْ لِيـمِنَ ٱلصَّٟلِحِيـنَ .37:100١٠٠

فَبَشَّـرْنَٟهُ بِغُلَٟمٛ حَلِيـمٛ .37:101١٠١

• After having migrated he prayed: "O my Sustainer Lord! Do grant me a son that be one of the righteous."[37:100]
• In response to his prayer, Our Majesty delighted him with news of an intelligent, enduring and forbearing son. [37:101]

فَلَمَّا بَلَغَ مَعَهُ ٱلسَّعْىَ قَالَ

يٰبُنَىَّ إِ نِّىٓ أَرَىٰ فِى ٱلْمَنَامِ أَنِّىٓ أَذْبَحُكَ فَٱنظُرْ مَاذَا تَرَىٰۚ

قَالَ يَٟٓأَبَتِ ٱفْعَلْ مَا تُؤمَرُۖ

سَتَجِدُنِىٓ إِن شَآءَ ٱللَّهُ مِنَ ٱلصَّٟبـِـرِينَ .37:102١٠٢

• Thereby, when he the son had crossed over to the age of working, exercising effort, running along with father; he: Iebra'heim [alai'his'slaam] said;
• "O My dear child, it is a fact that I keep seeing in state of sleep that I will indeed slaughter you.
• Therefore, you look into this as to what you perceive about this phenomenon?"
• He replied: "O my father, you act upon that which is being commanded to you. At that time you will find me, Allah the Exalted so wills, in the state of the coolly perseverant". [37:102]

فَلَمَّا أَسْلَمَا وَتَلَّهُۥ لِلْجَبِيـنِ .37:103١٠٣

وَنَٟدَيْنَٟهُ أَن يٟٓإِبْرَٟهِيـمُ .37:104١٠٤

قَدْ صَدَّقْتَ ٱلرُّؤْيَآۚ

إِنَّا كَذَٟلِكَ نَجْزِى ٱلْمُحْسِنِيـنَ .37:105١٠٥

إِنَّ هَـٰذَا لَـهُوَ ٱلْبَلَٟٓؤُ ٱلْمُبِيـنُ .37:106١٠٦

وَفَدَيْنَٟهُ بِذِبْحٛ عَظِيـمٛ .37:107١٠٧

وَتَرَكْنَا عَلَيْهِ فِى ٱلۡءَاخِـرِينَ .37:108١٠٨

• Thereat, when they both had submitted to the command; and when he had laid him down on side of the temple: the part of each side of the head between the eye and the ear; [37:103]
• We did loudly call him saying: "Hold on O Iebra'heim [alai'his'slaam]; [37:104]
• You have already fulfilled and truthfully acted upon the dream."
• [by stopping you at the nick of time] Indeed in this way We reward those who conduct moderately, gracefully and generously. [37:105]
• This was certainly the Manifest Trial [for exposure of your absolute sincerity]" [37:106]
• And Our Majesty compensated him by sacrifice of a male mammal, characteristically great in bone: not juvenile but adult— [37:107]
• And We left this sacrifice as honour of commemoration upon those in the later generations. [37:108]

سَلَٟمٌ عَلَـىٰٓ إِبْرَٟهِيـمَ .37:109١٠٩

كَذَٟلِكَ نَجْزِى ٱلْمُحْسِنِيـنَ .37:110١١٠

إِنَّهُۥ مِنْ عِبَادِنَا ٱلْمُؤْمِنِيـنَ .37:111١١١

وَبَشَّـرْنَٟهُ بِإِسْحَٟقَ نَبِيّٙا مِّنَ ٱلصَّٟلِحِيـنَ .37:112١١٢

وَبَٟرَكْنَا عَلَيْهِ وَعَلَـىٰٓ إِسْحَٟقَۚ

وَمِن ذُرِّيَّتِـهِـمَا مُحْسِنٚ وَظَالِمٚ لِّنَفْسِهِۦ مُبِيـنٚ .37:113١١٣

• Salutation is upon Iebra'heim [alai'his'slaam]. [37:109]
• In this way We reward those who conduct moderately, gracefully and generously. [37:110]
• It is certain that he was one of the truly believing allegiants of Our Majesty. [37:111]
• And We delighted him with the news of Ies'hauq [alai'his'slaam] to be born as Elevated and Chosen Allegiant, one of the Perfectionists. [37:112]
• And We did shower Grace upon him and upon Ies'hauq [alai'his'slaam]
• And in the progeny of both of them there is one who evidently conducts moderately, gracefully and generously and the other who is manifestly unjust evil for his own self. [37:113]

وَلَقَدْ مَنَنَّا عَلَـىٰ مُوسَىٰ وَهَٟرُونَ .37:114١١٤

وَنَجَّيْنَٟهُـمَا وَقَوْمَهُـمَا مِنَ ٱلْـكَـرْبِ ٱلْعَظِيـمِ .37:115١١٥

وَنَصَـرْنَٟهُـمْ فَكَانُوا۟۟ هُـمُ ٱلْغَٟلِبِيـنَ .37:116١١٦

• And indeed We had done obliging favour upon Mūsā and Ha'roon [alai'him'slaam], [37:114]
• And/while We rescued both and the nation of both of them from great distress; [37:115]
• And We helped them whereat they were the people who were in authoritative position. [37:116]

وَءَاتَيْـنَـٟـهُـمَا ٱلْـكِـتَٟبَ ٱلْمُسْتَبِيـنَ .37:117١١٧

وَهَدَيْنَٟهُـمَا ٱلصِّرَاطَ ٱلْمُسْتَقِيـمَ .37:118١١٨

• And We gave to both of them the Book [duly written down on tablets-7:145], peculiar characteristic of which was its containing in itself every matter/thing in distinct and separate/isolated manner. [37:117]
• And We guided both of them while journeying upon the Straight Path that keeps leading safely and straight to the destination of peace and tranquility. [37:118]

وَتَرَكْنَا عَلَيْـهِـمَا فِى ٱلۡءَاخِـرِينَ .37:119١١٩

• And We left for both [their memories and mention] in the later generations. [37:119]

سَلَٟمٌ عَلَـىٰ مُوسَىٰ وَهَٟرُونَ .37:120١٢٠

إِنَّا كَذَٟلِكَ نَجْزِى ٱلْمُحْسِنِيـنَ .37:121١٢١

إِنَّـهُـمَا مِنْ عِبَادِنَا ٱلْمُؤْمِنِيـنَ .37:122١٢٢

• Salutation is upon Mūsā and Ha'roon [alai'him'slaam]. [37:120]
• Indeed in this way We reward those who conduct moderately, gracefully and generously. [37:121]
• It is certain that both were from Our the truly believing servants. [37:122]

وَإِنَّ إِلْيَاسَ لَمِنَ ٱلْمُـرْسَلِيـنَ .37:123١٢٣

إِذْ قَالَ لِقَوْمِهِۦٓ أَ لَا تَتَّقُونَ .37:124١٢٤

أَتَدْعُونَ بَعْلٙا وَتَذَرُونَ أَحْسَنَ ٱلْخَٟلِقِيـنَ .37:125١٢٥

ٱللَّهَ رَبَّكُـمْ وَرَبَّ ءَابَآئِكُـمُ ٱلۡأَوَّلِيـنَ .37:126١٢٦

• And it is the fact that Il'yaas [alai'his'slaam] was certainly amongst the Messengers, [37:123]
• When he [Il'yaas alai'his'slaam] said to his nation "Would you people not take heed and be cautious? [37:124]
• Do you people call "Ba'alan" and you people leave/renounce allegiance to the The Best Creator? [37:125]
• Allah the Exalted is the Sustainer Lord of you people and the Sustainer Lord of your earlier forefathers."[37:126]

فَكَذَّبُوهُ فَإِنَّـهُـمْ لَمُحْضَرُونَ .37:127١٢٧

• Thereby they contradicted him, in consequence indeed they will certainly be brought up [in Hell]. [37:127]

إِلَّا عِبَادَ ٱللَّهِ ٱلْمُخْلَصِيـنَ .37:128١٢٨

• Except the sincere servants/allegiants of Allah the Exalted. [37:128]

وَتَرَكْنَا عَلَيْهِ فِى ٱلۡءَاخِـرِينَ .37:129١٢٩

سَلَٟمٌ عَلَـىٰٓ إِلْ يَاسِيـنَ .37:130١٣٠

• And We left for him [his memories and mention] in the later generations. [37:129]
• Salutation is upon Il'Yaseem [alai'his'slaam]. [37:130]

إِنَّا كَذَٟلِكَ نَجْزِى ٱلْمُحْسِنِيـنَ .37:131١٣١

• Indeed in this way We reward those who conduct moderately, gracefully and generously. [37:131]

إِنَّهُۥ مِنْ عِبَادِنَا ٱلْمُؤْمِنِيـنَ .37:132١٣٢

• It is certain that he was from Our the truly believing servants. [37:132]

وَإِنَّ لُوطٙا لَّمِنَ ٱلْمُـرْسَلِيـنَ .37:133١٣٣

إِذْ نَجَّيْنَٟهُ وَأَهْلَهُۥٓ أَجْـمَعِيـنَ .37:134١٣٤

إِلَّا عَجُوزٙا فِى ٱلْغَٟبِـرِينَ .37:135١٣٥

ثُـمَّ دَمَّرْنَا ٱلۡءَاخَرِينَ .37:136١٣٦

• And it is the fact that Luet [alai'his'slaam] was performing assignment as one of the sent Messengers; [37:133]
• [by migration before time and in discharge of Our promise-10:103]  When We saved/escaped him [Lut alai'his'slaam]and his household; all collectively— [37:134]
• Except an old woman [his wife], she was from amongst those who stayed behind. [37:135]
• Afterwards, [migration before time and rescuing them in discharge of Our promise-10:103] We destroyed the others.[37:136]

وَإِنَّكُـمْ لَّتَمُرُّونَ عَلَيْـهِـم مُّصْبِحِيـنَ .37:137١٣٧


أَفَلَا تَعْقِلُونَ .37:138١٣٨

• And it is a fact that you people certainly pass by them in the mornings—[being on a frequented route] [37:137]
• And by night;
• [remaining heedless to past episodes] Is it for reason that you do not ponder/use intellect to differentiate? [which is the basic job of intellect] [37:138]

وَإِنَّ يُونُسَ لَمِنَ ٱلْمُـرْسَلِيـنَ .37:139١٣٩

إِذْ أَبَقَ إِلَى ٱلْفُلْكِ ٱلْمَشْحُونِ .37:140١٤٠

فَسَاهَـمَ فَكَانَ مِنَ ٱلْمُدْحَضِيـنَ .37:141١٤١

فَٱلْتَقَمَهُ ٱلْحُوتُ وَهُوَ مُلِيـمٚ .37:142١٤٢

• Know the fact; Yunus [alai'his'slaam] was performing assignment as one of the sent Messengers;
• When on assessing complete unresponsiveness he abandoned-absconded-ran; after walking away from his nation in the state-grip of heightened feeling of anger-heavy heartedness, towards the already embarked-Laden Ship, ready to sail. [37:139-140].
• Thereby, because of heightened feeling of anger and running he became weak-dehydrated-haggard.Resultantly, he was in the state of slipped ones/loosing hold of feet falling into the sea. [37:141]
• Thereat, for reason of having slipped and fallen in Sea, certain male Whale made effort and swallowed him whole, while he was in sluggish state awaiting and expecting help for rescue. [37:142]

فَلَوْلَآ أَنَّهُۥ كَانَ مِنَ ٱلْمُسَبِّحِيـنَ .37:143١٤٣

لَلَبِثَ فِى بَطْنِهِۦٓ إِلَـىٰ يَوْمِ يُبْعَثُونَ .37:144١٤٤

فَنَبَذْنَٟهُ بِٱلْعَـرَآءِ وَهُوَ سَقِيمٚ .37:145١٤٥

وَأَنۢبَتْنَا عَلَيْهِ شَجَرَةٙ مِّن يَقْطِيـنٛ .37:146١٤٦

وَأَرْسَلْنَٟهُ إِلَـىٰ مِا۟ىٔ​َـةِ أَ لْفٛ أَوْ يَزِيدُونَ .37:147١٤٧

فَــٔ​َامَنُوا۟ فَمَتَّعْنَٟهُـمْ إِلَـىٰ حِيـنٛ .37:148١٤٨

• Thereby,, had he not been of those who repetitively praise the glory of Allah the Exalted: [37:143]
• Certainly he would have remained part/in his belly [as fossil] until the Day people will be resurrected/revived. [37:144]
• In response to his repetitive praises and awaiting help for rescue, Our Majesty caused him thrown on the open shore, while he was feeling tired and anguished; [because of jerks and rubbing inside the belly of a swimming whale] [37:145]
• Where We had grown upon it a tree from species gourd [perhaps its beverage was effective for quick recovery]. [37:146]
• And We sent him to a hundred thousand people or they were increasing more, [37:147]
• Thereat, they believed and We granted them the comforts/sustenance for a while/term. [37:148]

فَٱسْتَفْتِـهِـمْ أَلِرَبِّكَ ٱلْبَنَاتُ وَلَـهُـمُ ٱلْبَنُونَ .37:149١٤٩

أَمْ خَلَقْنَا ٱلْمَلَٟٓئِكَـةَ إِنَٟثٙا وَهُـمْ شَٟهِدُونَ .37:150١٥٠

• Thereat, you ask them to resolve it for themselves, "Whether for your Sustainer Lord are the daughters and for them are the sons; [37:149]
• Or that We created the Angels feminized while they were witnesses over it!" [37:150]

أَ لَا إِنَّـهُـم مِّنْ إِفْكِهِـمْ لَيَقُولُونَ .37:151١٥١

وَلَـدَ ٱللَّهُ

وَإِنَّـهُـمْ لَـكَـٟذِبُونَ .37:152١٥٢

• There is no doubt that indeed they from their concocted falsities keep saying, [37:151]
• "Allah has adopted a son"
• And undoubtedly they people are certainly the liars. [37:152]

أَصْطَفَى ٱلْبَنَاتِ عَلَـىٰ ٱلْبَنِيـنَ .37:153١٥٣

مَا لَـكُـمْ كَيْفَ تَحْكُـمُونَ .37:154١٥٤

أَفَلَا تَذَكَّرُونَ .37:155١٥٥

أَمْ لَـكُـمْ سُلْطَٟنٚ مُّبِيـنٚ .37:156١٥٦

فَأْتُوا۟ بِكِتَٟبِكُـمْ

إِن كُنتُـمْ صَٟدِقِيـنَ .37:157١٥٧

• "Has He preferred the daughters over the sons? [37:153]
• What is for you people relevant how you adjudge. [37:154]
• Is it for reason that you people are not in habit of self reflecting?
• Or do you people have any concrete evidence-authority about this assertion? [sent by Allah] [37:156]
• Thereby, you people come with the book-documental evidence of you people,
• if you people are truthful in your assertions to people". [37:157]

وَجَعَلُوا۟ بَيْـنَهُۥ وَبَيْـنَ ٱلْجِنَّةِ نَسَبٙاۚ

وَلَقَدْ عَلِمَتِ ٱلجِنَّةُ إِنَّـهُـمْ لَمُحْضَرُونَ .37:158١٥٨

• And they have declared/proclaimed between Him and between the Jinn species a relationship,
• While the fact is that the Jinn have certainly known/understood that indeed they will definitely be the brought ones [in Hell-Prison]; [37:158]

سُبْحَانَ ٱللَّهِ عَمَّا يَصِفُونَ .37:159١٥٩

• -- Allah the Exalted is Infinitely Glorious and the focus of all effort, above all that what they conjecturally attribute --.

إِلَّا عِبَادَ ٱللَّهِ ٱلْمُخْلَصِيـنَ .37:160١٦٠

• [reverting from parenthetic] Except the sincere servants/allegiants of Allah the Exalted.. [37:160]

فَإِنَّكُـمْ وَمَا تَعْبُدُونَ .37:161١٦١

مَآ أَنتُـمْ عَلَيْهِ بِفَٟتِنِيـنَ .37:162١٦٢

إِلَّا مَنْ هُوَ صَالِ ٱلْجَحِـيـمِ .37:163١٦٣

• [Jinn have understood] "For reason/therefore you people and that which you people worship/are allegiant; [will definitely be the brought ones in Hell-Prison]. [37:161]
• You people cannot be the causer of deflection into liquefying pot for a person except the one who is heading to scorch in the Hell-Prison. [37:162-163]
• You people cannot be the causer of deflection into liquefying pot for a person except the one who is heading to scorch in the Hell-Prison. [37:162-163]

وَمَا مِنَّـآ إِلَّا لَـهُۥ مَقَامٚ مَّعْلُومٚ .37:164١٦٤

وَإِنَّا لَنَـحْنُ ٱلصَّآفُّونَ .37:165١٦٥

وَإِنَّا لَنَـحْنُ ٱلْمُسَبِّحُونَ .37:166١٦٦

• And from amongst us there is no one except for whom is a known stationing place; [37:164]
• And indeed we certainly stand in rows; [37:165]
• And indeed we are certainly those who repetitively praise Allah the Exalted. [37:166]

وَإِن كَانُوا۟۟ لَيَقُولُونَ .37:167١٦٧

لَوْ أَنَّ عِندَنَا ذِكْرٙا مِّنَ ٱلۡأَوَّلِيـنَ .37:168١٦٨

لَـكُنَّا عِبَادَ ٱللَّهِ ٱلْمُخْلَصِيـنَ .37:169١٦٩

• And that they indeed used to say— [37:167]
• "Had there been with us Reminder/Message [Book] from the Earlier People [37:168]
• Certainly We would have been the Sincere Servants/Allegiants of Allah." [37:169]

فَكَفَـرُوا۟ بِهِۦۖ

فَسَوْفَ يَعْلَمُونَ .37:170١٧٠

• In response, when it reached, they refused to accept it
• Thereby, its consequence soon they will know. [37:170]

وَلَقَدْ سَبَقَتْ كَلِمَتُنَا لِعِبَادِنَا ٱلْمُـرْسَلِيـنَ .37:171١٧١

إِنَّـهُـمْ لَـهُـمُ ٱلْمَنصُورُونَ .37:172١٧٢

• And it is a certain fact that Our Promise has preceded for Our Sincere Servants sent as the Messengers, [37:171]
• That undoubtedly they, of course they are the ones helped. [37:172]

وَإِنَّ جُندَنَا لَـهُـمُ ٱلْغَٟلِبُونَ .37:173١٧٣

• And indeed Our Forces are certainly the ones who are the Dominant/Victorious. [37:173]

فَتَوَلَّ عَنْـهُـمْ حَتَّىٰ حِيـنٛ .37:174١٧٤

• Therefore, you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] leave/ignore them until the time [they face the promised Day]. [37:174]

وَأَبْصِرْهُـمْ فَسَوْفَ يُبْصِرُونَ .37:175١٧٥

• And you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] watch them, thereafter soon shall they be seeing observably. [37:175]

أَفَبِعَذَابِنَا يَسْتَعْجِلُونَ .37:176١٧٦

فَإِذَا نَزَلَ بِسَاحَتِـهِـمْ فَسَآءَ صَبَاحُ ٱلْمُنْذَرِينَ .37:177١٧٧

• Do they yet seek [you the Messenger] hastening of Our punishment? [37:176]
• For reason [of blowing in Trumpet] when it descends into the open space before them, difficult will be the morning for those who were warned." [37:177]

وَتَوَلَّ عَنْـهُـمْ حَتَّىٰ حِيـنٛ .37:178١٧٨

وَأَبْصِرْ فَسَوْفَ يُبْصِرُونَ .37:179١٧٩

• And you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] leave/ignore them until the time [they face the promised Day]. [37:178]
• And you the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] watch, thereafter soon shall they be seeing observably.[37:179]

سُبْحَٟنَ رَبِّكَ رَبِّ ٱلْعِزَّةِ عَمَّا يَصِفُونَ .37:180١٨٠

• Your Sustainer Lord, the Absolutely Dominant Sustainer Lord is Infinitely Glorious and the focus of all effort; above all what they conjecturally attribute. [37:180]

وَسَلَٟمٌ عَلَـىٰ ٱلْمُـرْسَلِيـنَ .37:181١٨١

• And Salutation is upon the Messengers of Allah the Exalted;

وَٱلْحَمْدُ للَّهِ رَبِّ ٱلْعَٟلَمِيـنَ .37:182١٨٢

• Remember; The Infinite Glory and Praise stands specified eternally, entirely and exclusively for Allah the Exalted, the Sustainer Lord of the Known-Multiple universes-All that exists. [37:182]