Grammatical Units of the Text of Grand Qur’ān

Francis Bacon said:

 Few books need to be chewed and digested.

I am not sure if he had mentioned names of some such books that need to be chewed and digested. But the question is whether there exists a book which sustains life because the process of digestion is the Sustainer of life. Yes, one such unique book is available:

  • O those people/you who consciously proclaim to have accepted-become believers, listen;

  • You people sincerely respond for Allah the Exalted and for the Messenger [Sal'lallaa'hoalaih'wa'salam] when he has urged you people towards that: Grand Qur’ān which will give you people life [eternally comfortable and enjoyable in the Hereafter].  [Refer 8:24]

Digestion relates to semantic frame "Ingestion":

 An Ingestor consumes food or drink (Ingestibles), which entails putting the Ingestibles in the mouth for delivery to the digestive system. This may include the use of an Instrument

The process of digestion involves mechanically breaking down the ingestible into small pieces and then by chemical process converting it into liquid form.

What ingestibles are permissible are described by the words stemming from Root: ح ل ل . Its primary signification is to open, unlock, unwrap a thing, it denotes to disassemble, unfasten, untie the knot.  It is used to dissolve and liquefy some frozen or solid thing. And it may be noted that the best part of the food is that which is liquefied and becomes absorbed into the blood, a liquid.

The process is no different when the "ingestible" is the Book. The book can be "digested" only when its text (like digestible) is broken into small pieces and then liquefied by untying the knots of morphology and syntax. And the last step to absorb for making it part and Sustainer of life is to further break each molecule - word into its semantic components: the irreducible features of a word.

The process of communication is accomplished at Reader's level when he comprehends and perceives the thought the Author intended to convey him. The purpose of the Divine Author is to communicate knowledge which is but guidance and vitality: an external source for sustaining life:

  • Realize it; Allah the Exalted brought you people out of the bellies of your respective mothers


  • In the state that you had no knowledge about physical realm. [Refer 16:78]


Matter has three forms; solid, liquid and gaseous form. The text can be equated to "solid", and the thought embedded - condensed in it has the analogy with gas. Untying the knots - bonds of solid liquefies it and liquid can be turned into gaseous form by further breaking the ties.

  • Certainly Our Majesty will keep exposing upon you the Messenger comprehensive-densely compacted discourse. [73:05]

Another analogy of translating and interpreting a foreign language text strictly according to academic rules and principles is the translation process of protein encoding genes in human genome. The genes are like sentences and its codons are like grammatical units of the sentence.

Segmenting the text into grammatical units is the first step for comprehending and understanding Grand Qur’ān. It is like chewing, breaking the ingestible; like untying the knots of solid to make it in liquid form, and like identifying codons in the protein encoding gene which yields protein, a life sustaining object.